Introduction to HackDemocracy Brussels Meetup 3


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Introduction to the 3rd Brussels meetup and a few words about

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Introduction to HackDemocracy Brussels Meetup 3

  1. 1. #HackDemocracy Brussels 3rd Meetup - 23.02.2011 @HackDemocracy
  2. 2. #HackDemocracyWe celebrate innovations for more democracy.#HackDemocracy SF with Al-Jazeera next week.Wanna help out?Wanna talk at a meetup?
  3. 3. Thank Yous @ramonsuarez @betagroup@today’s speakers @you
  4. 4. PublishTheNote.beVande Lanotte resigns.Don’t we have a right to know what politicianscan’t agree on, let alone talk about?Dear Mister Vande Lanotte,Please publish your note.
  5. 5. Today3 presentations
  6. 6. 1. Mobilizing citizens: analyzing trafic to Simon Vandereecken, SHAME #Tunisia#Egypt #Belgium
  7. 7. 2. Online voting & the future of verifiable voting Olivier de Marneffe, code-contributor Helios Voting3. How technology can improve school enrollment policy Estelle Cantillon, ULB