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Donorpath Webinar


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Preparing Social Media Ambassadors

Published in: Social Media
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Donorpath Webinar

  1. Preparing Your Social Media Ambassadors for Success! Beth Kanter Master Trainer, Speaker, and Author
  2. Beth Kanter: Master Trainer, Author, Speaker and Blogger @kanter
  3. Agenda
  4. Definition: Social Media Ambassador • Any stakeholder who is passionate about your organization • Shares information about your organization on social channels • Asks their online social networks to support to the organization.
  5. Coordinating & Amplifying Social Media Ambassadors = Impact “When you hear an idea from two people, it counts for twice as much as if you randomly hear it once. And if you hear an idea from ten people, the impact is completely off the charts compared to just one person whispering in your ear. Coordinating and amplifying the evangelists of your idea is a big part of the secret of marketing with impact.” Seth Godin
  6. Start With Your Insiders!! Staff Board • Believe in your organization • Have the desire to work to make things better • Understand your nonprofit mission and the bigger picture • Already have great stories about your organization • Have networks who may already be interested in your organization • Know your organization and industry really well • May already be using social media channels
  7. Here’s Why: Trust of Nonprofit Brands Is Eroding
  8. They Are Already Using Social Media Anyway, Why Not Leverage?
  9. Organizations of all sizes can benefit from using insiders as social media ambassadors too boost their fundraising and marketing campaigns …. Let’s look at some examples ….
  10. Wake International
  11. Wake International
  12. The Process 1: Buy In 2: Guidelines 3: Support 4: Activate Insiders
  13. 12 Word Social Media Personal Use Don’t Lie, Don’t Pry Don’t Cheat, Can’t Delete Don’t Steal, Don’t Reveal Dos and Don’ts
  14. Social Media Ambassadors: Support, Activate • Survey of social media use • Review guidelines • Training sessions • Stories • Brand collateral • Brand social media • How to support with personal social media accounts • Fun Contest • Activate and Support for specific campaigns
  15. Purpose Audience Persona Tone Profile Activate Ambassador Strategy Aligns with Brand
  16. Brand Twitter Account: Save the Children Audience: Supporters, Donors, Advocates
  17. Audience: Influencers, Donors Journalists, Policy Makers, World Leaders
  18. “Be yourself because everyone else is already taken.” - Oscar Wilde
  19. Take A Quiet Minute To Uncover Your Authentic Brand • What’s your super power? • What do people frequently praise you for? • What makes the way you achieve results unique? • What energizes you?
  20. Your Social Profile Is Like An Elevator Pitch!
  21. Example: @markflannceo
  22. Example: @EttoreRossetti
  23. Example: @mkanyoro
  24. Three Engagement Styles 1: STORYTELLER 2: CURATOR 3: CONVERSATIONALIST
  25. Storyteller: Work Life Moment
  26. Storyteller: Humor
  27. Content Curator Show people why you are motivated by your cause and to help them connect with it
  28. Conversationalist: Say Thanks
  29. Conversationalist: Reply
  30. Techniques to Have Conversations Twitter • Personal Engagement: One-on-one responses to followers • Event Engagement: Online Event at a particular time and place
  31. Your nonprofit also has plenty of “outsiders” who love your organization Why not put them to work as social media ambassadors and boost your fundraising campaigns or programs? Image: NY Times
  32. Social Media Ambassadors from the Outside Research Recruit Support Activate Outsiders
  33. Social Media Ambassadors: Prospect Research
  34. Social Media Ambassadors: Vet Relevant Relationship Connected Credible
  35. Social Media Ambassadors: Communication and Coordination • To make it easy to keep them in the loop • Campaign updates and actions
  36. Provide A Communications Toolkit with Basics • Overview of organization and campaign • Talking points • Brand and Staff social media accounts • Hashtags • Sample FB Updates • Sample Tweets • Sample LinkedIn Updates • Visual Content for different channels, different campaign messages • List of collateral materials online – logos, important links, etc.
  37. GivingTuesday Toolkit Customized by Nonprofit
  38. GivingTuesday Toolkit Customized by Nonprofit
  39. Customized for Your Nonprofit
  40. Customized for Your Nonprofit
  41. Branded Visual Content Optimize for Social Channels Pro Tip: Use Canva for Nonprofits
  42. Optimized for Campaign Phases
  43. Inspirational
  44. Thank You
  45. Encourage Storytelling: #mygivingstory
  46. Encourage Storytelling Practice Good stories are authentic, emotional, and use dramatic structures. The person telling the story share some vulnerabilities and that sparks a connection to the audience.
  47. Example
  48. Giving Day Example: Encouraging Storytelling – Red Cross
  49. Encourage Storytelling: Examples and P
  50. Encourage Storytelling: Ambassadors Matching Grant
  51. Encourage Storytelling: Fundraiser Event – Hold A Sign
  52. Encourages Personal Narrative – Shared and Reshared
  53. Encourage Storytelling: Post On Social Channels
  54. Social Media Ambassadors: Activate
  55. Cheering Them On!
  56. Saying Thank You
  57. Executive Director
  58. Participating
  59. Communications Director
  60. Participating
  61. Saying Thank You
  62. Summary 1.Establish objectives – financial and non- financial 2.Start internally with staff and board 3.Build a base of external ambassadors 4.Arm them with a toolkit to spread the word on social channels with great content 5.Encourage and support storytelling 6.Activate, Support, Coordinate 7.Have fun!!
  63. Thank you! @kanter on Twitter Resources: