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C:\Users\Shelly\Documents\A Day At The Zoo!


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C:\Users\Shelly\Documents\A Day At The Zoo!

  1. 1. A DAY AT THE ZOO! Shelly Sinders W200
  2. 2. Contents  Alphabet from A-Z  Prices, Packaging, and Availability  Adventures  Conclusion  Reference Next Page
  3. 3. Animal Alphabet Hunt… Find each animal that starts with a letter of the alphabet. This is a great experience for young kids to practice their alphabet and enjoy the animals. This game is fun and educational. For example: A is for alligator, B is for bear, and C is for camel. Next Page
  4. 4. Animals from A-Z There are many animals at the zoo ranging from the African Lion to the Zebras. So take an adventure to the Indianapolis Zoo and Next Page see for yourself…
  5. 5. Can you guess what these animals are? Here is a hint: One starts with a D and the other starts with a G. The answer is Dolphin
  6. 6. Zoo Information Catch the train for more information
  7. 7. Prices, Memberships, and Availability Prices for zoo admission differs from the seasons. In January through March 18, 2010 adult’s admission is $8.50, seniors and young kids are $6.50, kids one and under are free, and parking is $6.00. March 19 through October 31 adults are $14.50, seniors and young kids are $9.50, and parking is $6.00.
  8. 8. Memberships There are many perks to being a member of the zoo. Owning a membership benefits you with discounts for the Children’s Museum, Conner Prairie, and The Eiteljorg. You also receive free parking and admission to the park during open hours. You will also get discounts on birthday parties and complimentary zoo magazines. Next Page
  9. 9. The Indianapolis Zoo availability differs almost every month. You can view those times at Indianapolis Zoo website. Click here x?cid=413 Availability
  10. 10. Adventures  The Indianapolis Zoo offers many fun attractions…  Dolphin in water adventure  Adventure tours  Elephant art adventure  Penguin art adventure  Seal/ Seal lion adventure  Junior train engineer  Junior Dolphin Trainer Next Page
  11. 11. Opportunities  The zoo offers great opportunities for everyone. They have career and volunteer openings. They are also open for field trips, weddings, boy scout adventures, zoo camps and Next Page overnight stays.
  12. 12. Pictures Which adventure sounds great to you?
  13. 13. Conclusion In conclusion I believe the Indianapolis Zoo is a great place to take young children on an educational field trip. It is also fun for the whole family with great adventures and activities. There are memberships available and great rates within.
  14. 14. Reference  Elavio, (2008-2009). Indianapolis zoological society. Retrieved from