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Manos a la obra: Cómo dar grandes pasos en el marketing digital


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"Manos a la obra: Cómo dar grandes pasos en el marketing digital." Conoce la presentación de Will Schnabel en Digital Marketing University 2013 en Ciudad de México.

Vamos a conferencias, participamos de grandes sesiones y casos de estudio. Las prácticas de los presentadores son fantásticas y los resultados impresionantes. De hecho todo lo que escuchas te da envidia. Regresas a tu oficina y sigues abrumado por tiempos de entrega de tus campañas y con todo lo que tienes que hacer sólo para estar al día. De a poco, esas posibilidades que imaginaste se convierten en un recuerdo distante y estás atrapado por tus técnicas actuales.

En esta sesión te ayudaremos a determinar tus fortalezas y debilidades. Con base en tu grado de avance, te ayudaremos con prácticas sugeridas para que puedas organizarte y construir un plan que te coloque en la ruta hacia más eficiencia y mejores programas de marketing digital. Te sugeriremos checklists, estrategias y técnicas que rápidamente te hagan un héroe en tu empresa y entre tus pares.

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Manos a la obra: Cómo dar grandes pasos en el marketing digital

  1. 1. Taking Action: Making Big Progress with Digital Marketing Will Schnabel SVP Business Development, Silverpop @wschnabel
  2. 2. Silverpop is… the unified digital marketing platform that delivers superior return on relationship powered by the deepest insight into the way each customer behaves.
  3. 3. 5,200+ Brands & 16,000+ Marketers Powered by Silverpop Financial Services Retail Energy & Utilities Travel & Hospitality Non-Profit Food & Beverage Media Hardware Business Services Software Entertainment Education
  4. 4. share listen ask ? 1 BIG + 5-10 little Suggestions to get the most out of today 3 Keys to Success ponder 3 Keys slides notes Tweet
  5. 5. Feeling overloaded? 6
  6. 6. Are you on The “Marketing Hamster Wheel”? 7
  7. 7. Digital Marketing Channel Explosion
  8. 8. Remember when…
  9. 9. As buyers, we all began to change The way we communicate The way we learn and buy #dmu13
  10. 10. Marketing didn’t really change we took on more and ran faster More Channels More Content More Campaigns More Messages Declining Results
  11. 11. Message Overload
  12. 12. So customers are beginning to tune out
  13. 13. Help!
  14. 14. Buyers are looking for Personalized Experiences VS
  15. 15. Marketing practice is ten years behind marketing vision. #dmu13
  16. 16. Behavioral Marketing. Let me introduce you to Bob. @wschnabel #dmu13
  17. 17. #dmu13
  18. 18. #dmu13
  19. 19. #dmu13
  20. 20. This is “Bob”, the owner of “Primrose Deli” @wschnabel #dmu13
  21. 21. Three weird facts 1 2 Bob = Waitrose x 5 Bob 3 Avg spend per visit = + 30-200% > planned I love it Waitrose @wschnabel #dmu13
  22. 22. Marketing needs to get more like Bob PROFIT SIMILARITY TO BOB @wschnabel #dmu13
  23. 23. Today, marketing is un-Bobular #dmu13
  24. 24. We’re on the way BROADCAST TARGETING SEGMENTING @wschnabel PERSONALIZING #dmu13
  25. 25. The Segmented Audience Approach Female Homeowner Male 30-40 Female Homeowner College Educated With kids Female Homeowner College Educated With kids Female Homeowner College Educated With kids Male 30-40 Female Homeowner Male 30-40 Male 30-40 Female Homeowner College Educated With kids Male 30-40 Female Homeowner College Educated With kids Male 30-40 Male 30-40 College Educated With kids #dmu13
  26. 26. Problem: The Segmented Audience approach is failing 3% Relevant 97% Irrelevant @wschnabel #dmu13
  27. 27. Extending traditional segmentation 1 By Profile 2 3 By Preference @wschnabel By Now? #dmu13
  28. 28. Shrinking segments @wschnabel #dmu13
  29. 29. The goal: segments of one #dmu13
  30. 30. The biggest win: by behavior @wschnabel #dmu13
  31. 31. Data that can be used for Segmentation Demographics Age Gender Nearest store Product preferences • Buy for self/as a gift • etc • • • • Email behavior • Opened email • Did not open email • Clicked on link in email • Bounced • No mailing activity Relational data • • • • • • Purchase history Survey results Loyalty points Product searches Abandoned carts etc @wschnabel Web behavior Off-line behavior • Cart • Voucher • • • • • • • • abandoned Product searched Form completed File downloaded Video viewed Custom event ‘Likes’ • • • redemption Store purchase Event attendance Call centre activity Catalogue request etc #dmu13
  32. 32. Noise @wschnabel #dmu13
  33. 33. Insight = Gold #dmu13
  34. 34. Getting on the road to behavioral marketing @wschnabel #dmu13
  35. 35. A really simple idea Capture action Apply rules @wschnabel Generate the best, interaction #dmu13
  36. 36. A really simple idea, refined Capture behavior Combine with existing knowledge Apply rules @wschnabel Generate Measure the best, most personalized series of interactions #dmu13
  37. 37. A really simple idea, refined and turbo-charged Capture behavior from any channel Combine Apply rules with existing knowledge from profiles, preferences and past actions across all channels @wschnabel Generate the best, most personalized series of interactions Measure and store learning to inform rules And most relevant track across all channels #dmu13
  38. 38. That’s what Bob does #dmu13
  39. 39. The 5 big questions 1 Which behaviors matter most? 2 How do we capture and learn from them? 3 4 5 How do we How to How do we turn this insight do it at scale? do it across into action? all channels? @wschnabel #dmu13
  40. 40. Which behaviors matter most? 1 #dmu13
  41. 41. Which behaviors to track? Demographics • • • • • • Age Gender Nearest store Product preferences Buy for self/as a gift etc Email behavior • Opened email • Did not open email • Clicked on link in email • Bounced • No mailing activity Relational data • • • • • • Purchase history Survey results Loyalty points Product searches Abandoned carts etc @wschnabel Web behavior • • • • • • • Cart abandoned Product searched Form completed File downloaded Video viewed Custom event ‘Likes’ Off-line behavior • • • • • • Voucher redemption Store purchase Event attendance Call centre activity Catalogue request etc #dmu13
  42. 42. How do you capture and learn? 2 #dmu13
  44. 44. Single Identity The marketing database must establish a single view of a customer across platforms and devices @wschnabel #dmu13
  45. 45. How to turn insight into action? 3 #dmu13
  46. 46. Rules Analysis @wschnabel Scoring Triggers #dmu13
  47. 47. How to do it at scale? 4 #dmu13
  48. 48. The right platform Email High volume sends Rapid throughput Deliverability services Marketing Automation Web tracking Contact scoring Contact nurture programmes Automated behavioural routing Alerts #dmu13
  49. 49. @wschnabel #dmu13
  50. 50. How do we do it across all channels? 5 #dmu13
  51. 51. Input channels – Interactions Output Channels – Communications Silverpop Input Channels Email Email Web site Social Web site SMS Location SMS Social External Input Channels Direct Mail Web store Store EPOS Call Call centre Mail order #dmu13
  52. 52. @wschnabel #dmu13
  53. 53. Getting there from here @wschnabel #dmu13
  54. 54. Transforming the Customer Experience 1. Vision 3. Technology 2. Data
  55. 55. 1. Vision Understanding What’s Possible
  56. 56. Executive Vision Your executives must have a vision for how things are changing and what is possible with the new marketing technologies Get an outside briefing if you need it! 58
  57. 57. Marketing Organizational/Operational Silos Email Website Data Warehouse Analytics DW Content/ Offers 59
  58. 58. Holistic Leverage IT Product Email Content Support Analytics Data Transforms The Customer Experience Website Finance 60
  59. 59. 2. Data The Best ‘Actionable Database’ will win the hearts and mind of the prospects/customers/consumers
  60. 60. Is your marketing database a bunch of (static) contact lists?
  61. 61. 63
  62. 62. The Silverpop Marketing Database Behavioral Data Master Database Contact Lists Website Activity Weather Forecast CRM Support Calls Purchase History Product Catalog Maintenance Contracts 64 Relational Tables
  63. 63. You Need A 'Beyond-Email' Database Old Profile Email Key Name: Email: Bryan Brown bbrown@silverpop New Profile Flexible Keys Name: Bryan Brown Email: bryan@silverpop Social: @getvision Web: cookie {GUID} CRM: TT66E78YEB654 Apps: App {GUID} SMS: 222.222.2222 Devices: iPhone, Laptop ..and they all start as anonymous visitors
  64. 64. Database Action Plan Executive Education & Commitment - Vision Turn on Web Identity Tracking Merge Contact Lists into Master Database Append Additional Data if needed Collect profile data via webforms/social connections Integrate CRM if needed Tie to External Data 66
  65. 65. 3. Technology Managing Individual Data Marketing at Scale
  66. 66. By 2015, CMOs will buy more technology than CIOs. Source: 2011 MLC Customer Purchase Research Survey; Marketing Leadership Council research
  67. 67. What Tools are in your Tool Kit? Email Segmentation Personalization Landing Pages Automation Webforms Scoring Progressive Profiling Alerts & Routing Web Location Tracking Marketing Integrations Centralized Database Reporting
  68. 68. The Problem With Typical Marketing Technology Infrastructure Marketing Database De-centralized (Email Lists, CRM, Internal) Marketing Applications Silo’ed systems – Disconnected Marketing Analytics Aggregate / Anonymous - not actionable Doesn’t allow for Marketing to the individual
  69. 69. Behavioral Marketing Automation Individuals Total Relationship Behaviors actions | Intent | Interests Actionable Campaigns Campaigns of One Real Time Buyer Driven – Not Marketing
  70. 70. You Need New Rules Email Behaviors Opens, Clicks, Sent or not sent, in any given time window. Web Analytics Integration WA data feed – search, shopping cart, page level 3 Relational Data Ecommerce, Purchase Data… Social Feed Mention, Follow, RT in given time window 4 5 Silverpop Native Web Feed Site visits, page visits, Custom web behaviors 72 1 2
  71. 71. You Need To Get Automated 3 1 1 2 2 3 4 4 Communication Steps Marketers can visual build the content and cadence for the automated campaign including Email, Direct Mail, Tele-Sales, and Lead Routes Decision Diamonds Easily add business criteria to determine when and which path each individual will move down. Advanced Processing (global, track, step) Extensive capabilities drive real-time interactions and external systems - Filter, route, update, Sync with CRM, add to CRM campaign, or End Track contacts Hyper Individualized Content Dynamic content, Relational Table content, Behavioral Content, Real Time Content and Send Time Optimization
  72. 72. Truly Individualized Email Messaging 1 1 Subject Line Personalization First name personalization Personalized Content Name and contact info for each customer’s personal rep 2 6 Dynamic Subject Lines 3 Individualized Content Lists 4 7 2 E-commerce-driven Personalization 5 6 3 1 7 4 8 5 8 The subject line changes based on the type and duration of club membership For any customer who has purchased two or more items in the last 90 days, list each purchase with review links Display totals and other engaging content to drive follow-on purchases. Website-driven Content Directly track each customer’s web activity and prompt them to visit new areas of the site. Send Time Optimization The message arrives in each individual’s inbox at precisely the time that individual is most likely to check email. Data-driven Dynamic Image Image is selected based on demographic and profile info Score-driven Dynamic Offer Discounts/prices vary by social influence and time since last purchase
  73. 73. Individualized Web Experience 1 2 Date-based Content 3 Lifecycle Content 4 Customized Offers 6 5 Behavioral Score or Rank based Content 5 3 days left  Sign up Demographic Dynamic Content – Speak to your buyer based on what they have told you – Industry, job role… 6 Program / Campaign level Content 2 1 3 4 ROI Calculator Display renewal dates, bill due, Trial expirations… Display content that is relevant to the stage of the relationship – Welcome, Re-Activation, Existing Customer, Prospect, Active Buyer… Display customized offers based on each individual… Display customized offers based on each individual score. For example contacts with an engagement score > 100 see a sneak peak invitation… Display content that matches the messaging of a marketing campaign the person is currently in. Special Invitation 75
  74. 74. Shift To Individualized Campaigns Automation Manual Query Large Audience Profile Data Relational Data Query/Rule Large Audience Listening for Live Behaviors Behavioral Data Click Send Individual Messaging Email Mobile Web Content
  75. 75. Get Organized- Action Plan List & Organize all your email initiatives: • Promotional • Transactional • Lifecycle Identify automation program candidates Leverage the whole organization 77
  76. 76. Email Channel Promotional Build your Automation Game Plan Transactional Lifecycle
  77. 77. Email Channel Promotional Transactional Lifecycle Newsletters Order Confirmation SmartPaks Welcome Offers 24 triggered and transactional programs in place, ~50 unique automated mailings/day Order Shipment Confirmation Order Delivered Confirmation Delivery Confirmation Password Recovery Order Reminder Abandoned Cart SmartPaks Up-sell Post Purchase Review Consumable Replenishment Credit Card Failure Notification SmartPaks Cancel Confirmation Browse Behavior Returns Notification ColiCare + 8 More
  78. 78. Sends vs. Revenue
  79. 79. B2B Digital Marketing Channel Promotional Emails Transactional Emails Lifecycle Emails Newsletters Forgot Password Welcome Offers PDF Download Nurture Event Registration Recycle Video Watched Event Marketing (Template) Blog RSS Trial to Purchase Browse Abandon Onboarding Score-based Routing Upsell/Add-ons Client/Prospect Online Inactives Reactivation
  80. 80. Get Automated Action Plan Decide on Automation Candidates Decide on Goals of Program Develop Program Entry Rules Develop Content Hand Draw Program Logic Develop small database to test Automation Scenarios Launch!
  81. 81. Automate something! • • • • • • • • • • 1. Welcome/Onboarding 2. Browse Abandonment 3. Cart Abandonment 4. Recommendation 5. Product Review Request 6. Happy Birthday 7. Replenishment/Re-order 8. Cross Sell 9. Purchase Anniversary 10. Re-engagement @wschnabel #dmu13
  82. 82. Unleashing the Power of Behavioral Marketing The Power of Behavioral Marketing Automation
  83. 83. Behavior Marketing Automation In Action
  84. 84. 1st Visit 2nd Visit
  85. 85. 1st Visit {Chocolate} {Chocolate} + {Salty Snack} 2nd Visit
  86. 86. Marketing Database Name Email Chocolate Will Schnabel Dark Recipe Form Social @wschnabel Join Club Social Sign In
  87. 87. Welcome “Hello” - Automated Program Email with DC
  88. 88. Name Email Chocolate Will Schnabel Dark Social @wschnabel Behaviors Visited Site Visited Site Mobile Facebook - Answered Question (Dark) - Downloaded Recipe (Dark Chocolate Brownies) - Answered Question (Peanuts) - Looked at Recipes - Open Welcome Email - Visit Site - Join Contest
  89. 89. Individualized Email DC {Dark} DC {White}
  90. 90. Individualized Cross Device & Platform
  91. 91. Will Schnabel 121 Regents St London NW1 8XL Chocolate and Peanut Butter Swirl Individualize on Facebook
  92. 92. Back to Bob #dmu13
  93. 93. Digital Marketing Success 1. Get executive commitment to personalize marketing 2. Build a master marketing database 3. Automate using a marketing automation platform 4. Become a digital marketing champion 96
  94. 94. @wschnabel #dmu13
  95. 95. Questions? @wschnabel #dmu13
  96. 96. Thank You