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004 acknowledgement

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004 acknowledgement

  1. 1. The authors would like to acknowledge with deep appreciation and gratitude the invaluable help of the following persons:<br />Mr. For-Ian V. Sandoval our module adviser, Computer Instructor / Adviser<br />Educational Technology 2 for giving us opportunity to participate on this project, and for guiding us and pursue us to finish this module.<br />Mrs. Delia F. Mercado, Instructor III and Director of Laboratory High School, for being our Teacher Consultant for the completion of this modular workbook.     <br />            Mrs. Corazon San Agustin, our instructor in Educational Technology I, for giving us guidance and encouragement us in completing the requirement.  <br />Mrs. Lydia Chavez, Dean of Education for the support and guidance.<br />We also wish to thank our family and friends as an inspiration and understand us they were robbed of many precious moments as we looked ourselves in our rooms when our minds went prolific and our hands itched to write.<br />And finally, we thank Almighty God, the source of all knowledge, understanding and wisdom. From him we owe all that we have and all that we are! <br />Once again, we thank all those who have encourage and helped us in preparing this module for publication and who have extended us much understanding, patience, and support.<br /> THE AUTHORS<br />