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Concierge MVP


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What is a concierge MVP? It's a minimum viable product that involves manually solving the customer’s problem. De-risk your new business idea and avoid the need to develop too much product upfront by utilizing the concierge MVP experimentation model.

This is a talk I gave for Lean Startup Machine Austin on September 28, 2013 at Capital Factory.

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Concierge MVP

  2. 2. (1) WHAT IS THE MOTIVATION? Product developmentis costly and takes time. Especially automation, machinelearning, uniqueIP, etc. Iterateand learn quickly. De-risk or fail early and often.
  3. 3. (2) WHAT IS A CONCIERGE MVP? A minimum viable product that involves manually solving the customer’sproblem. Starts off with a curated set of services instead of a product. Although typically inefficient and not cost effective,services can be quickly iterated upon and modified. Concierge MVPs are a natural evolutionof problem and solution interview techniques.
  4. 4. THE TRUE CONCIERGE For when you aren’t sure if you are solving a must have problem and need to be very high touch to get maximum learning.
  5. 5. THE MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN (OR THE WIZARD OF OZ) For when an automated process can wait… and sneaker power can suffice for now.
  6. 6. BRAIN UNDER CONSTRUCTION (OR THE GRAND EXPERIMENT) For when it could be really smart, automated, or marketplace-y. But you can test it the dumb, manual way first.
  7. 7. CONSULTING WITH A PRODUCT VENEER For when you want to validate your business-oriented or enterprise solution.
  8. 8. (3) ASSUMPTIONS YOU CAN TEST Is the Product Valuable? Must Have versus Nice to Have? What the Customer Looks Like • Who actuallywantstouse this product • How do you find them • Behaviors, not just words • Messages that capturetheir attention (acquisition/activation), versus value that keepsthem around (retention/referral) How Will the Business Model Work • Will they payfor it? • Revenue? Profit? The Mix of Products and Services You’ll Need to Provide • Can theservices be: Productized? Efficient? Automated? Outsourced?
  9. 9. (4) AVOID THESE COMMON MISSTEPS Not everyone needs to do a concierge MVP! Don’t do your concierge MVP forever! Set expectationswith customers! Do small batchesso you don’t overwhelm yourself! Be careful what you tell customers!Don’t lie, but also set them up for the real thing later!