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DDiH, think tank 2011, cmh oneglobe, hotel think tank


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DDiH, think tank 2011, cmh oneglobe, hotel think tank

  1. 1. what will delight today's customers who are mobile lifestyle travellers?<br />DDiH, Think Tank 2011, CMH Oneglobe, hotel think tank<br />LEREVEREND Agnès<br />MBA 2A CMH<br />
  2. 2. « Atyourdisposal » 1/2<br /><ul><li>Whatisit? </li></ul>It is a new digital application in the hospitalitysector.<br /><ul><li>For who? </li></ul>This new appis for yourguestsduringtheirstay.<br /><ul><li>Costs? </li></ul>It istotally free for yourguests. And, for you, the priceisreasonable. More youwill have partnerslessyouwillpaid.<br /><ul><li>On which supports? </li></ul>On smartphones, ipad, and the hotel tv.<br /><ul><li>Whatis the principal goal? </li></ul>The principal goal of this new appis to facilitate the stay of yourguests in yourhotel but also in the city. Withthisapp, youcan help, respond and communicatewithyourguestswhentheyneed.<br />
  3. 3. « Atyourdisposal » 2/2<br /><ul><li>How itworks</li></ul>The totality of this application is accessible only for yourguestswhostayed in yourhotel. Whenthey arrive to yourhotel, theywillreceive a code to download and use this application. <br />Withthis code, the guestcandownloadthis application on a smartphone, an ipad, or, hecan use thisapp on the tv in his room.<br />Aftertheirstay, itis as youwant : all yourguestscankeeptheiraccess and can go on thisappateverytime ; or, youcanchoosethatonlyyour VIP guestscankeeptheiraccessaftertheirstays.<br />It is essential to keep in mindthatthis application isonly for yourguests. It is a new way to communicatewithyourguest and to develop the loyalty of yourguests. <br />
  4. 4. « AtyourDisposal » : The concept<br />This application willbe in threemost important parts:<br /><ul><li> In the hotel (in relation with all the services)
  5. 5. Guide about all the touristicactivities (restaurants, bars, museums…), like a virtual concierge.
  6. 6. For business travelers : Possibility to meet the others business travelerspresent in the hotelat the same time.</li></li></ul><li>« AtyourDisposal » : In the hotel 1/2<br /><ul><li>In relation with all services of the hotel 24H/24.
  7. 7. Access to the room service menu.
  8. 8. Access to the restaurant and the bar of the hotel (to see the menu, and to make a reservation, to see the availability…).
  9. 9. Be in relation with the housekeepingdepartment : the guestwillchoosewhenhewantsthathis room iscleaned…</li></li></ul><li>« AtyourDisposal » : In the hotel 2/2<br /><ul><li>Direct assistance : the guestcanbe in relation directlywithtechnicians, without to have the reception in intermediary. It willbe more rapid.
  10. 10. Reservation : for a wake up or a taxi, the guestjustneed to select the hour of hiswake up, or what type of taxi hewants, and for when
  11. 11. Unlimitedaccess : cinematheque, music, ebook… Everythingthatdistractyourguestwhenheis in the hotel.</li></li></ul><li>« AtyourDisposal » : avirtual concierge<br /><ul><li>Geo-localization : To see all restaurants, bars, shops et touristic attractions in the city.
  12. 12. For restaurants and bars, the guestcanfind menus, prices and promotions whenthese restaurants and bars are yourpartners.
  13. 13. Access to aguide on all the principal museums of the city such as Louvre musuem or Orsay museum in the you are situated in Paris.
  14. 14. Free access, 24h/24 with your concierge.</li></li></ul><li>« AtyourDisposal » : businessposibility<br /><ul><li>This new application proposes for yourbuisnessguests to meetothers business guestswho are in yourhotelat the sameperiod.
  15. 15. Geo-localization : to see all the companies, banks, meetings centers,… which are situatedaround the hotel.</li></li></ul><li>« AtyourDisposal » : Partners<br />Yourhotelneed to have somepartnerssuch as:<br /><ul><li> Restaurants and bars situatedaround the hotel.
  16. 16. Most importants museums and art galleries of the vity.
  17. 17. UGC for the cinematheque (UGC permit atyourguests to have access to all the films, also the news films).
  18. 18. NRJ ou itunes to the music lists.</li></li></ul><li>« AtyourDisposal » isusefulbecause…<br /> For yourhotel:<br /><ul><li>It is a good way to communicate and develop the loyalty of yourguests.
  19. 19. This application improve the management of the complaints and problems, It permits to accelerate their treatment.
  20. 20. It is a good advertising.
  21. 21. It shows and proves your modernity, your dynamism, ...</li></li></ul><li>« AtyourDisposal » isusefulbecause…<br /> For the guests:<br /><ul><li>This application will help them in the planning of their holidays.
  22. 22. It is a virtual guide for their vacations but also for the hotel.
  23. 23. It facilitates the communication between the guests and all the services of the hotel.
  24. 24. A good way to communicate with the others for business guests.
  25. 25. With this application they can win points in the reward program of the hotel.</li></li></ul><li>« Atyourdisposal » is a new concept of application. It is a verycomplete application and, nothing in this genre alreadyexists, soitis modern and unique application.<br />« Atyourdisposal » is for luxuryhotels(4 or 5 stars hotels), boutique hotels and palaces. At the moment, this application is valable only for thesehotelssituated in Paris.<br />