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Presentation from SalesFUSION Lunch and learn program. This presentation focuses on new b2b marketing techniques and technologies that help marketers improve their lead generation capabilities

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  • SalesFUSION Lunch and Learn - Atlanta

    1. 1. Hijacking the digital conversation Technologies that help companies regain control of the b2b sales funnel Lunch & Learn Series- 2013
    2. 2. Hypothesis for today’s session  The traditional b2b sales cycle, wherein sales personnel own the process of information dissemination is extinct and in a social web environment, customers engage in a “Self-Service” buy cycle
    3. 3. What we’ll cover today  Lead generation in 2013 – Hijacking the digital conversation  Where do leads originate from in 2013 and beyond?  Adapting sales and marketing to optimize the digital conversation  The journey to lead to sales revenue management  The changing view of telesales/inside sales
    4. 4. About SalesFUSION  SaaS Marketing Application  HQ – Atlanta, GA – Sales Offices in Philadelphia, PA  Provide a complete marketing automation platform  Focus on Sales & Marketing Alignment  Integrated to leading CRM systems  400+ global customers  99% retention rate on integrated customers
    5. 5. Buyer-lifecycle engagement has shifted All power lies with the buyer Retail - The Pew Internet and American Life Project has just published the results of a study on American's e-commerce habits. Among the findings: 58% of Americans say they perform online research on the products and services they're considering buying. That's up from 49% who performed online research in 2004. B2B - 93% of business-to-business customers research companies and products online before making a purchase, according to MarketingSherpa
    6. 6. B2B Buyer Journey’s have become more complex Source – Forrester Research
    7. 7. B2B Buyer Journey’s have become self paced Web Social Sales Self directed engagement by buyers As much as 70% of buy-cycle may be self-directed and complete prior to sales engaging “Sirius Decisions” Find Evaluate Engage
    8. 8. • Your sales people • Google • Your web site • Peers/colleagues • Experts • Your customers • Brand perception • Product info • Brand perception • Features/benefits • Alternatives • Comparisons • Brand perception • Features/benefits • Alternatives • Comparisons • Reputations • Customer opinions • Prices Sources of information What buyers know in advance Pre-Web Web 1.0 Social Web Information Scarcity Information OverloadAttention Abundance Attention Deficit © 2012 Forrester Research, Inc. Reproduction Prohibited Buyers are in complete control now
    9. 9. The website visitor funnel All roads lead to the website 95% of b2b buyers research on the web This “digital conversation” with your company is going on whether you know it or not! MA-Software All site visit data is captured an analyzed inside of the MA system Data is scored Leads are pre- processed Basic Web Analytics Email Campaign Responses Search Web Forms Completions Social/Blog Corporate Website
    10. 10. The B2B Website Funnel Capture Analyze Score Sales Nurture Ideas Digital conversation Prospective buyers are engaging with you in search, social, blog, online ads….and more You must inject yourself info this digital conversation and present materials that entice forms completion and lead capture Present new content Present your visitors with new content that is engaging and educational. Become a source of industry best practices and elevate to trusted advisor status through intelligent nurture marketing Engage sales Move the highest value leads to CRM/Sales quickly. Engage sales via email alerts and relevant contact history in CRM. Track behavior Use traditional web analytics to optimize your sites performance by analyzing site behavior Lead scoring Capture all data points and group, rank, score and route leads to appropriate follow up path.
    11. 11. Marketing’s Role • Identify leads • Generate leads • Execute campaigns • Pre-qualify leads • Nurture leads • Re-Market stale sales leads Sales’ Role • Complete lead qualification • Present and propose solutions • Propose pricing • Execute contracts • Close business • Cross-sell • Changing traditional roles • Inside sales is no longer a sales function • Skill-sets for inside sales are changing How are leading b2b sales/marketing teams adapting? Identify Capture Quality Present Propose Close
    12. 12. Lead Generation in 2013 and beyond  Many b2b buyers are engaged in a digital conversation with your company  Most companies don’t know about this conversation  By the time telesales speaks to a prospect, opinions about you are formed  Successful companies learn ways to “Hijack the Digital Conversation”  Do you trust the internet to sell for you?  Conversation channels are fluid and changing and evolving monthly Demands a new paradigm for telesales…
    13. 13. THE GOAL IS NOT… …to move hundreds or thousands of “leads” through a process of sequential attrition until tens or hundreds of deals emerge. Attract Capture Nurture Convert Expand © 2013 Forrester Research, Inc. Reproduction Prohibited
    14. 14. THE GOAL IS… …to take a single lead through an optimized process. ...and then repeat that process hundreds or thousands of times.
    15. 15. Change the way you view telesales/inside sales • Monitor and direct lead traffic • Exchange meaningful information with the leads • Direct leads to the right resources • Educate leads about value proposition and competitive position
    16. 16. Key technologies sales needs to thrive Website visitor tracking • View, identify, receive alerts of leads on the website • Integrate with data services to research and append contacts • View page-level activity from high-score leads Nurture Marketing Tools • 1-touch enrollment in multi-step campaigns • Multi-step campaigns that deliver content, not messages Lead Scoring & Lead Management • Behavioral and demographics • Implicit and explicit • Capture, score, route, track
    17. 17. Website visitor tracking demystified  The identification and tracking of individuals and companies visiting your website  Enabled by placement of a 1st party cookie on the visitor’s pc and relation of their IP address to their email address  Tracks the visit detail in the context of lead generation  Information gathered includes pages, downloads, time on site, location and much more..  Information gathered is integrated with CRM  Information gathered is actionable and drives sales-related processes
    18. 18. Google Analytics vs. website visitor tracking  Performance of website  Geographic information  Top pages  Bounce rate  Visit depth  Return visitors  Information used by web team for site optimization Website visitor tracking  Places 1st-party cookie  Tracks a person or company  Identifies companies based on reverse IP append  Information is used in lead scoring/nurture marketing  Information is embedded in CRM  Information drives sales lead alerting via email
    19. 19. Important metrics to b2b sites  Visitor Loyalty - How often do visitors visit the site? Do your visitors visit once a month? 3 times a month? 10 times a month? Compare this metric over a period of time, for example compare this month to last month or this quarter to last quarter.  Visitor Recency - How long has it been since a visitor last visited? Again, compare this to two different time periods to see if there is a change or did things remain the same.  Depth of Visit - Measures the number of pages viewed by your visitors. Here you will be able to view how many pages visitors view on your site. Always compare metrics over a period of time and try to get an insight into whether visitors are viewing more pages or less.
    20. 20. Capture Lead Data - Forms Web Leads In Website Visitor Tracking and your Sales Funnel Analyze/Score Pre-Qualify based on rules High-value leads – route to sales – trigger email alert with link to CRM Lead data is pushed to CRM Sales Engagement – Qualify to opportunity or set to nurture Close Win/Loss – Trackback ROI data from Opportunity Marketing Inside Sales Outside Sales
    21. 21. What are we capturing in b2b web visitor tracking? 1. Known visitors – previously identified by email click/form completion 2. Known companies – identified by reverse IP append 3. Unknown visitors – raw SEO data
    22. 22. Email marketers who recognize and act on the changes that have taken place in the ways their customers choose to communicate with them and with each other will be in the best position to adapt their email programs and stay relevant. Geo-location SEO information Page-level detail IP-level detail What are we capturing in b2b web visitor tracking? Combination of traditional analytics plus unique visitor demographics and site behavior
    23. 23. • Append data to your CRM • Alert sales when valuable activity occurs • Data uses to create accurate lead scoring models • Data appended to account, lead contact records in CRM • Data drives automated campaigns (nurture/trigger) How do we use the data in a practical way for b2b?
    24. 24. Sales reports – companies on the site • Meaningful reports • Delivered via email • Filtered based on role/geo • Make information actionable – click to open in CRM How do we use the data in a practical way for b2b?
    25. 25. Contact/Account level alerts • Controlled by lead scoring • Managed by lead assignment rules (from CRM?) • Leads on a silver platter for sales • Beware of overkill – throttle the alerts accordingly How do we use the data in a practical way for b2b?
    26. 26. The impact of visitor tracking on your Sales Funnel • Increased adoption & satisfaction by sales of the CRM • Response time to leads is dramatically reduced • Fewer leads fall-out prior to pre-qualification • Longer-term leads are better developed through nurture marketing • Forced collaboration between sales & marketing • Accountability for passed leads is higher
    27. 27. Day in the life of sales with Marketing Automation Website monitoring Research anonymous visitors – append with contacts – enroll in campaigns Pop email alert when high-value activity occurs – assign task for call If no phone contact made – enroll in trigger campaign Receive on-going alerts when lead returns to site/responds Cold calling evolves to a series of reactive and pro-active touches based on data gathered by the marketing automation system. Long-term nurturing and short-term calling combine to provide a more effective
    28. 28. • Activity creates sales trigger • Triggers sales alerts • Data presented in CRM • Complete marketing history/contextual • Keeps sales excited about the lead gen process • Real-time Lead Routing
    29. 29. Marketing Intelligence – to assist sales  Give telesales the tools to access info and take action  This view allows for telesales to view activity and enroll leads in campaigns
    30. 30. The importance of marketing automation tools  Provides a mechanism for real-time lead monitoring  Reduces lead response time  Allows for enrollment in pre-defined trigger campaigns  Increases touches in first 30-days following initial inquiry  Allows for research and appending of data through sources such as Jigsaw  Alerting via email ensures leads are touched quickly
    31. 31. What information needs to be pushed through to CRM from MA 0% 50% 100% Event Attendance Webinar Attendance Landing Page Click… Data Augmentation Landing Page Visits Content Downloads Email Campaign History Email Click-Throughs Website Page Visits 5% 4% 12% 22% 34% 25% 32% 33% 56% 28% 34% 43% 49% 56% 58% 63% 67% 73% Top Performers Everyone Else CRM Integration
    32. 32. How marketing automation supports sales  Lead Scoring/Routing enables automated nurturing of leads  Trigger-based email campaigns – prebuilt and tied to scores  Lead scoring must be tuned, tested and agreed upon with sales  Objective is to treat every suspect the same initially  Eliminate lead leakage  Target content based on behavior and demographics
    33. 33. How important is this to your upper funnel success? According to Aberdeen, who tracks the performance of “Best Practice” organizations utilizing marketing automation tied to telesales….  Inside sales achieves quote 11% more when marketing automation is deployed  Lead conversions (to opportunities) increased by 7%  Inside sales make an additional 7-9 connects per day  Overall sales team quota achievement is higher by nearly 3%  Company revenue is higher by over 3% Why?  For the same Reason Henry Ford was able to produce more cars for less  Efficiency gains through automation  Connects are more meaningful when data is made easily accessible  Fewer (if any) leads fall through the cracks
    34. 34. Source: Forrester Research-October 2006, “Improving B2B Lead Management” report MA software plugs the gaps in lead/sales handoff Lack of technology to support integrated funnel causes lead leakage Hotspot – this is the area of risk where leads that marketing pays for fall out
    35. 35. The new sales funnel  Marketing – owns the sales funnel through pre- qualification  Based on rules for SQL/MQL  Fewer, better leads to sales  Inside sales/telesales – report to marketing  Sales is laser focused on closing the deals  Shared pipeline  Marketing – incented for number of SQL Produced  Mutual responsibility for the whole funnel
    36. 36. The new sales funnel  Takes advantage of eMarketing technology  Marketing information is immediately available to sales  Format of information – visual and helpful to sales  MA is integrated to CRM – Like CRM is integrated to ERP  Completes the acquisition to retention lifecycle
    37. 37. Real-world use cases  Leading Digital Print Solution Provider  Extensive CRM database (MS CRM)  Used Marketing Automation to segment and identify demographically-correct prospects  Initiated multi-touch nurture email campaign  Sales set to receive alerts on completion of call to action from email  Sales engagement from web touches increased revenue by $100,000 on first campaign
    38. 38. Real-world use cases  Leading Provider of global outsourced product maintenance programs  Implemented a real-time lead scoring program  Nurtured leads with combination of telesales and email efforts  Auomated campaigns to stale leads  Telesales increased calls to 100+ per day  Revenue = 30% of new business was directly attributable to the marketing automation system – connected to CRM
    39. 39. © 2013 Forrester Research, Inc. Reproduction Prohibited 39 Base: 3,864 B2B marketing executives in companies with 100 or more employees; Source: Q4 2011 B2B Marketing Organizations And Investments Survey REVENUE IMPACT IS THE KEY METRIC 13% 24% 43% 43% 71% Transaction conversion rates Customer lifetime value Customer satisfaction Brand awareness Revenue-related metrics “What are the most important measurements for your marketing team?” But what do you do when you fall short?
    40. 40. Final thoughts  Human interaction (via the telephone) is increasingly valuable because fewer people engage in it  The social web cannot sell for you and you must learn how to put sales personnel in the mix  Technology-assisted selling through marketing automation can have dramatic revenue implications  Sales & Marketing alignment has quickly become a de facto state of success…not a nice to have