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FairObserver by Fabian Neuen


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Fabian Neuen, FairObsever.Com

Published in: Technology, Economy & Finance
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FairObserver by Fabian Neuen

  1. 1. &<br />Fabian Neuen (Founder & COO) & Patrick Wosnitza (Business Development), Brussels, September 28, 2011<br />
  2. 2. # 2<br />Issue 1: EthnocentrismThe media landscape – trust it?<br />…focuses on recent discussions on geodata mainly in Germany with respect to usage of location data (in the sense of privacy etc) of mobile phone users by the Telecommunication providers.<br />…focuses on the usage of geo data for global causes and talks about ways to improve access to geospacial data that can help in global disaster response, environmental and health efforts.<br />
  3. 3. # 3<br />Issue 2: EventdrivennessThis was 2011…<br />February<br />Today<br />
  4. 4. # 4<br />Issue 3: Lack of contextWhat people think…<br />What people remember:<br />“a (tragic) event”<br />“16 dead people” <br />“Again…”<br />What (many) people do not know anymore:<br />Why does this happen?<br />Why will it continue to happen?<br />Where could people get to know / learn more?<br />
  5. 5. # 5<br />There have been attempts to alter the media landscape<br />
  6. 6. 6<br />Our solution: the 360° Analysis<br />360° Analysis:<br /> Globally relevant issues<br /> Contributors from different disciplines & many parts of the world<br /> Context for complete understanding<br />+ Context<br />+ Quality Control<br />+ Global Contribution<br /><br />Analysis<br />Value Proposition:<br />We capture perspectives across disciplines and countries, engage the emerging economies and create a framework through which to contextualize and analyze important global trends.<br />
  7. 7. Contact the founders<br />Atul Singh, Editor-in-Chief<br /><ul><li>Academic Career:
  8. 8. Wharton School – MBA, triple major (Finance, Strategy and Entrepreneurship)
  9. 9. Oxford University – MA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (Radhakrishnan scholar)
  10. 10. Business Career:
  11. 11. Corporate lawyer at Freshfields and White & Case, London
  12. 12. Indian officer involved in special operations</li></ul><br />+1 (202) 306 3584<br />Location: <br />Fabian Neuen, COO<br /><ul><li>Academic Career:
  13. 13. WHU (Germany), Audencia (France), Queen’s (Canada), Wharton School (USA)
  14. 14. INSEAD (France, Singapore) – Dean’s list MBA
  15. 15. Business Career:
  16. 16. Siemens – among the youngest managers in Siemens’ history (Focus on China, India, Middle East projects)
  17. 17. Consulting experience at Bain, Roland Berger, and investment banking at Lazard</li></ul><br />+49 (176) 32 900 460<br />Location: <br />7<br />
  18. 18. # 8<br />Backup<br />
  19. 19. Fair Observer has formed a strong & dedicated team<br />Fair Observer ° <br />Intelligence *<br />Fair Observer ° <br />Global<br />Eminent Editors<br />Management Board<br />Directors<br />Glenn Carle<br />Leonardo Vivas<br />Atul Singh<br />CEO <br /><ul><li>Former Deputy National Intelligence Officer
  20. 20. US Trade Negotiator</li></ul>Editor-at-Large Latin America<br /><ul><li>Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School</li></ul>Editor-in-Chief<br /><ul><li>Oxford PPE & Wharton MBA
  21. 21. Corporate Lawyer</li></ul>Felipe Machado<br />Fabian Neuen<br />Vikram Sood<br />Senior Advisor<br /><ul><li>Former head of RAW (India’s external intelligence service)</li></ul>Editor-at-Large Brazil<br /><ul><li>Director of Digital Media Diario de S. Paulo</li></ul>COO<br /><ul><li>MBA WHU, INSEAD
  22. 22. Manager at Siemens</li></ul>Christian Becker<br />Stefan Brathwaite<br />Matthew Owens<br />Health Editor<br /><ul><li>Medical Doctor in Heidelberg
  23. 23. Consultant and MD</li></ul>Associate<br /><ul><li>UPenn MSE
  24. 24. Designer and Business Strategist</li></ul>Chief Strategy Officer<br /><ul><li>US Presidential Campaign Advisor</li></ul>Alexander Dumer<br />Andrea Berchowitz<br />Africa Editor<br /><ul><li>Columbia University
  25. 25. Consultant at McKinsey </li></ul>Managing Editor<br /><ul><li>Washington DC Economist</li></ul>*Start January 2012<br />9<br />
  26. 26. 30+ eminent advisors from all fields & regions back us…<br />AnnetAris<br />Adjunct professor of strategy at INSEAD <br />Former Partner in charge of McKinsey's German Media Practice<br />Donald Marron<br />Former acting director of the Congressional Budget Office<br />Former member of the President’s Council of Economic Advisers<br />Wolfgang Ischinger<br />Former German Ambassador in the USA & UK, former State Secretary<br />Head of the Munich Security Conference<br />Advisory Board member of Allianz SE<br />Jaswant Singh<br />Former Indian Minister for External Affairs<br />Former Finance Minister of India<br />Currently, Member of Parliament and author<br />PK Singh<br />Director of United Service Institution of India, a leading defense and strategy organization <br />Former General Officer Commanding-in-Chief South Western Command <br />Jianxun Shi<br />Management Professor at Tongji University at Shanghai<br />Economics blog that is followed closely and has over two million readers<br />Miguel Reale Jr.<br />Two Term Minister of Justice of Brazil<br />University of São Paulo Professor of Criminal Law <br />Published Author on Brazilian Justice System<br />Gilead Sher<br />Former Head of Bureau and Policy Coordinator for Israel's Prime Minister Ehud Barak <br />Visiting professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and Tel Aviv University <br />David Vines<br />Professor of Economics at Oxford University, Fellow of Balliol College<br />PhD at Cambridge where he worked with Nobel Prize-winning economist, James Meade<br />John Rowett<br />Former Secretary General at Association of Commonwealth Universities <br />CEO of the Rhodes Trust and Mandela Rhodes Foundation<br />10<br />
  27. 27. ... our contributor network spans the globe across disciplines<br />Rest of World<br />North America<br />Asia<br />Europe<br />Harris Mylonas<br /><ul><li>Ass’t Professor of Political Science at the Elliot School of Int’l Affairs</li></ul>Richard Herring<br /><ul><li>Co-Director of The Wharton Financial Institutions Center
  28. 28. Author of 100+ articles</li></ul>Harsh V. Pant<br /><ul><li>Reader at King’s College London
  29. 29. Focus on Asian security issues</li></ul>David Vines<br /><ul><li>Professor of Economics at Oxford
  30. 30. Focus on fiscal policy within the EMU</li></ul>Economics & Finance<br />Leonardo Vivas<br /><ul><li>Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School
  31. 31. Fr. Director at Dev’t Ministry in Venezuela</li></ul>Margaret Orchowski<br /><ul><li>Committee chair of DC National Press Club
  32. 32. Doctorate in Finance at USC Santa Barbara</li></ul>PK Singh<br /><ul><li>Director of United Service Institution of India
  33. 33. Former General</li></ul>Franz-Stephan Gady<br /><ul><li>Foreign Policy Associate EastWest Institute</li></ul>Politics<br />Bing Wang<br /><ul><li>Management Consultant Siemens
  34. 34. Researcher on greenhouse gases</li></ul>ChristianBecker<br /><ul><li>Medical Doctor fromHeidelberg
  35. 35. Former Management Consultant</li></ul>Francis Flavin<br /><ul><li>Professor of History at University of Texas
  36. 36. Researcher in educational technology</li></ul>OladayoOlagunju<br /><ul><li>Founder and CEO of Nyoombl
  37. 37. Former Wal-mart Corporate Strategy</li></ul>Science &Technology<br />Felipe Machado<br /><ul><li>Director of Digital Media at a distinguished network of Brazilian newspapers</li></ul>Zach Paikin<br /><ul><li>McGill Univ., freelancer journalist
  38. 38. Focus on Canada and Middle East</li></ul>Sandra Zhou<br /><ul><li>University of Pennsylvania scholar in women’s rights</li></ul>Pauline Tillmann<br /><ul><li>Journalist for Bayerischer Rundfunk
  39. 39. Focus on Eastern Europe</li></ul>Arts & <br />Culture<br />11<br />
  40. 40. Partnerships are fueling growth of audience and contributors<br />Content Partners<br /><ul><li>Provide access to subject experts and knowledge silos
  41. 41. Agreements with Think Tanks, Universities, NGOs to contribute content</li></ul>Distribution Partners<br /><ul><li>Co-branding of services
  42. 42. Reprint of Fair Observer content
  43. 43. Organize joint events</li></ul>Strategy<br /><ul><li>Foster connections to global startup community
  44. 44. Provide management advice for the expansion phase</li></ul>12<br />
  45. 45. Our beta site has attracted diverse and high quality content<br />“ The Chinese Riddle”<br />Facts About Our Experts<br />By Kerry Brown<br /><ul><li>Asian Studies Fellow, Chatham House
  46. 46. Writer of several books about China
  47. 47. 150+ contributors to date
  48. 48. From 30 + countries
  49. 49. Business professionals, entrepreneurs, politicians, </li></ul> academics, diplomats<br /><ul><li>Published only after stringent editorial review</li></ul>360° Analysis<br />on the future of China<br />Anchor Context Article<br />“China and the Seas - Looking Beyond Taiwan” <br />“China’s Innovation Race”<br />By Allison Carroll<br /><ul><li>Political Science at UPenn
  50. 50. Holden FurberPrize in Asian Studies</li></ul>By Ricardo Silva<br /><ul><li>M.A. in Contemporary History at New University of Lisbon </li></ul>“China’s Real Estate Market is a Growth Area, but not Without its Complications”<br />“The Great Asian Struggle” <br />By Harsh V. Pant<br /><ul><li>Reader in InternationalRelations at King’s College London
  51. 51. Writer ofseveral Books(e.g. The China Syndrome)</li></ul>By Guifeng Shi<br /><ul><li>Professor at the Shanghai Jiao Tong University </li></ul>13<br />
  52. 52. Our organization is accelerating in structure and momentum<br />150+ external contributors in our network<br />(Sep 2011)<br />Readers from <br />140 countries (Jul 2011)<br />Global launch<br />(Jan 2012, exp)<br />Opening of Washington DC-Office (Aug 2010)<br />Fair ObserverInteligence<br />introduced<br />Launch of open beta-site<br />(Jun 2011)<br />15 people core and editorial team<br />(Sep 2011)<br />Launch of closed alpha-site<br />(Feb 2011)<br />First Revenue Streams materialized<br />~35.000 Page Impressions <br />per month (Aug 2011)<br />First full-time employee (May 2011)<br />Early 2012<br />Opening of Munich-Office<br />(Jan 2011)<br />“......I am indeed highly impressed not just with the presentation but also the content.”<br />“All my best wishes <br />for Fair Observer“<br />VikramSood, <br />Former Head of RAW, India’s <br />External Intelligence Agency<br />Helmut Schmidt, retired German Chancellor<br />14<br />
  53. 53. Our business model foresees three major revenue streams<br />!<br />Our global network of experts want to share their knowledge and engage in dialogue to bring clarity to complex international issues.<br />!<br />!<br />!<br />!<br />!<br />Videos<br />Infographics<br />Articles<br />Podcasts<br />Photos<br />Consulting Revenue<br />360° Analyses<br />Subscriptionrevenue<br />$$$<br />$$$<br />$$$<br />Ad <br />Revenue<br />Content Syndication<br />Customized Research<br />How big is geopolitical risk for my investment in Uganda?<br />How can I supplement local content with global perspective?<br />How can I make sense of a complex world?<br />NEWS<br />15<br />
  54. 54. Diversity of voices differentiates us from current media<br />Key differentiation:<br />Global Voice<br /><ul><li>Global reach, with truly local perspectives, and a strong focus on BRIC-countries
  55. 55. Bridging mainstream and specialized niche publications
  56. 56. Interdisciplinary and international discourse</li></ul>Deep Analysis<br />News Reporting <br />Regional Voice<br />16<br />