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Introduction, webinar insrtuctions and links for CFCS Virtual Digital Photo SIG for March 2012

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  1. 1. Scheduled every Month on the 3rd Wednesday7:00PM (Eastern Time) Contact Hewie at
  2. 2. For attending Contact Hewie at
  3. 3. • The microphones are turned off when you access this meeting• If you have a headset and want to ask a question, please click on the hand• If you do not have a headset and wish to ask a question, use the Chat Box in the lower left to ask a question.• Please understand that this is relatively new to me, too. Things may not work as planned. Each meeting should work better than the last• I am looking for people to speak at the meetings. You would be perfect!
  4. 4. •••••••••••• Contact Hewie at
  5. 5. http://www.hewie.nethttp://www.cfcs.orghttp://www.apcug.orgFrom the December Meeting:SD Association - https://www.sdcard.orgWikipedia - - – Bay – Contact Hewie at
  6. 6. Contact Hewie at