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Northwest Florida Association of Computer User Groups TECH 17 Clipmate - a Windows App


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Clipmate is a clipboard extender for Windows. This was presented at the Northwest Florida Association of
Computer User Groups TECH 17 Conference in Niceville, FL on January 28, 2017

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Northwest Florida Association of Computer User Groups TECH 17 Clipmate - a Windows App

  1. 1. Saturday, January 28, 2017 CLIPMATE – THE APP Presentation by Hewie Poplock
  2. 2.
  3. 3. ClipMate saves time and makes you more productive by adding clipboard functions that the Windows clipboard leaves out, such as holding thousands of "clips", instead of just one at a time. ClipMate has functions to combine, edit, and manage your clipboard data. It can also print, re-format, and even spell-check. It also has a multi-monitor screen capture, and has features for sharing clips among multiple PCs.
  4. 4. ClipMate • Saves Time • Makes You More Productive • Holds Thousands Of "Clips“ • Combine Clips • Edit Clips • Manage Your Clipboard Data • Print • Re-Format • Spell-Check • Multi-Monitor Screen Capture • Sharing Clips Among Multiple PCs
  5. 5. ClipMate runs on • Windows XP • Vista • Windows 7 • Windows 8/8.1 • Windows 10 A single-user/two-computer license is only $34.95 USD.
  6. 6. In addition: • ClipMate Remembers everything that you cut or copy to the clipboard. • It works with all Windows programs that work with the clipboard. • Searchable database can hold THOUSANDS of clips, in Text, RTF, HTML, and Bitmap format. • "Shortcuts" place commonly-used clips within easy reach for quick re-use. • Powerful re-formatting, editing, case conversion, and even a spellchecker!
  7. 7. • Easy to use! Just double-click on a clip in the clipboard history list (ClipList), and it's pasted right where you were working! Or, just drag/drop data right from ClipMate into the target. • Use the "Portable" version to take ClipMate with you on any USB stick, including "U3 Smart" drives. • For $34.95, the Single-User license covers you on two computers, or one computer and a USB stick. The "Household" license covers up to 5 computers used in the same household for only $79.95, and multi-user licenses are available as well.
  8. 8. • PowerPaste™ feature helps you quickly paste a series of clips, or break apart complex data by comma, linebreak, etc.. It's like a bulldozer for your data! • Printing - Of course, you can print clips too! The new "paper-saver" feature in v7.3 lets you print several small clips (text or graphic) on a page, if they'll fit. • Sharing - Sometimes you need to share data with a team or workgroup, or just "yourself" at another computer. ClipMate covers all the bases, with support for "live" multi-user databases, or distribution of clips and updates via XML files.
  9. 9. • Screen capture by desktop, window, or "area", with support for multiple monitors. • Sometimes you just want to paste without all of the formatting that often accompanies clipboard data.
  10. 10. EXTENDS The Clipboard - ClipMate extends functionality of the windows clipboard by allowing you to keep an unlimited number of "clips" (clipboard history) for later use. Manages The Clipboard - You can quickly find, delete, sort, print, any of thousands of "clips". Any software program that can use the windows clipboard, can work with ClipMate. SUMMARY
  11. 11. ClipMate was the first Clipboard extender for Windows, back in 1991. I purchased it in 1998 and have been using it ever since.