February Presentation: Lisa Seibert


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February Presentation: Lisa Seibert

  1. 1. Market | Connect | EngageLesa Seibert, PresidentBrian Wallace, SEO/Social Media DirectorWeb, SEO & Socialfor Business
  2. 2. Web Design & Conversions Understand what your site and each page is supposed to accomplish Know your business online objectives Have a clear idea of how to convey the objectives to site visitors Determine who your audience is and where they come from Once this is done you will be able to create conversions when visitors come to your site
  3. 3. Designing for Audience Online tools help businesses understand their audience There are free tools such as Quantcast that provide this visitor information Helps you determine who your visitors are and what they might be looking for based on demographics Analytics tools help you find out how your visitors got to your site The information that analytics tools provide is called Technographics
  4. 4. Designing for Source There are many sources/channels that your visitors can arrive through  Search Engines  Link on another site  Social Media  A typed in URL Visitors who arrived through a search engine are usually looking for something Visitors coming through social media want entertainment or quick information Direct visitors look for trust and confidence
  5. 5. Designing for Conversion Your main goal is to influence conversion You must understand your visitor’s motivation Provide easy access to information and push visitors toward an action  Complete a form  Register for a newsletter  Purchase a product Make sure your site meets the needs of your visitors and has something to get them to return
  6. 6. How To Define Target Market The better you know your market the better you can create your site to cater to it Who makes up your market?  Moms between 25 & 45  Computer Programmers  Business Owners  College Graduates  What gender are they Knowing your market better than your competitors gives you an advantage
  7. 7. Finding Your Target Market Look at your site traffic and analytics info Engage with your prospects or clients often Do searches on Facebook for target keywords that best represent your product or company Search Google for discussion forums in similar markets as your company
  8. 8. Website Objectives What do you want visitors to do once they get to your site? Don’t try to “Keep up with the Jones’” Your online presence should complement or enhance your offline presence Realize it is a tool for communicating with current or potential customers Your website should be customer-focused
  9. 9. What Visitors Expect Is your site planned or is it a random collection of items Have products, services or information easily accessible Ease of Use No more than one click to access information Is your site concise and to the point Does it provide the content that your visitor is there for
  10. 10. What Visitors Leave With Do you want them to connect with you somehow  Phone call  Email  Quote request form  Purchase a product What do your visitors want before they leave?
  11. 11. Why Should Visitors Return Do you have constantly updated information? Do you have a blog? Do you sell products and have new items from time to time? Do you offer specials from time to time?
  12. 12. Mobile Marketing Trends Mobile Marketing is expected to rise from $648 million to $3.3 billion by 2013 More and more mobile users are reliant on their phone for connectivity and information
  13. 13. Advance Mobile Communication Current mobile devices provide for multiple types of communication:  Phone  Text  Email  Social networking  Blog posting Text messages have a 94% open rate within 4 minutes of receipt
  14. 14. Consumer Partnerships Retailers offer specials, one day only events Sports teams offer free snack or ticket during certain times during a game – 7th inning stretch Hair salons, golf courses, doctors notify patients of open appointments due to cancellations Organizations remind members about meetings
  15. 15. Respecting Consumer Boundaries An average mobile campaign will have a 15%+ response rate vs direct mail which is at most 2.6% Text is 100% opt-in and is permission only Text no more than once weekly – respect their time Don’t spam
  16. 16. SMS Text For Business Virtually every consumer over 13 has a mobile phone 98% of those phones have SMS text capability Reach your customer where they are at any time
  17. 17. SEO: Not an Afterthought Just having a website won’t bring traffic Careful considerations for on-page optimization Off-site: links and traffic Local SEO is taking over Real-time / recency considerations Blurring the lines into social Not fake!
  18. 18. Tip #1: Get Your Basics Right Google Webmaster tools Google Analytics Website Optimizer Sitemap Page Speed Stop designing bad websites!
  19. 19. Tip #2: Get Local Google strongly favoring locations Knows where you are by IP address Get your Google Places account Claim Profile Complete your profile
  20. 20. Tip #3: Get Social Google is looking for recency Social signals Overlap with local Real-time results Universal search: video, images, and more
  21. 21. Using Social Media for Business Survey: 80% of small biz not on social media 15.8% of the Fortune 500 are blogging That’s what we call competitive advantage… …if you do it right Enter the Echo Chamber
  22. 22. Where to Focus? Your business is your full-time job Only on places you will continue to use Already must have user adoption Facebook (Page NOT user) LinkedIn Twitter Blog Youtube RSS / Monitoring Scheduling
  23. 23. Build a Following with Social Not Everyone Will Buy Some Chat and spread
  24. 24. Questions?
  25. 25. Market | Connect | EngageXstreme Media, LLC18 Valleyview DriveFisherville, KY 40023877-307-6418 http://www.xstrememedia.com LinkedIn – http://linkedin.com/in/lesaseibert LinkedIn Group - http://linkedin.com/groups?gid=2143888 Facebook Group -http://facebook.com/XstremeMedia Twitter – http://twitter.com/xstreme_media