Open source software and product development


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Presentation on Nokia and Symbian Foundation by Petra Söderling, Director, Nokia Devices R&D, at the New Product Development Strategies conference in Vienna, Austria, June 11-12, 2009

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Open source software and product development

  1. 1. Open Source Software and Product Development Petra Söderling, Nokia Devices R&D New Product Development Strategies, Vienna, June 2009
  2. 2. Inspiring innovation Nokia E71 Nokia N97 Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Company Confidential 2 © 2009 Nokia
  3. 3. S60 on Symbian OS is the leading innovation platform Volumes Open Internet User experience
  4. 4. S60 on Symbian OS is the leading innovation platform 250+ million Open 200+ Internet User experience
  5. 5. S60 on Symbian OS is the leading innovation platform Volumes User experience
  6. 6. S60 on Symbian OS is the leading innovation platform Volumes Open Internet Messaging PIM Audio System Imaging Location
  7. 7. Future of S60 & Symbian OS is Open Source with Symbian Foundation Non-profit open, independent foundation to provide, manage and unify the platform. Membership is open to all. Source code available for free to all members. Full platform moved to Eclipse Public License over two years. 7 © 2008 Nokia
  8. 8. Symbian Foundation vision Device creators Service creators Developers Users Fast TTM Unified platform Huge opportunity Best devices Breadth of features Range of rich dev Great community Best apps Low cost & risk environments Tools & support Best services Company Confidential 8 © 2009 Nokia Copyright © 2009 Symbian Foundation.
  9. 9. Company Confidential 9 © 2009 Nokia Copyright © 2009 Symbian Foundation.
  10. 10. Development • Development priorities driven by member contributions Principles • Development process defines • Acceptance and governance of asset contributions • Creation of unified platform releases • Assets available for full or partial use Company Confidential • Encourage and enforce contributions with Eclipse license 10 © 2009 Nokia
  11. 11. Assets are poised for growth Short term objectives Long term objectives Improve operational set-up Maximize sharing of non- differentiating development cost Further increase foundation platform attractiveness for Establish wide, engaged handset vendors community of ecosystem players Create one common platform Release the full foundation with an unified User Interface platform as Open Source
  12. 12. The code 40 million lines of code 450,000 source code files 45,000 directories 2000 software components 100+ packages 3 layers of 14 technology domains 1 unified platform
  13. 13. 3 layers and 14 technology domains Application Location Apps Personal Connectivity Productivity Multimedia Comms Apps UI Apps Device Apps Apps Web Apps Mgmt App Apps Apps Tools Middleware Location Connectivity Middleware MW MW Tools Personal Device UI Productivity Multimedia Runtimes & Comms Mgmt Middlewa Data MW Services Middleware Web MW Security MW MW re Comms MW MW OS OS Runtime OS OS Data OS OS and Web Personal Multimedia Graphics OS Security Location Comms Comms Connectivity OS Tools OS Base Services Copyright © 2009 Symbian Foundation.
  14. 14. 100+ packages Application Video IP File Instant Image Video Video Music Voice Screen Home- Location Tele- PoC PC Msging Utility Camera Gallery Video Radio Help Tele- Manager Msging Editor Editor Player Photos Player Recorder Saver screen Profile Apps phony Apps Suite Apps Apps Apps Apps Center Apps Apps phony Apps Apps Apps Apps Apps Apps Apps Apps Apps Apps Phone Contact Organizer Tech- Apps Apps App Suite view Content Device Image Speech Multimedia Settings PCC Chinese Multimedia Graphics Connectivity Control Control Viewer Recognition Web UIs ( Java ) Sharing UIs UIs S Dictionary UIs UIs Tools Daemons Daemons UIs UIs Middleware Tele- Service Legacy Multimedia Location phony & Remote DLNA Remote Wireless VPN Msging Image Video Camera Input Classic SVG UI Service API Service Open Web UI Discovery Metadata ( Helix ) App Web Services SIM Connectivity Services Mgmt Access Client Mw Handling Utils Services Methods UI Tiny Accelerator Framework API Services Services Tools and Usage Services Framework Services Instant Generic Legacy Networking Multimedia UI Smartc Home Security Access IP App IP Connectivity High Level IP App Msging & Remote Shortlink Metadata Multimedia UI Application App DRM Presence Device Framework ard Screen Services Security Services Mgmt Protocols Protocols Presence Storage Connectivity Services Middleware Resources Installation Support Services Management GBA Services Services Generic Persistent Cellular OS XML Device Locating Comms Networking Shortlink Multi- Imaging Text & Verification OS Data WLAN Baseband Graphics Security Services Services Services Frmwk Services Services media Extensions Localisation Tools Services Services Services OS Kernel & Hardware Board Build Support Tools Services Copyright © 2009 Symbian Foundation.
  15. 15. Changing the ways we work 1. Software development mainly 1. Software development in open by Nokia collaboration by community members, including Nokia 2. Software licensed out to other 2. Software source code available manufacturers for a fee for free to all 3. Software platform roadmap is 3. Software platform roadmap is confidential public Company Confidential 15 © 2009 Nokia
  16. 16. Why should users care about open source? Open source in itself is no answer, however it enables more innovation, less IPR restrictions, faster development cycle, participation by individuals with different backgrounds from different cultures, ultimately surfacing as better products and user experiences. Company Confidential 16 © 2009 Nokia
  17. 17. Thank you. Company Confidential 17 © 2009 Nokia