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  1. 1. The album cover is veryThe artists name is the print that simplistic from the choice ofstands out the most on the Front Cover colors such as light greycover compared to the color and which is the main color usedthe size of the writing below, so to make the heart in thethat people know whose album middle stand out withoutit is. The cover and font also creating a overwhelming orboasts that the artists name dominant feeling that a colordoes not have to be in a large like black or white wouldfont that due to the recognition create grey gives the cover aof the album. neutral feel In the centre of the album cover is a deflated heartThe color of artists name which is located centrallyand the title of the so that the heart is thealbum are placed at centre of the attentionopposite ends of the because it is the firstalbum cover and are also thing that you look at duein opposite colours. to the color bright redWhich clearly insinuates against the backgroundthat they are opposites. light grey and its location (central). The red may represent passion that the artist has This is the title of the album it is not conventional of this genre as it tone down and not plastered across the front of the album cover it is small simple and it doesn’t draw attention to it and no attention is taken away from any the centre piece (the heart).
  2. 2. Back Cover The name of the artist that feature on the albums are the same size and colour as the name of the songs.The theme of simplicity continues on to the back cover with the continuation of the colourgrey an the minimal content on the covers e.g. picture, text etc
  3. 3. Inside panels The songs are written on a different colour this shows that each colour represents a songOn the inside panels the theme continues further. This is shown through the artistscostume is simple, there are no colours on the suit that are bold and the outfit issmart which is a contrast from the stereotypical street clothing that rap artist areseen wearing. This shows that Kanye west (the artist) is not your usual artist. He iswearing a heart shaped broach/badge this may represent his heart there is aspectrum of colours spilling/ shooting from the heart on to the rest of the panels theheart is also broken this may goes with the name of the album (808 andHeartbreaks) the colours from the heart may represent the music that he makes andthe passion that he has.