Content strategy beyond top 10s


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Content strategy beyond top 10s

  1. 1. Daniel Butler & Jon QuintonTweet #SEOgadget
  2. 2. Who is youraudience?Where can youfind them?How can youreach them?Who are theyinfluenced by?How are thoseinfluencersengaging theiraudience?What resourcesis the audience/influencerreferring to?What is thefeedback fromthesecommunities?
  3. 3. Audience Profiling
  4. 4. Who isyouraudience?What type ofaudience areyou lookingfor?Which age,gender orlocation areyou appealingto?Whatpersonality &psychologicaltraits do theyhave?What kind ofgroups wouldthey join?What problems are theyfacing, and what questionsare they asking?What kinds of things arethey going to love/relate to?What are their desires,needs, passions –what do they hate?How would theyinteract, what toneof language?Describe what atypical reader mightbe like?
  5. 5. PetOwnersWalkingGuidesTrainingPet OwnerGroupsEnvironmentalIssuesHealth Advice
  6. 6. Q&A sites, news, forumsand reviews: All greatplaces to get ‘inside’ a newtopic
  7. 7. Finding Influencers
  8. 8. Where can you find them &how can they be reached?Where do they hang out?Create a list of all…BlogsForumsCommunitiesNews SitesWhat activities invoke theirparticipation?Stay on top of industry buzzSubscribe to RSS/newsletters/publications– see what is being discussedWho are theyconnected with?Who are they following?What & whoare they retweeting?What & who are theyinteracting with regularly?What’s useful?What’scontroversial?What’s gettingthe most responses?What’s creatingthe most buzz?
  9. 9. Subscribe to theirblog(s) via email orRSSConnect onG+/TwitterLike their FB pageand postsBecome a ‘fan’ or‘supporter’ of theirwork – tweet posts,comment, link to etcBecome an activepart of theircommunityEngage with theinfluencer –recommend posts,tools, retweet etcThink about how youcan use them topromote yourcontent
  10. 10. What tools arethey using?What are themost popularvideos?What resourcesare peoplereferring to ontheir site? Why?What topics aresparking the mostdiscussion?What content typesare they using toengage audiences?What type offeedback is comingback from thecommunity?What’s the mostpopular, mostdiscussed posts?What’s beingretweeted/sharedthe most?What headlines aregaining the mosttraction?Be prepared toexperiment…
  11. 11. Idea 1: Ego-Bait
  12. 12. Bait influencers into contributing to your contentEgo-Bait‘Expert’Quotes‘Expert’InterviewsAwardsFollow-upDiscussionEgo-Bait andData Vis.Citations ofAwesomeContentPromote anEventStatusContentCurationLeaderboards
  13. 13. *
  14. 14. Idea 2: Curate andCollate
  15. 15. Link Building is clearly a wellcovered topic.
  16. 16.
  17. 17. Or write an eBook:
  18. 18. Idea 3: Images /Memes
  19. 19.
  20. 20.
  21. 21. Idea 4: Q&ABasedPosts
  22. 22. WordPress gets all the attention,but what about basic SEO tasksfor Joomla?
  23. 23. Find and describe the answers topeoples biggest problems.
  24. 24. Idea 5: Re-designingStories
  25. 25. Measuring Success
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