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A1 vid analysis


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A1 vid analysis

  1. 1. Music video Analysis
  2. 2. Genre characteristics• The genre characteristic of rap music videos are that there is a lot of boasting of jewelry and cars and expensive goods which help create and sustain their image (motif) of power. There are also many women in the music video that surround the artist to convey the image of being desired/wanted by the other sex which may make young men watching the music video desire to be like the artist. However, there is also an element of trying to familarise with there target audience which for the rap genre is more young ethnic males which are mostly from a deprived back ground and many rap videos that that into account and base the video in a location or a have a narrative that the target audience can identify with
  3. 3. Relationship between lyrics and visuals• Goodwin’s theory states that there is a relationship between the lyrics and the visuals, and they either illustrate, amplify, contradict.• In this music video the relationship with the lyrics and the visuals are strong. The lyrics that are used in the song are incorporated in the video for example the chorus includes the lyrics “A1” and as it is said by the woman in the song (Dev) it is also appears on screen to amplify the lyrics of the song this happens all the way though the song at various part through out the song
  4. 4. Relationship between lyrics and visuals• Also when the artist mentions something in his his lyrics is usually appears on screen to illustrate what he is saying for example when money and riches are being in the lyric they appear (top picture) or when he is talking about his friends they are shown on screen as well (bottom picture)
  5. 5. Relationship between the Music and the Visuals• Goodwin’s theory states that there is a relationship between the music and the visuals either illustrating. amplifying or contradicting• In this music video there is a very strong relationship between the music and that visuals as the mostly the shots seem to change to match the beat amplifying the the music (each shot on the right is included all in a space of 2 seconds to match the beat in those to 2 seconds)
  6. 6. Meeting The Demands of The Record Label• Goodwin’s Theory states that the demands of the record label will include the need for many close ups of the artist and the artist may develop a motif across to the audience• In the music video they do meet the demands of the record label as there are many close ups of the main artist face while he performs to the camera ( bottom pictures )and there is also at the start of the music video an introductory period where they establish whose music video it is and who the artist is (top picture)
  7. 7. Voyeuristic treatment of the female body• Goodwin states that there is voyeuristic treatment of the female body included in music video• The female artist in the song is wearing a very revealing costume and most of the time that she is on the screen she is seen in a medium long shot so that her cleavage is always on show which may be used to capture the male audience and she also makes seductive gestures that may also lure the male audience in as well• There are also sections of the female body that appear on screen e.g. the lips, eyes and breasts which is typical of a rap video as women a objectified
  8. 8. Voyeuristic treatment of the male body• The voyeurism included in modern music videos also focuses on the male body as well as the female body however, they are not objectified in the same way that the female body is. The male body in the video is cut up and seen in different shots with jewelry on his body in each shot
  9. 9. Intertexual references• There are no intertextual references in the song