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For many businesses it's obvious to them whether or not they should use, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube but when it comes to deciding whether it's worth using Google+ they still can't make up their minds.

This presentation helps business owners and marketers weigh up the pro's and cons on whether now is the right time to start using Goolgle+ for their business.

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  • My introduction… 18 years online marketing and website experience…
    Working with lots of local businesses to help grow their businesses through social media – exposure, better seo etc.
    What it is?
    Who’s using it and how?
    Help you to decide whether It’s worth you using it in your business?
    Before I start I wanted to get a batter idea for who’s using which social media channels already…
    Who uses Facebook? – the majority of people
    Twitter? – a few less
    LinkedIn? - majority
    Google+ - hardly anyone!
  • So what is it….
    Well in very simple terms Google+ is Googles version of social networking.
  • Google plus is integral to the Google company
    It uses all its data and statistics from Google+ to enhance it’s advertising service.
    This is why it’s received bad press in the past, as being too intrusive into people’s online activity.
    You may have a google plus account but aren’t aware of it? For example how many people have a gmail account? Well it’s also highly likely that google created a Google Plus account for you at the same time.
  • That’s an awful lot of users.
    But as yet they haven’t released the statistics for how many of those are based in the UK.
  • Google claims to be about the 3rd most popular social networking site,
    but ask your friends, family and customers whether they use google plus for networking
    and you’ll usually get no for an answer!
    They were late comers to the social media scene and have built this number in just 3 years compared to12 years for LinkedIn, 10 years for Facebook, and 8 for Twitter.
  • The majority of users are male…
    With technical industries and web related industries being the first adopters…
  • Most of the big brands are on Google Plus
    And loads of local restaurants, and eateries – use the Google Local element.
    But many sme’s are just getting started:
    Worcester News -
    Worcester Bosch Group
  • There are all these users but interaction is low – at only 35%
    So many just post stuff on their business profile but don’t visit the site to interact.
    Why? Becase many had already chosen Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as the easiest, most relevant tools to use.
    Does Google Plus offer enough incentive to use it?
  • Ask the audience
  • Ask the audience
  • 1. If you post something on Google+ this will be recognized by the Google search more quickly than if you load it onto your website.
    2. Google posts carry more weight that tweets or Facebook posts in google SEO
    3. There is the option to review and +1 posts – all of this helps build your websites authority against other websites that claim to offer the same products or services.
  • To be able to target your marketing message anyway you’d like and have the added bonus of having these emailed to your recipients is a far more powerful tool than, any of the other social media sites combined.
  • How many of you use video conferencing?
    You can use Google Hangouts for free – scheduled ones with about 15 people
    Live one with as many people as want to join.
  • If your customers usually look for your services in Google Maps you need to have a Google Local Place.
    You have the option of linking this to your google plus page and your wesite.
  • There’s whole service that you can subscribe to – between $5 - $10 dollars per user per month – that will give you access to:
    Closed Community Groups – like an internal messaging services
    Google Cloud Storage
    Shared calendars etc.
  • Answer yes to 2 or more of these questions then Google+ is worth giving some serious consideration.
    Personally I just use it from the SEO side of things, but I also use other SEO standards – so it’s hard to know which pays off – but I do rank on the first page for all of my services.
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