Rigsum Sherig Collection: Offline Educational Resources for Bhutan Schools


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Slides from the information session held at the Rigsum Institute of IT & Management, Thimphu, Bhutan, April 13, 2013. Presenters: Mr. Boaz Shmueli and Prof. Galit Shmueli.

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Rigsum Sherig Collection: Offline Educational Resources for Bhutan Schools

  1. 1. The RigsumSherig CollectionA free suite ofoffline educational resourcesThe Rigsum Research Lab presents…www.rigsum-it.com/research© 2013 Rigsum Research Lab
  2. 2. The Rigsum Research Labis a hub forresearch, acquisition and disseminationof knowledge aboutlearning technologiesin the context ofBhutans needs and culture© 2013 Rigsum Research Lab
  3. 3. PROJECTS BYTHE RIGSUM RESEARCH LABwww.rigsum-it.com/research/projects© 2013 Rigsum Research Lab
  4. 4. Dzongkha Typing TutorFree, online or offline software© 2013 Rigsum Research Lab
  5. 5. Mobile DzongkhaFirst-ever feasibility demo ofread/write Dzongkha on smartphone© 2013 Rigsum Research Lab
  6. 6. Learning Management SystemImplementation and Training© 2013 Rigsum Research Lab
  7. 7. Google Apps for EducationImplementation and Training© 2013 Rigsum Research Lab
  8. 8. © 2013 Rigsum Research Lab
  9. 9. Wikipedia BhutanTraining: Become a Wikipedia Editor• Created 1-month curriculum• Trained Rigsum toppers• Generated new Wikipediaarticles on Bhutan© 2013 Rigsum Research Lab
  10. 10. Bi-Weekly Tech Column: Ask Boaz© 2013 Rigsum Research Lab
  11. 11. Rigsum Internet CaféCreate, Deploy, TrainA space with Internet-connectedcomputers configured for virus-freeand fast multi-user operation© 2013 Rigsum Research Lab
  12. 12. The RigsumSherig CollectionA free suite ofoffline educational resources© 2013 Rigsum Research Lab
  13. 13. Why?• Many schools have computers• Students learn Microsoft Office, Paint (only!)• Computers can aid in learning school subjectsE-learning• Conduct research in socialstudies• Learn math and science in aninteractive fashion• Watch videos about organicchemistry and geography• Play games to practice basic skills© 2013 Rigsum Research Lab
  14. 14. Two Major e-Learning Resources© 2013 Rigsum Research Lab
  15. 15. A free encyclopedia on the InternetFasterEasierAccessibleFreeFun!© 2013 Rigsum Research Lab
  16. 16. Learn almost anything for free.A library of over 4000 videos, covers PP-12 math,science topics such as biology, chemistry, andphysics,…, finance and history.Each video is a digestible chunk, approximately 10minutes long, and especially purposed for viewingon the computer.© 2013 Rigsum Research Lab
  17. 17. Great resources forteachers, curriculum developers© 2013 Rigsum Research Lab
  18. 18. • Unavailable• Too slow• Too expensive• Too dangerous© 2013 Rigsum Research Lab
  19. 19. The Sherig Collection Solution© 2013 Rigsum Research Lab
  20. 20. Class V, VI Social Studies Curriculum© 2013 Rigsum Research Lab
  21. 21. Students learn how to conduct researchLinks to related articlesImages and animation© 2013 Rigsum Research Lab
  22. 22. Three Wikipedia Editions• Wikipedia Version 0.8 (47,300 articles)• High-quality articles• Selection for School (5,500 articles)• Arranged by subject• Child-safe• Simple English© 2013 Rigsum Research Lab
  23. 23. Videos: Self-paced, engaging© 2013 Rigsum Research Lab
  24. 24. Sherig Collection ResourcesDzongkha• DDC Dictionaries• Typing TutorUtilitiesBrowsersAudio booksProgrammingGames• Geography, Social studies• Alphabet &numbersOffice for Kids© 2013 Rigsum Research Lab
  25. 25. What You’ll Need• External disk with free 23 GB (to copy thecollection• Computers with Windows (XP, Vista, or 7) and24 GB free space• Step-by-step installation guide provided© 2013 Rigsum Research Lab
  26. 26. Next Phase: Sherig-in-a-BoxProject Status:• Under development• Funding needed!• Single server• Simple and robust• Advanced e-learning(Khan with assessment)© 2013 Rigsum Research Lab
  27. 27. Q & A© 2013 Rigsum Research Lab
  28. 28. Hands-on time…!Contact sherig@rigsum-it.com to schedulea training session.www.facebook.com/groups/sherigcollection© 2013 Rigsum Research Lab