Mobile Rules 2008


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Mobile Rules! is the world’s leading annual competition for business plans, applications and technology innovation in the mobile environment, organized by Nokia together with a great group of partners representing the leading companies and organizations in their fields.

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Mobile Rules 2008

  3. Mobile Rules! is the world’s leading annual INDEX competition for business plans, applications and WInners runner-ups 4 technology innovation in the mobile environment, sponsors 6 organized by Nokia together with a great group of MOBILe AppLICATIOn FInALIsTs 8 partners representing the leading companies and Multiplayer Connected Games 10 organizations in their fields. The ambitious goal of Multimedia 20 Mobile Rules! is to seek out the brightest potential enterprise 30 and to discover developers and entrepreneurs who Infotainment 36 are creating new value, revenue and services for MOBILe BusIness pLAn FInALIsTs 42 the mobile lifestyle. The competition gathered TeCHnOLOGY InnOVATIOn FInALIsTs 54 together the most promising designers, leading vendors, funders and media. The prestigious jury has evaluated these great works as finalists in the competition. The finalists are competing on three tracks – Mobile Applications, Mobile Business Plans and Mobile Technology Innovation – and will bring the mobile business to a completely new level. And the level of the competition in 2008 – it’s even higher than we expected.
  4. HAil To THe KiNGs – HeRe ARe THe WiNNeRs MOBILE APPLIcATION Announced at a ceremony in the heart of silicon // Multiplayer connected Games Valley at san Jose City Hall, the Mobile rules! GrAnD prIze WInner: 08 Awards were the climax to an eight-month sumo-sumo by Gamica 12 selection process in which winners were chosen runner-ups: from hundreds of entries on three main competition plantastic! by palmstorm Ltd. 14 tracks: Best Business Plan, Mobile Application and Hearts and spades by G-mode 13 Technology Innovation. “Nokia is very pleased to announce the winners MOBILE APPLIcATION // Multimedia of the Mobile Rules! ‘08 competition, who, with their ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit, typify GrAnD prIze WInner: an emerging wave tapping into today’s exciting Mystrands social player by Mystrands 26 convergence of mobility and the Internet,” said runner-ups: Tom Libretto, Vice president, Forum nokia. phuneTV by present Technologies 28 The level of the competition was even higher Mobsensor by Budapest university than we expected: great innovations, unique of Technology and economics 22 applications and new mobile business opportunities took part from all over the globe. MOBILE APPLIcATION // Enterprise Thank you for Mobile rules ’08. Let’s see what’s GrAnD prIze WInner: coming up next! upCode parking by upCode Ltd/upC Consulting Ltd 34 Vesa Luiro, Director runner-ups: Mobile Documents by Visiarc Ab 35 Interlecta Translator by Interlecta 33
  5. MOBILE APPLIcATION TEcHNOLOGY INNOVATION // Infotainment // Future Architecture GrAnD prIze WInner: GrAnD prIze WInner: earthcomber by earthcomber LLC 38 B4-Flash Memory by Genusion Inc. 57 runner-ups: Avanutri Mobile by TEcHNOLOGY INNOVATION Active Tecnologia e Consultoria Ltda 36 // Multimedia Live2phone site TV by Intellsys s.r.l. 39 GrAnD prIze WInner: Kannuu by Kannuu Inc. 58 MOBILE BUSINESS PLAN GrAnD prIze WInner: TEcHNOLOGY INNOVATION MedApps Mobile Wireless Health // Future Touch And Feel Monitoring system by MedApps™ 47 GrAnD prIze WInner: runner-ups: Kareline natural Composites BuzzD by BuzzD 45 by Kareline Oy Ltd 59 The Mobile Transaction network by m-Via 49 TEcHNOLOGY INNOVATION // UI Solution GrAnD prIze WInner: Tiki® 6 keys by Tiki’labs 67
  6. MOBILE APPLIcATION FINALISTS categories: The Mobile Applications competition was in search of new applications that use the unique enablers Multiplayer of the nokia platforms. These tremendous finalists were battling in four subcategories: Multiplayer connected Games Connected Games, Multimedia, enterprise and Infotainment. The finalists in every category Multimedia utilize mobile possibilities in never-before-seen Enterprise ways and are of help right now, in your work, on your vacation, during your free time or whenever, Infotainment wherever. These applications bring on the fun and the benefits and create whole new possibilities in the mobile world. All of the finalists challenge the capabilities of mobile devices and deserve to get into the hands of millions of mobile device users.
  7. 0 MOBILE APPLIcATION // Multiplayer connected Games candyland Studios THE FINALIST THE WORK Candyland studios develops state-of-the-art Gotcha! is a turn-based multiplayer game based applications for online, offline and mobile on the classic rock-paper-scisors game. users can marketing campaigns and mobile clients for challenge everyone on their mobile phone’s contact Internet-based communities, intranets and list. The system creates a unique version for every informational systems. user so he can be identified later. Besides the game functionality, the application contains several content templates that can be accessed by server- side scripts. In this way the game can be extended at any time without forcing the users to download a new version. Candyland Studios Kay Siegert
  8. MOBILE APPLIcATION // Multiplayer connected Games Emulet Games THE FINALIST THE WORK emulet Games is owned by romeo Kollar, a highly Fuseo2 is an addictive block-dropping game. motivated, versatile and client-focused computing Arrange 2x2 coloured blocks on the playing field to and project management professional from Hungary. form shapes of a single color. A shape made of more emulet Games has been working on mobile-related than four blocks will disappear. development since 2003. The following game modes are available: - Arcade (survive as long as possible) - Challenge (make combos to defeat the Cpu or human) - Time-Attack (destroy as many blocks as possible before time runs out) The multiplayer feature is available in the Challenge mode, where you can play against your friends. Emulet Games Romeo Kollar
  9. MOBILE APPLIcATION // Multiplayer connected Games Gamica THE FINALIST THE WORK Gamica is a leading mobile games publisher sumo sumo is a connected mobile multiplayer game acclaimed for creating connected mobile video in which your objective is to puzzle your way to the games that push the boundaries of creativity and top by creating clusters of colored blocks before technology to newly undiscovered levels and create you get squashed by a giant spike wall. powered the most entertaining gaming experience possible. by the snAp Mobile platform, the game features addictive and original single and multiplayer game play, online rankings, friends lists, in-game chatting, emoticons and rich and colorful graphics. Gamica Ferdy Blaset
  10. MOBILE APPLIcATION // Multiplayer connected Games G-mode THE FINALIST THE WORK G-mode Co. Ltd. was established in July 2000 as the Hearts and spades 2 in1 brings two of the most world’s first mobile network game content provider popular online games to the mobile platform. specializing in Java game software. six years later, With G-mode planning their second installment G-mode has become the number one mobile games with snAp Mobile, they have integrated several new provider in Japan, servicing over 1.6 million nTT features in the game to make the multiplayer feel DoCoMo subscribed customers and experiencing more exciting and involved. over half a million downloads per month with Au KDDI mobile phone users. G-mode is currently in the process of global expansion and has built B2B relations with major mobile phone carriers such as, Vodafone, Motorola, and nokia. G-mode Alex Kameda
  11. MOBILE APPLIcATION // Multiplayer connected Games PalmStorm THE FINALIST THE WORK palmstorm™ Ltd. is a privately-held company Plantastic! is a fun puzzle and strategy game for founded by industry veterans with more than all ages where you create bouquets from groups of 13 years in the industry on average. colored flowers to clear them from the playboard. each game mode has a different planting pattern, palmstorm is a resource for premium mobile and blooms can only be placed near the player’s last entertainment software on symbian®, Windows bloom within the pattern shown. Blooms drop into Mobile®, palm® and J2Me platforms, focusing on a queue so you must plant quickly before the queue casual and innovative gameplay. recently, the fills up. company started extending its portfolio with mobile multiplayer games. plantastic! offers five game modes, three difficulty levels, unlockables and many powerups. some of the company’s best known handheld titles, based on its Pete character franchise, include up to four players can compete in multiplayer plumber pete Xtreme!, Xplodus! and plantastic!. modes: Time Attack for quick, arcade-style matches or Color Clash for a thoughtful, tactical challenge. palmstorm has offices in Budaors and Budapest, Hungary. PalmStorm Ltd. Csaba Soltesz
  12. MOBILE APPLIcATION // Multiplayer connected Games Shenfa Software THE FINALIST THE WORK shenfa software is a developer of games and Holy Destruction – The Fall of Fadaria is a applications for mobile phones, based in shanghai, multiplayer, online collectible card game that China. Its products are available mainly through you can play against players everywhere. The distribution partners sInA and China Mobile, game’s simple rules and battle system make it the world’s largest mobile operator. shenfa has easy for anyone to start up a game and play within released over 100 titles onto the Chinese market minutes, despite the depth of the game’s strategy. in the past four years, with over 50 titles currently Multiplayer mode allows you to take on up to four active. shenfa also has many cutting-edge ideas for other players over the wireless network. creating a new category of mobile games, which can no longer be regarded as games, but still must be extremely easy to play, intuitive and fun. Shenfa Software Co. Ltd. Takashi Hashimoto
  13. MOBILE APPLIcATION // Multiplayer connected Games Vivendi Games Mobile THE FINALIST THE WORK Vivendi Games Mobile, a division of Vivendi Games, Wordox®: Word snatcher is a time-based, creates and publishes quality titles for the mobile competitive word game in which the objectives games market. The division runs a global business are to form words on the board and steal your with its headquarters, operations and an internal opponent’s points to achieve the highest score. development team in paris, a u.s.-based team Word snatcher has an extensive dictionary with in Los Angeles and its Centerscore studio in san more than 100,000 words stored. engage in Mateo, California. The company publishes games multiplayer (connected) or single player modes. based on original Ip, popular entertainment licenses Personalize the backgrounds with playful, colorful and classic sierra entertainment Ip, which are themes. If you ever get stumped, just turn to distributed by more than 90 operators and dozens of professor Wordox for helpful hints and a tutorial. Web portals in 60 countries around the world. Vivendi Games Mobile Maria Pacheco
  14. MOBILE APPLIcATION // Multiplayer connected Games Wacko Games THE FINALIST THE WORK Wacko Games specializes in network-aware games Chinese Checkers Fantasy is a classic game where and user-generated content applications. your goal is to take all your creatures to the opposite triangle. When it’s your turn, you can By using online hall of fame, tournaments, buddy move one of your creatures to an adjacent empty lists, in-game chat and other online and community space or perform jumps over nearby enemies or features, it keeps players downloading and playing allies. It’s also possible to perform multiple jumps. for hours on end. You can play online against other users or alone It helps make games an irremovable anchor in any against the computer. If you get enough points, you gaming platform and keeps the service provider in may unlock a surprise!! touch with its users. Wacko Games Filipe Souza
  15. MOBILE APPLIcATION // Multiplayer connected Games WiB Software THE FINALIST THE WORK WiB software is a small company with huge Dowser is a tool to support paperless geocaching. expertise in the symbian world. It develops smarter Geocaches are small treasure boxes hidden all over applications for smartphones. Its main focus is time the world, and Dowser helps to find them. Dowser and expense tracking for mobile consultants and shows the caches in the vicinity using an attached Location Based services. WiB software is located in Gps, displays the detailed description and helps Braunschweig in northern Germany. navigating to the hidden treasure. Cache finds can be logged in Dowser and uploaded automatically to the geocaching website. The location of the Caches can be displayed on a map using the Nokia Maps application. WiB Software Bernd Wiegmann
  16. 0 MOBILE APPLIcATION // Multimedia Airchord THE FINALIST THE WORK AirChord is the first company to have converged Juiceup is a solution for connecting to streaming web and mobile for multimedia content. using sites. AirChord uses the latest of the technologies AirChord services, online users and mobile users available in the market to stay ahead in the race can carry their TV, radio, audio and video content and provides quality conscious customers with an wherever they go. experience of real-time audio/video entertainment. With an exhaustive database of songs/videos and AirChord allows enterprises such as TV channels, unmatched speed, the use of mobile for calls will radio channels and media companies to reach out to become only secondary for you. billions of net and mobile users by instantly making putting content online thru AirChord’s website. AirChord’s services also allows live events to be streamed to mobile and net. AirChord’s subscribers now have a choice of content to listen to or watch. AirChord Inc Sanjay Sinha
  17. MOBILE APPLIcATION // Multimedia Arvato Mobile THE FINALIST THE WORK Arvato mobile offers digital entertainment content Avarto Mobile Music Client is based on Flash Lite and to its customers around the world, together with offers an all-new concept to find and experience innovative concepts and interactive applications. music or other content types. The content is not, as At the same time, the company sees itself as a customary, classified to genres but to moods. The 360° manager right along the value-add chain. choice of your music depends on different moods The subsidiary of the international media and and emotions. It offers the user emotional worlds communications service provider arvato, a business of experiences with which they are able to find, area of Bertelsmann AG, arvato mobile works for download and hear music according to their mood in network operators, Internet service providers, an easy and simple way. media companies and brands. Arvato mobile is a partner to all major music labels and rights owners for the film, television and games industry. It also guarantees full content, category and royalty management for its customers. arvato mobile GmbH Arno Weiste
  18. MOBILE APPLIcATION // Multimedia Budapest University THE FINALIST THE WORK The department of Automation and Applied Mobsensor is able to sense its environment. It Informatics at the Budapest university of Technology listens to the changes in the environment via and economics is a recognized department for motion and noise detectors. The Mobsensor also teaching and researching applied computer science, has network abilities. This means that the users control theory, robot control, power electronics and are able to setup a network from mobile devices digital design. The main research activities are in the via ad-hoc WLAn functionality or with the help of field of control theory, signal processing, data mining, a WLAn router. In this way customers are able to performance analysis of software systems, distributed establish a fast sensor network in their house. If systems, service-oriented architectures and much one device alerts, the whole network gets the alert. more. The Department maintains intense long-term There is one boss device in the network, which can relationships with its industrial partners and currently temporarily disable the sensors. With this device runs several successful development, research and you can walk in the network without any alerts. educational projects for them. example use cases: - Burglar detector - Baby alert - security application Budapest University of Technology and Economics - Department of Automation and Applied Informatics Peter Ekler
  19. MOBILE APPLIcATION // Multimedia call Enhancer Group THE FINALIST THE WORK Call enhancer Group is a team of innovative people Call enhancer is a mobile service that fine- with broad know-how in different mobile and tunes the voice call experience by adjusting the software technologies. All three members have phone’s speaker output volume according to the a Master’s degree in technology and have been automatically observed sound environment. Call researchers at MediaTeam in the university of Oulu. enhancer detects the environment’s noise level Call enhancer Group has been together for a couple through a mobile device’s microphone and adjusts of years and has focused on media-centered mobile the speaker’s sound level higher or lower when software solutions. necessary. The objective is to enhance the user experience during calls in different environments without a need for user interaction. Call Enhancer Group Timo Koskela
  20. MOBILE APPLIcATION // Multimedia Hyper Tech THE FINALIST THE WORK Hyper Tech is a private company founded in 2006. Hyper player is a powerful multimedia solution The company focuses on multimedia development for consumer products. It could be a media player for consumer products. Its extensive line of or mobile TV player for any product. It uses an products can be applied to pDA, pnA, pMp, smart- XML interface to make it easy for customers to phone etc. Duer to customers’ request, Hyper Tech add a personal uI themselves. It also offers great has started middleware development of a mobile performance, especially for a platform with MMX TV solution that supports the broadcasting system, instruction sets. included in DVB-T/H, T-DMB and IsDB-T. providing the best quality solution and service is the first priority for Hyper Tech. Hyper Tech International Corporation Maddux Tsai
  21. MOBILE APPLIcATION // Multimedia Igalia THE FINALIST THE WORK Igalia is a company from Galicia, spain, specializing Vagalume is a client for Maemo-based in the development of free software technologies. devices such as the nokia 770/n800/n810 Internet Tablets. Igalia has been increasing its involvement in the GnOMe community since its creation more than is one of the world’s leading Internet five years ago, contributing to several components radios, with millions of users in more than 200 and applications, and sponsoring and organizing countries. different GnOMe events, including international Vagalume is the only client for the nokia conferences. Internet Tablets and one of the very few available In May 2003 Igalia published Fisterra, a framework for any mobile device. for developing business management software with GnOMe technologies. since 2005 Igalia has been applying all its previous experience on GnOMe to the mobile market and developing several software projects such as the Modest e-mail client and the Vagalume player. Igalia Juan Jose Sanchez Penas
  22. MOBILE APPLIcATION // Multimedia MyStrands THE FINALIST THE WORK Mystrands develops technologies to better Mystrands social player is a music player that understand people’s tastes and help them to lets you discover new music, connect with people discover new things they like. Mystrands has through music and share your tastes with friends. created a social recommender engine that is able Mystrands social player provides music to provide real-time recommendations on products, recommendations from over six million songs and services and content to computers, mobiles and fully integrates with a social network of music other Internet-connected devices. enthusiasts. The “Who’s Listening” feature lets you discover like-minded people who are listening to the same songs you are playing. You can send messages, discuss up-and-coming artists, see the listening histories of other users and keep an ear on what’s hot. MyStrands Inc. Gabriel Aldamiz-echevarria
  23. MOBILE APPLIcATION // Multimedia Novix Technologies THE FINALIST THE WORK novix Technologies is a technology licensing novix Live is a mobile video streaming suite company working in the areas of video designed to enable high-quality video streaming to compression and streaming on a wide variety of mobile phones on Gprs networks with a maximum consumer devices like home pCs, mobile devices, bandwidth of 25 kbps. The product is based on smartphones, personal digital assistants, etc. novix high-performance compression and streaming uses its extensive experience and expertise in video technologies developed at novix Technologies. technologies to enable mobile content owners and This makes the product ideally suited for use in aggregators, IpTV solution providers and remote developing countries where introduction of 3G or security surveillance players. even 2.5G is still years away. Novix Technologies Private Ltd Kunal Lagwankar
  24. MOBILE APPLIcATION // Multimedia Present Technologies THE FINALIST THE WORK present Technologies is an IT company, based in phuneTV is a mobile TV client application based on portugal, operating since 2000. The company’s main Flash Lite 2.x. One of its main advantages is that clients are in the telecommunications area. users don’t have to install the application on their mobile phones. The application can be downloaded present Technologies is a leading company in the and executed on-the-fly from the mobile phone’s research and development of innovative applications web browser. and services using emergent technologies. phuneTV has several built-in features such as: The main business areas are mobile technologies - Advertisement Displays and enterprise applications. - Different view modes (portrait, Full screen portrait and Landscape) - epG and spG integration - Cross-selling of mobile contents directly from the application - easy and transparent way for application delivery, maintainability and upgrade Present Technologies Victor Batista
  25. MOBILE APPLIcATION // Multimedia Sittiphol Phanvilai THE FINALIST THE WORK sittiphol phanvilai is still a student studying for MosKillTo is the first 3D game fully powered by the a Masters Degree in Computer engineering at nokia n95 accelerometer. Its capability, together Chulalongkorn university. phanvilai focuses on with flawless game coding, will give players a novel, innovative and breakthrough software/ control experience they have never had before. hardware development, and he mainly develops In the game, users will be equipped with laser projects for mobile devices. symbian is phanvilai’s guns and the mission is to wipe out all annoying main development platform. mosquitoes. MosKillTo proved the concept of a 3D look using the Accelerometer. We can apply this concept to many 3D games and 3D applications. Sittiphol Phanvilai
  26. 0 MOBILE APPLIcATION // Enterprise Bloove THE FINALIST THE WORK Bloove develops applications and services Bloove is an online phone management service that connected with mobile phones. It supports several allows mobile phone data management via the Internet. WAp/sMs dating services, the J2Me Instant Bloove requires no special hardware to run. It connects messaging solution, and a lot of different sMs-based a mobile phone with the server via WiFi or any other services. Having more than six years experience wireless data connection (Gprs, eDGe, WCDMA). in mobile application and services, Bloove is constantly looking for new niches to create useful Bloove’s service features include: services. Bloove is focused on users who want to - synchronous contact changes on a phone and server have maximum features from their mobile phones - All labels and attributes are supported and are not satisfied with standard functions and - speed dial management applications. - send sMs from your mobile phone via a web browser - sMs archive and management - phone call initiation from the web - Contacts archive - Multiple phone support - Contact conversion between mobile phone models - All user data available on the server Bloove LLC Stanislav Shuvaev
  27. MOBILE APPLIcATION // Enterprise comombo THE FINALIST THE WORK Comombo GmbH was founded in 2006 in Munich, Comombo turns your mobile phone into a pocket Germany, by two brothers, Alexander and scanner, fax and copier. With the use of the camera Maximilian Munte. By utilizing the mobile phone’s on your mobile phone, you can scan documents, camera to capture and extract information stored whiteboards, business cards, charts, graphics or text on paper or other non-digital media, Comombo and send them directly from your mobile phone to brings the functionality of multi-function office any fax machine or email address. Comombo also devices onto mobile phones enhances readability and reduces the file size by 90 per cent. Comombo GmbH Maximilian Munte
  28. MOBILE APPLIcATION // Enterprise DAO System Technologies THE FINALIST THE WORK DAO system Technologies is a provider of business DAO4sync Mobile edition and its system components mobility software. DAO system Technologies will do a core Windows system integration. DAO4sync delivers mobility system integration products and establishes a local drive (DAO4sync Drive), representing services that help accelerate business innovation for the mobile data. The pC’s operation system will the customers. DAO system Technologies is driving recognize the DAO4sync Drive as a normal hard drive its own technology innovation and finding the best medium. All applications of the daily work will work and most effective solution suitable for customers. directly with the mobile’s data. A huge benefit of the DAO4sync Drive is that the user does not need to be continuously connected to the mobile.The user can edit documents and add files/ folders, ensuring that when reconnecting to the mobile the DAO4sync synchronization engine will automatically keep the data in sync. DAO System Technologies (planned) Christian Mueller-Edelmann
  29. MOBILE APPLIcATION // Enterprise Interlecta THE FINALIST THE WORK Interlecta is a web services infrastructure company Interlecta Message Translation helps drive the specializing in real-Time Machine Translation globalization of successful business models by Messaging (MT) services. With deep expertise and incorporating easy-to-implement and easy-to-use experience in Messaging and Machine Translation online and wireless multi-lingual translation across analysis, design and development, Interlecta the text, sMs, IM, imaging, voice and chat room has gained first-to-market status with its suite environments. The Interlecta service has been of wireless multi-lingual translation text, sMs, developed for carriers and corporations seeking to IM, imaging, voice and chat room products. The deploy enterprise-scaled Java and J2Me products. Interlecta team has produced translation products The service integrates with internally developed with 90–95 per cent accuracy by incorporating legacy applications and portals as well as the more language and context libraries into technology- complicated and well-developed software solutions leading messaging systems across the Intranet/ such as Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Internet landscape. notes and many others. This has been accomplished with a plug-in architecture that allows easy modular For the mobile or online vendor, mobile network integration of Interlecta’s web service to the operator or social networking site, this equates to application. a simple and attractive value proposition: more activity, more traffic and more users/subscribers. Interlecta Frank Fleming
  30. MOBILE APPLIcATION // Enterprise Upcode THE FINALIST THE WORK upCode Ltd. is a company developing a Mobile upCode parking offers the user options for payment Access Interaction system (MAI)™. upCode has via a direct access system. After the user scans developed an optical reader for reading 2D and the code, he/she can choose to pay via sMs or a 1D codes and also text and other indicators. With direct bank connection. At the same time, all the this technology as a base, upCode develops new CrM data about the user is sent. From a code, a business models and concepts by making complete controller also can check who has paid for their mobile systems. upCode has systems for CrM, parking and who has not. An automatic reminder security, anti-counterfeiting, ticketing, payment, can also be added to this system. The user can then education and e-government, etc. The intelligence choose to pay later when he/she returns and then in the optical reader makes it possible to combine only pays for the exact time spent parking. all medias and businesses. upCode makes codes multifunctional by utilizing all the channels available in the mobile phone for serving the user in customized ways. UpCode Ltd. Camilla Sellberg
  31. MOBILE APPLIcATION // Enterprise Visiarc THE FINALIST THE WORK Visiarc, incorporated in 2002, is an Independent Mobile Documents offers a secure set of solutions to software Vendor headquartered in sweden. The everyday mobile problems for people on the go. company focuses on enterprise mobility, and its 1. push Mail - push Mail Attachment Viewer business is secure, scalable software products – notification and instant mobile viewing of mail offered as software-as-a-service, as well as attachments and reading mails without bulky software editions for enterprises and operators. The downloads. slick and fast viewing with zoom and pan company has set out to help customers capitalize features of images, office and pDF documents. Often on an efficient mobile Internet-driven distribution the attachment is the message! of information. server software connects users to information sources. native clients enable instant, 2. push Doc - Mobile Document Management – My secure and effortless access to e.g. mail and archive and shared archives, perfect secure spaces documents, anywhere, anytime. Visiarc’s focus is with notification enabling teamwork and collaboration. threefold: mobility, usability and security. Preview, view, publish and share documents securely from your mobile, pC or web browser. Or download if you want to. Visiarc AB Peter Lindgren (
  32. MOBILE APPLIcATION // Infotainment Avanutri Mobile THE FINALIST THE WORK Avanutri Mobile is a company with its first office Avanutri Mobile is nutritional evaluation software that in rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and is focused on mobile gives the user the power to better control his/her marketing as its core business. It results from a meal. For health purposes it helps keep the levels of merger between Active Tecnologia (Mobile experts) cholesterol, sodium, fiber, carbohydrates and fat under and Avanutri (nutrition and Health programs control, preventing many diseases, helping on diets and specialists) much more. Avanutri Mobile is free to download. It uses data traffic to contact the Avanutri website after inputting each portion of the meal with exclusive T9-like intelligent list scrolling. With tremendous potential for having millions of users concerned about their health, Avanutri Mobile is not a killer application but a lifesaver! Avanutri Informatica Ltda. Lauro Kozovits
  33. MOBILE APPLIcATION // Infotainment Dreamtech THE FINALIST THE WORK Dreamtech is a fast-growing mobile solutions M-versation is a handy mobile conversation-guide provider founded by a team of technology platform with various enhancements that make it professionals with extensive experience in the more convenient than its paper equivalents. It is an telecom and m–commerce sectors. The company excellent tool in hand when travelling or language aims to enhance the business and personal lives learning. of its customers through the latest innovations in M–versation has been designed from the ground the mobile space. Dreamtech’s innovative mobile up to be intuitive and easy-to-use by people of solutions have received interest and positive all ages. The conversation guide features two feedback internationally. language directions and quick search functionality. Additionally, the platform supports a number of plug-ins to enhance the user experience with additional media-like display of pronunciations or audio content. The software works on all Java- enabled handsets and supports a wide variety of business models. Dreamtech Andres Teder
  34. MOBILE APPLIcATION // Infotainment Earthcomber TH E FI NALI ST THE WORK earthcomber LLC is dedicated to producing earthcomber explodes the concept of search, collaborative venues and experiences for individual creating a real-world, real-time personal radar for users, networks and publishers through the use of mobile devices. using Gps, earthcomber constantly mobile technologies to serve personal needs and looks for any match near to the user’s tastes, needs choices. or interests. earthcomber alerts and informs the user and provides the means to connect to the people, places or events discovered. Our Mobile rules entry with the Travel Channel demonstrates a smart, rich and relevant mobile experience. exploring Chicago, the user is alerted to interests in range. A click for location details brings up audio, video and/or photos, along with text descriptions. Another click can place a call, snap a map or get directions. Earthcomber LLC James Brady
  35. MOBILE APPLIcATION // Infotainment Intellsys THE FINALIST THE WORK Intellsys s.r.l. was founded in 2001. since then, Live2phone site TV is about delivering on-demand, the company has had an active role in software location-relevant, video streaming. An innovative development and IT consulting services. Oriented (patent pending) way of classifying video content is towards innovation, Intellsys is addressing new and put into practice. The application makes use of a Gps emerging markets around the world. It implements receiver to determine the viewer’s current position. It new concepts and technologies, bringing novelty then sends positional information (together with a set into the customer’s everyday life. of parameters) to the content delivery servers, here a selected list of video clips is compiled and sent back to the viewer’s phone. The system has large applicability, extending from tourist information systems to location- based video advertising. Intellsys s.r.l. Laurentiu Taropa
  36. 0 MOBILE APPLIcATION // Infotainment Konstantin Knizhnik THE FINALIST THE WORK Konstantin Knizhnik develops midlets as a hobby. shopper is a shopping list midlet where you mark The website ( contains products you need to buy (supports different locales). a collection of his free midlets built with open source. JavaWidget Konstantin Knizhnik KOnsTAnTIn KnIzHnIK
  37. MOBILE BUSINESS PLAN FINALISTS The guidelines of the Business plan competition were “Communication and sharing,” “Internet innovation and mobility” and “Human and green applications.” But really there were no limitations or restrictions for entry. The objective was to break artificial barriers with the boundless possibilities of mobile devices. still, the jury was amazed to see the creativeness of the finalists. The business plans are solid in their novelty value and innovation, market potential, customer adoption, revenue opportunity and investor value. The finalists are all set to come to life and get their share of mobile limelight with the introduction of their groundbreaking business plans. They are ready to stagger the mobile world and bring it to its knees.
  38. MOBILE BUSINESS PLAN Anina THE FINALIST THE WORK Anina is a model with a passion for technology, a AnInA Dress up brings reality into the virtual nokia Champion and the founder of the 360Fashion environment with a real model, real designers and network. is a brand dedicated to real fashion. By bringing fashion and technology educating and encouraging women to participate together, will promote designer talent on in technology. Anina actively speaks at large a global level from the palm of customers’ hands. universities, conferences and venues worldwide AnInA Dress up opens a new market channel for to translate complex technology concepts into designers to reach future clients by creating brand practical applications for non-technical people awareness through the mobile phone. It is a channel to understand. 360Fashion is a network of high- for consumers to discover local brands and designers level fashion professionals using the latest web ahead of the curve. 2.0 and mobile technology to create online media. 360Fashion is bringing real-time mobile reporting to the fashion industry. AnInA Dress up is a platform for women to communicate, network and share their insights on fashion and the world from the feminine perspective through the mobile device. / 360FASHION NETWORK Anina Net /
  39. MOBILE BUSINESS PLAN BuzzD THE FINALIST THE WORK BuzzD is a new York-based company that offers BuzzD is the premier mobile, local search service brands the ability to connect with consumers providing real-time information on bars, clubs and not only based on where they are right now, but restaurants on the mobile device. “Your city, in what they have been doing recently as well. In real-time,” BuzzD allows consumers to know what’s addition, BuzzD pioneers the latest innovation in happening at any venue right now, rate events and mobile advertising. That does not mean just tiny connect with friends and people in the area. little banner ads. BuzzD is also experimenting with interstitials and allowing consumers to tag their profile with specific brand identities. For these reasons, mobile social networking portrays the holy grail in targeting consumers for brands and marketers. BuzzD
  40. MOBILE BUSINESS PLAN Foxley consulting THE FINALIST THE WORK Foxley Consulting has international operations and Heeb-o is a free-of-charge social messaging focuses on business consulting. It represents several solution for the tween/young adult market. It Iprs as well as other innovations, for example enables avatar-based branded mobile messaging “Transmission of messages containing image by combining viral communications with branded information,” ”Animated figure for mobile phone advertising and making it totally “kwel” for or equivalent” and the rolling story©. Additionally, teenagers to send personalized visual messages Foxley develops ICT solutions and creates content to their friends’ mobile phones. It also provides for multimedia, and it represents innovative major brands with a monetized vehicle to reach the eLearning concepts. toughest market. Foxley Consulting Ltd Viljami Kettunen
  41. MOBILE BUSINESS PLAN MedApps THE FINALIST THE WORK MedApps connects with healthcare providers The MedApps™ (Healthcare Anywhere™) Mobile via multiple methods of wireless and cellular Wireless Health Monitoring system allows individuals technology and has aligned with many large Fortune the mobility and freedom to transmit their personal 100/500 companies to create a mobile wireless healthcare readings via wireless near real-time healthcare ecosystem. MedApps is a member of monitoring to a healthcare provider and/or personal Continua ( Continua is a Health record repository (pHr) (i.e., Microsoft group of 130+ Fortune 100/500 companies, founded HealthVault, etc.). The MedApps Mobile Wireless by Intel, that is setting standards for Wireless Health Monitoring system is designed to promote remote patient Monitoring for the future. MedApps an active, healthy lifestyle in individuals who have is the proud recipient of the 2008 Frost sullivan one or more chronic diseases (Diabetes, Asthma, north American Technology Innovation Award in the Congestive Heart Failure). Current competitive field of Wireless point of Care. monitoring systems are connected via a telephone line to a patient’s home and are restrictive, whereas the MedApps system is wireless. MedApps, Inc. Kent Dicks
  42. MOBILE BUSINESS PLAN Mobicious THE FINALIST THE WORK Mobicious Inc. offers mobile directory and social snapMyLife is a consumer site enabling instant media products. Mobicious includes, sharing of photos with your mobile phone. Within a comprehensive u.s. mobile content directory seconds of taking a photo, it is published for friends, with over 400,000 listings, and, family and the world to see. You can view friends’ a mobile site enabling instant sharing and viewing most recent photos, comments and activities. With of photos worldwide on mobile phones. Mobicious community features, real-time notifications and was founded in early 2007 and is backed by leading broadcast of new photos, it’s a fun way to interact venture companies north Bridge Venture partners with friends or users from around the world, right and Carmel Ventures. Mobicious is located in from your mobile phone at anytime. With a focus needham, MA. on media rather than chat and dating, snapMyLife presents an attractive mobile social platform for consumers, brands and operators. Mobicious Inc George Grey,
  43. MOBILE BUSINESS PLAN m-Via THE FINALIST THE WORK M-Via is the industry leader in Mobile Transactions The Mobile Transaction network ( enablement, helping financial service providers, by m-Via is the interoperable clearinghouse needed mobile operators or any company or organization to accelerate the growth of mobile commerce bring Mobile Transactions to their customers with transactions. The Mobile Transaction network turn-key products and solutions. M-Via’s vision is to provides four missing functions required for mobile enable every person, wherever and whenever they transactions to grow: routing, Clearing, Branding, are, to be able to send and receive money with any and Access to third-party value-added services. other person on the planet. As consumers rush to Partners include banks, processors, card managers, take advantage of Mobile Transaction capabilities, MVnOs, merchants, application developers, m-Via is ideally positioned to help its partners meet advertisers and financial service providers. their needs. The network provides access to valuable services such as mobile remittances, digital coupons, promotions, loyalty point programs, pay day loans, bill presentment and payment, prepaid airtime top-up and much more, all delivered through your existing mobile phone. m-Via Chris Sorensen
  44. 0 MOBILE BUSINESS PLAN Variable Optics THE FINALIST THE WORK Variable Optics strives to provide its partners The Variable Optic Lens for mobile phones makes use with a revolutionary lens technology that enables of the Liquid Lens Technology to achieve focusing and miniature image capturing systems to be able optical zoom capability. The idea of having better to capture high-quality pictures. Leveraging its optical zoom is to enhance the user’s experience proprietary liquid lens technology, Variable Optics in photo taking. Most of the mobile phones in the will work closely with its partners in designing world have image-capturing capabilities, however, a lens module to integrate seamlessly with its the quality of the image captured (especially images products. This allows mobile users to be empowered taken from far), is a turn-off. The Variable Optics with a highly compact optical zoom camera, Lens for mobile phones aims to solve this problem, resulting in better quality digital photographs and aiding the development in applications that require an improved photo-taking experience. high-quality pictures and helping many in keeping their memorable moments beautiful. Variable Optics Joseph Zhou
  45. MOBILE BUSINESS PLAN Vidrunner THE FINALIST THE WORK Vidrunner holds a broad-based u.s. patent for live Vidrunner lets mobile smartphone users stream live mobile p2p video streaming. Vidrunner will be video simultaneously to multiple mobile devices launched in 2008 across several geographic regions and pCs. similar to skype, Vidrunner is scalable to through a range of marketing initiatives. Vidrunner a huge user-base. Vidrunner works on any network is initially targeting its offering as a mobile social with any carrier. users can begin enjoying the networking application aimed at the youth market. service with just a quick download. With Vidrunner, unlike server-based approaches that are burdened users can spot which buddies are online, interact with bandwidth costs, Vidrunner’s p2p-based with them, see who is viewing their live video architecture incorporates enabling technology that and, through its Gps capability, know exactly reduces transmission costs to practically zero. where their buddies are located – all in real-time. Vidrunner’s underlying video-streaming technology Vidrunner’s features extend capturing, sharing can be used in many types of mobile applications and communicating live video and user-generated for a broad range of vertical business markets. content via mobile social networking. Vidrunner Rick Morrow
  46. MOBILE BUSINESS PLAN Wishfi THE FINALIST THE WORK Wishfi is a pioneer of intelligently targeted Wishfi delivers undeniable advertisements to advertisement solutions. Wishfi Inc. was established consumers’ browsers. Advertisements are shown in April 2007 preceded by eight months of active continuously when a consumer browses the development and planning. Wishfi’s headquarters web through a connection device that has the are in California. Its engineering team is in China Wishfi client embedded. The client can operate and active customer prospects are being negotiated on a mobile device, a router or an enterprise in europe, China, Taiwan and Honkong. Wishfi Inc. scale server. With Wishfi’s solution access point, is funded by its founders. Wishfi has a team of four providers and mobile device manufacturers can gain working in Finland, a team of three working in “ownership of customer interface.” For advertisers, Beijing and a team of two in California. Wishfi provides an ad platform that is time, place and user demographic sensitive. A user behavior sensitive version will be ready Q2 2008. Wishfi Ollipekka Kotkajuuri
  47. MOBILE BUSINESS PLAN Zygo THE FINALIST THE WORK zygo, based in London, was set up by a team of ex- zygohub™ is a patented service that provides groups Orange senior managers who have complementary or communities with their own dedicated telephone experience in the mobile, media, marketing and number through which any member can contact the technology worlds. whole group instantly. This, combined with a shared passion for creating using a standard telephone number, the zygoHub™ simple, useful and elegant services, has fuelled service allows anyone in that group, regardless of zygo’s ambition of helping groups stay connected their affinity with technology or network carrier, to wherever they are. join in group conversations as simply and seamlessly as communicating one-to-one. The founders have spent over three years researching, building, testing and trialling their launch service. In november 2007, zygo closed a second round of funding from a consortium of angel investors. zygo’s ad-supported mobile social networking service has so far been short-listed for two uK mobile marketing awards in 2008. Zygo Jeremy Krantz
  48. TEcHNOLOGY INNOVATION FINALISTS The Technology Innovation competition focused on great external innovations, technologies, patents and ideas that have not been exploited to their fullest potential, yet. The purpose of the competition has been to further drive the aspects of miniaturization, enhanced performance and green technologies in the area of consumer devices. There are 12 hard-nosed finalists left battling for the longed-for title. These magnificent finalists have presented whole new technology innovations that help to evolve mobile multimedia experience, enhance device capabilities and performance, facilitate the usability of mobile devices and provide new design possibilities.
  49. TEcHNOLOGY INNOVATION A2JSOFT THE FINALIST THE WORK A2JsOFT isn’t a company; it’s a concept created by niiMe is a package of projects developed in python Asier Arranz (A2J) to make new projects (like niiMe) that exploits the accelerometer present in some in a lot of areas. There will be more projects soon. high-end mobile phones. With NiiMe you can move the mouse, drive a car using the phone as a steering wheel, play drums in the air, play Mario Bros and more games with the phone in the trouser pocket, and soon much more. There are a lot of funny and useful projects under development. Watch them at A2JSOFT Asier Arranz
  50. TEcHNOLOGY INNOVATION Genusion THE FINALIST THE WORK Genusion was founded in november 2002 in B4-Flash is a p-channel nOr-type flash memory Japan by Moriyoshi nakashima, who had worked utilizing the novel program mechanism of B4-He for Mitsubishi electric Corporation as a flash Bu injection. B4-Flash achieves three outstanding manager. Other flash and memory senior experts features: 1) excellent reliability superior to current have joined Genusion from semiconductor flash memories, 2) high-speed programmability of companies. 100MB/sec that is 10 to 100 times faster than current nAnD and nOr, and 3) excellent scalability, which Genusion has been aiming to be a fabless memory makes B4-Flash cell size and cost half of conventional maker developing novel flash technology, B4- nOr. B4-Flash can also contribute to “Green Flash, and utilizing the flexible MCp solution with production” thanks to its faster programmability. its proprietary Ips. B4-Flash is innovative nOr flash technology offering excellent programming Genusion proprietary B4-Flash could be the most performance and reliability with lower costs. promising flash memory for next Generation code storage that would survive 3Xnm node and below. Genusion will start B4-Flash business in 2009 to offer the most suotable code storage solution for mobile applications. Genusion, Inc. Natsuo Ajika
  51. TEcHNOLOGY INNOVATION Kannuu THE FINALIST THE WORK Kannuu, a privately funded company, unveiled Kannuu is a lookup application powered by a its patented technology at DeMOfall 2007. The patented partial Word Completion technology. leader in lookup innovation, Kannuu distributes Indexing any database, the application presents its application globally through strategic the four most likely choices. Kannuu enables and licensing partnerships with original equipment enhances the uptake of services in the mobile manufacturers, software platforms, online content environment and offers a lookup functionality not providers and e-commerce solutions. Kannuu’s available through any search engine or browser. patented partial Word Completion™ technology is the world’s fastest and most accurate lookup application and has set the new standard in defining how content is found and accessed in the mobile environment. Headquartered in Dallas, with sales and marketing offices in san Francisco, the Kannuu team is comprised of individuals dedicated to providing innovation through the power of finding, not searching. kannuu, Inc. Sarah Duckett, VP Communications
  52. TEcHNOLOGY INNOVATION Kareline THE FINALIST THE WORK Kareline Oy Ltd. is an innovative company that Kareline® natural composites combines the excellent has been concentrating on the manufacturing of properties of natural fibers and thermoplastics environmentally friendly bio-composites since 2005. in a new and innovative way. These materials The unique production technology of the Kareline® offer a whole new possibility to manufacture natural composites is mainly developed at Kareline. environmentally friendly injection molding products At present, Kareline has the widest range of bio- that comply with all environmental requirements. composites available in the market. These materials The Kareline natural composites boast a whole are based on pp, pe, ABs, ps, pOM and pLA plastics. number of valuable properties. some of the properties offered are such that can’t be reached with any other material. High-quality plastics have been chosen to meet the highest standards of each application. The reinforcing fibers used are wood-based cellulose fibers manufactured in the most ecologically advanced mills in the world. Wood raw material used in the process is environmentally certified. Kareline Oy Ltd Harri Välimäki
  53. 0 TEcHNOLOGY INNOVATION LenSense THE FINALIST THE WORK Lensense is a start-up venture located at the heart zoomsense 1.0 is a compact, voltage-controlled of Optics Valley in Tucson, Arizona. The company’s optical zoom lens module with no moving parts. mission is to design and build the most advanced It provides multiple focal lengths based on small lenses for mobile phones that improve image quality amounts of voltage applied to an electro-optic and enhance the customer’s experience with point- medium incorporated in the lens. This ground- n-shoot photography. Its vision is to supply a lens breaking technology was invented at the world- for one in every four camera phones worldwide by renowned university of Arizona’s College of Optical 2013 through rD prototyping and partnerships with sciences and successfully demonstrated for vision- cell phone manufacturers such as nokia. Lensense care applications. This product improves the picture is operated by a strong team of managers and quality and resolution of camera phones with advisors with diverse backgrounds in engineering low operating voltage (longer battery life), fast and business. response time and robustness at a competitive cost. In addition, it can open up new aftermarket sales for a wide variety of potential new applications. LenSense Pouria Valley
  54. TEcHNOLOGY INNOVATION Military University of Technology (MUT) THE FINALIST THE WORK The Military university of Technology (MuT), Hidden Transmission Authorization enables personal Warsaw, poland was founded in 1951. Its primary Identification number (pIn) transmitting, in binary mission was to develop undergraduate studies signature form assigned to a dedicated subscriber, preparing officers for technical services in the polish over telecommunications links. The pIn is mapped Armed Forces. Due to the increased number of by a watermark signal, and a watermark signal is academic staff, and development of graduate and transmitted together with the host’s speech signal. postgraduate studies and scientific research, MuT The watermark is completely and perceptually has gradually transformed into a military-civilian transparent to the Human Auditory system technical university. nowadays, MuT is the largest (inaudible for HAs) in the presence of a host signal. military university and the leading research center Watermark technology is used in this handset. On in military technology in poland. scientific work is the receiver side, the watermark is decoded, and focused on command automatic systems, radars, the received binary signature (pIn) is compared in microwave technology, laser technology, infrared the handset’s database. With conformity between detectors, liquid crystals, military communications the received pIn signal and the original, the equipment, electronic warfare devices, high and subscriber is authorized during the connection industrial explosives nBC weapons protections, (call). special materials and military logistics. Military University of Technology Zbigniew Piotrowski
  55. TEcHNOLOGY INNOVATION Popcatcher THE FINALIST THE WORK popCatcher is staffed by a world-class team The ripper has the popCatcher technology and is of industry experts and technology and is designed to save the songs to a Nokia mobile phone headquartered in stockholm, sweden. The or other types of Mp3-players. Together with the popCatcher technology records songs from the nokia Music store, it creates a new and unique way radio without talk or commercials. popCatcher is of obtaining and discovering new music. currently distributed throughout europe and Asia through exclusive partnerships with several brand- name electronic manufacturers. PopCatcher Maria Sporre
  56. TEcHNOLOGY INNOVATION Quantum Matrix Holdings THE FINALIST THE WORK Quantum Matrix Holdings L.L.C. was formed Quantum Matrix is a flexible, highly visual interface in november 2003. The Company holds the that enables 3-dimensional display of all media intellectual property rights to the Quantum Matrix and file types in handheld devices, laptops and product invented by Doctor Dennis B. Jones. It workstations. is also processing the patent application, has employing its messaging system and drag-and-drop, funded development to date and is offering to content and all file types can be mapped to it. Any commercially license the Quantum Matrix software. point in the Matrix can become another Matrix, In 2004 Quantum Matrix Holdings retained the and so on, enabling data drilling and associative services of Tom Major as a licensing consultant. relationships between file types. ActiveX/DLL installation and registration of applets allow it to run program types (e.g., CAD, video players, etc.) without the source program resident on the device. Quantum Matrix Holdings, L.L.C. Tom Major
  57. TEcHNOLOGY INNOVATION SoundOfMotion Technologies THE FINALIST THE WORK soundOfMotion Technologies Inc. is an innovative The soundOfMotion™ mobile bicycle computer mobile technology startup from Vancouver, Canada. transforms your mobile phone into a cycling soundOfMotion created the first Mobile Cycling computer with a Bluetooth® wireless sensor. The Computer application with a unique Bluetooth sensor. sensor attaches to the bicycle’s wheel and transmits since its launch in April 2007, the bicycle computer precise motion data to a phone. The soundOfMotion was featured in “Top 10 Bike tech Gadgets” by pC application instantly calculates and displays spot Magazine,, local and international media speed, acceleration, time and distance. All travel such as pro-cycling magazine and Vancouver sun. data is stored on a phone. The innovative Bluetooth wireless sensor is so sensitive that it detects as With over two billion mobile devices in operation little as one degree of wheel rotation. VeloTones™, and one billion bicycles, our technology appeals like ringtones, are used for audible speed and to many cyclists, transforming their phones from acceleration monitoring as well as a warning for a dead weight into an advanced cycling computer pedestrians or an approaching bicycle. with VeloTones™. SoundOfMotion Technologies Inc. Vladimir Savchenko
  58. TEcHNOLOGY INNOVATION Swap Profile THE FINALIST THE WORK pankaj nathani is a developer of mobile applications swap profile is a location-based application. It’s in python for s60. nathani’s keen interest is to designed on the concept to design location-based create innovative ideas for mobile application applications for non-Gps mobile devices. However, it development. can work fine on Gps devices as well. Basically, it’s a location-based profile swapper. Pankaj Nathani sWAp prOFILe
  59. TEcHNOLOGY INNOVATION Temobi THE FINALIST THE WORK Temobi (shenzhen Temobi science Technology The Temobi intelligent video codec (TIVC) is a Development Co., Ltd.), is a next-generation real-time video codec used in the wireless, error- mobile Internet company that owns a number of prone network, working at a very low bit-rate global leading patents concerning mobile streaming. (20kbps to 256kbps). TIVC is developed by Temobi, Temobi has a strong core technology and operating which is a key technology targeting Gprs, eDGe, team. Temobi has already established strategic and 3G multimedia applications (such as cell phone and cooperative partnerships with CMCC, sArFT television), and provides excellent video quality. TIVC and phoenix TV to provide mobile TV, mobile covers all fundamental research achievements video, multimedia magazine, mobile stock, mobile of Temobi in the video compression field. education and other services. ShenZhen Temobi Science Technology Development Co., Ltd Hongqi Dong
  60. TEcHNOLOGY INNOVATION Tiki’labs THE FINALIST THE WORK Tiki’labs mission is about improving the mobile user Tiki® 6 keys is a highly flexible, input, navigation interface and experience via the “reduced keys and patent-pending solution. It can be used with number” keyboard concept. one thumb, one stylus, two thumbs or three to five fingers, depending on context and posture. Tiki’labs has created the Tiki® 6 keys process, which is very flexible, particularly on touch screens, The keys displayed on the screen serve as an where it allows easy, comfortable and powerful interactive guide, allowing users to master it one-hand input, command and navigation. in minutes. Tiki can be glided or tapped, a uniquely suitable solution for touch screen single-hand use. Tiki can also be a successive/simultaneous bluetooth accessory, providing a discreet 40+ wpm. Tiki’s reduced keyboard increases the screen space available for content up to 95 per cent when displayed as a transparent grid. Tiki’labs sas Laurent Guyot-Sionnest
  62. 0