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Possible Soundtracks

  1. 1. Possible Soundtracks:Requiem to a dream - Clint Mansell:Far too dramatic, takes away the thriller aspect of suspense because the musichas already given it away.Next Hype – Tempa T:Works because it is something Charlie would be getting ready to as it would hypehim up for the party – Also would go perfect in a mash up with “In For The Kill”*Saw hip hop instrumental remix:Already been used for film “Saw”, not a typical song to prepare for a night out to.In for the kill - La Roux:Appropriate as it bares significance to the film’s story line, yet at the same timedoes not give too many clues as to what is going to happen. Could be used forKatie’s scene – Also would go perfect in a mash up with “Next Hype”*Dance with the devil - Immortal Technique:Can hold a beat, so to an extent this is believable that a teenager would be gettingready to such music.Kim – Eminem:Too many lyrics, not something you can really dance to whilst getting ready – notan accurate representation of what the teenagers would be getting ready to.Devil in a blue dress – Donaeo:Does not bare any significance to the character.I’m fly – Donaeo:Bares direct significance to the character. Charlie is cocky and big headed, soanything to emphasise that in the first two minutes of our production wouldhelp.Power – Kanye West:Also bares direct significance to the character. Because Charlie is cocky, hedesires power.Runaway – Kanye West:Possible to sync in with diagetic soundtrack, as it has a beat to it, but at the sametime still bares sincerity.Like a G6 – Far east movement:Again direct significance towards the character of Charlie. The musicappropriately enlarges his already big ego.
  2. 2. Final Soundtrack:We have chosen to use three songs.One being “Next Hype” by Tempa T whilst Charlie is getting ready. This isappropriate because This is a song that will get Charlie hyper for the night ahead,and would work perfectly in a mash up with “In For The Kill”*Another being “In For The Kill” by La Roux whilst Katie is preparing. Althoughthis does not bare much, it is still something a young girl would listen to whilstpreparing for a night out. Would also work perfectly in a mash up with “NextHype”*And finally “Dance With The Devil” for the creeping scene of the killer. This isbecause although it is sincere, it still holds a fast beat, which could be used tosignify youth interests.*By mash up, I mean I will merge the tracks together, signifying that the twocharacters in scene are close friends.