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Institutional research


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Institutional research

  1. 1. Institutional ResearchRecord label 1Roc nation is a record label which is suited to out artist as they have most of the top rapartists signed to them, it also creates a fan base for the artist as soon as the becomesigned due to the celebrity status and respectability that its founder Jay-z (Rapper also)has gained through out his career.Rap artist that Roc nation have signed suchas J.Cole have great exposure as are wellconnected to rap legends such as Jay-z andKanye West so while up and coming theycan be opening artists to such artists. Sothey fan base so becomes opens up to them.Other rappers previously signed to Rocnation have maintained the same fan baseand gone on to release anticipated albumsdue to the “hype” Roc nation created for them.J.Cole Sideline Story Wale - AmbitionRecord label 2Island records also a well known record label that has a large array ofsuccessful who have had numerous number ones between them this would bea good record label for our artist to join as they have a good reputation in themusic world due to the success of there artist such as Florence and the machine and thelate Amy Winehouse who won best new comer at the Grammys.Television channelsA music channel that our artist is more likely to be on a channel like MTV thathas a wide target audience as they have a large variety of their channels. E.g.MTV base, MTV Hits, MTV Dance. Which suggests that caters to many differenttarget audiences equally. MTV also highlight new music videos on theirtimeline e.g. premier of new video. So that people are drawn into watching the video the1st time it is played on the T.V
  2. 2. 4 Music is one of the best channel for or artist music to appear on as they are well knowfor helping UK artists breakthrough to main stream. For example during the start of2011 4 music announced a list of artists to watch (up and coming artists) on artist thatlist was a name of a UK rap artist called Wretch 32 (real name Jermaine Sinclair) is agrime MC and rapper from Tottenham, North London he has been a around the“Grime scene” since 2006 with his first mixtape teachers training day which boutabout a buzz in the underground scene however, he did not break in tomainstream until late 2011 with his single “Don’t Go” which reached number onin the UK in August as a viewer of 4 music and a wretch fan I believe he managedthis with the exposure that 4 music gave him through T.V appearances,interviews, performances and even information on their website about him tillthis day. This is the sort of exposure that is need for our artist as it showcases theartists material through many ways converting 4music viewers in to followers ofthe artist as the feel obliged to support whatever 4 music ask them to.Radio StationBBC Radio 1The radio stations such as radio 1 have one of the widest listeners on air so forour artist song to be played on a radio station such as Radio 1 it would reach awide and diverse audience. “7.1 million weekly listeners tuned in to hisshow” The TelegraphBBC 1Xtra1Xtra is quite a new radio station aimed at a more ethnic audience “BBC Radio1Xtra specialising in new black music” this may be better for are artist ashe could be accepted easier as he is ethnic as well.