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Open data in public-private partnerships


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How citizens can become true watchdogs

Presentation at the first HackDemocracy meetup in Brussels, December 2010.

Presented by @jonvanparys of @wheresmyvillo

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Open data in public-private partnerships

  1. 1. Open data inpublic-private partnerships How citizens can become true watchdogs @wheresmyvillo HackDemocracy.Org | 16th December 2010
  2. 2. The problem
  3. 3. Why it matters๏ Villo!‘s a great initiative but no staying power unless done well๏ Private partners in PPPs have a tendency to do just enough to stay out of trouble๏ It’s a strategic asset for JCDecaux - legitimate to demand pristine service๏ JCDecaux: “it’s the topography stupid, it’s normal and it ain’t so bad”
  4. 4. Let’s fix it: Where’s My Villo?๏ Villo!’s data is “open” - let’s use it๏ Scrape data from Villo!’s servers every 5 minutes - store it๏ Rate Villo! stations - confirmed anecdotal evidence๏ Straightforward goal: shed light on the problems for users, media & politicians๏ Get sufficient traction & JCDecaux will move
  5. 5. Did JCDecaux move? ** partial evaluation - more work still needs to be done
  6. 6. Open data & citizen-watchdogs๏ No denying the problems: empirical evidence๏ Politicians relieved of being sole monitors [!]๏ Obviously impossible without open data๏ City2020 Project calls for “data publication [when] public transport is outsourced” - flip the burden๏ From ex-post evaluation to ex-ante discouragement