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The role of the concierge


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For Hospitality and Tourism Project
The Role of the Concierge. I do not own any of the pictures or audio.

The role of the concierge

  1. 1. The Role of The Conciergeby Gabe Hartog
  2. 2. The term concierge was coined when the hosts of lavishcastle parties would hire a servant who would cater to thepartygoers every need. This servant was named theConcierge.
  3. 3. Over time concierge were hired in lavishhotels throughout Europe and the rest ofthe world. Today, Concierge are crucial tothe success of the hotel.
  4. 4. The concierge is the face of the hotel they serve. Guests continually goto the concierge for their every whim. Whether it be a grand piano intheir suite, or a guest in need of a chauffeured Bentley the hotelconcierge can make it happen.
  5. 5. The concierge is extremely well connected. Hisphone is filled with numbers to the bestrestaurants and department stores in town. Healso has many connects made throughout hiscareer.
  6. 6. An ideal concierge is a natural helper. He cannot often nothelp someone. A concierge is also a natural problem solver. Itis astonishing how many solutions he has to commonproblems.
  7. 7. These special skills the Conciergehas makes them a great asset to alldepartments of a hotel . A greatconcierge is the heartbeat of thehotel and keeps everythingrunning smoothly.
  8. 8. To the Front Desk theconcierge is the first line ofdefense. He uses his charm andvast knowledge to butter up theguests and make them feelwelcome. Happy guests makethe jobs of the Front Deskrepresentatives much easier.
  9. 9. To the bellmen and the doormenthe concierge is a library ofimportant guest information.When relayed ahead of time thedoormen and bellman can use thisinformation to provide the guestswith impeccable service.
  10. 10. To the sales department the concierge is a vastresource of outside connections that the salesdepartment can use as future clients.
  11. 11. To the Food and Beverage Department theconcierge is free advertising. His glowingrecommendation of the restaurant willpersuade guests that there is no betterrestaurant in the area than the one in hishotel.
  12. 12. Finally, to the guests theConcierge is their superhero.The hotel concierge will givethem the hotel stay of theirdreams. All the guests have todo is ask and the concierge willdeliver.
  13. 13. Concierge are not exclusively employed athotels. They work at many luxury venues likeDisney World and luxury department stores, buttheir role is still the same: to provide guests withsolutions to all their problems and keep theproperty running smoothly.
  14. 14. Overall the concierge is the heartbeat of the hotel. He helps keepeverything run smoothly. He is achampion to the guests and to hisco workers. He is a vast resourceof connections and guestinformation. If any problem needssolving he will solve it. Without himthe property would have to work alot harder to be successful.
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