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This is the PDF of my presentation at CommunicAsia 2009, "The Future of Mobile Content, TV and Entertainment" . Topics: The content industries are seriously challenged by the Internet's disruptive forces - it may have taken longer but is really hitting home now. Many trusted business models are no longer working, copyright and value traditions are being challenged, and content consumption is drastically changing, everywhere. Now that Internet access is becoming a default part of just about every mobile phone, even more drastic changes are on the horizon. Who will pay for what kind of content on mobile phones, when, why, where and how? Will mobile TV and mobile music finally take off, and what will be the future business models? Where the opportunities are and where are the minefields and myths that need to be discarded.... More details on my blog: http://tinyurl.com/npq2yt

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Future of Mobile Content (CMMA 2009 Gerd Leonhard)

  1. 1. The Future of Mobile Content, TV & Entertainment Gerd Leonhard Media Futurist www.mediafuturist.com
  2. 2. Connected people ‘consume’ differently Sh a ring is the K ey Driver Access t rumps Copy
  3. 3. Was:
  4. 4. Will be
  5. 5. Together, Broadband Culture and Mobility will re-define how we think about: • Privacy • Authority • Ownership / Copyright • Value (period) ‘Selling’ and Marketing • R&D, and Production • Work • Education
  6. 6. 7 unique factors of Mobile • The first truly personal mass medium • Captures the social context of media consumption • Always within 1 meter reach • Always-on, inter-connected • Available at the exact point and time of inspiration • Built-in payment options • Offers most accurate audience measurement
  7. 7. Access Diversity Control > >> >>> >>>>
  8. 8. From the Xark Blog on Future of News “Rather than changing the existing model publishers are fumbling around for a solution that requires readers to fundamentally change their behavior...”
  9. 9. The Internet
  10. 10. Accessing your content remotely S ay goodbye to S elling Copies!
  11. 11. Not making content available is not a good move
  12. 12. So what is Content, in a Broadband Mobile Future? • Professionally produced and traditionally / legally owned • Created by the Users and shared- alike-commons-public-free-etc • Meta-Content: the Users’ data and click-streams layered around other (professional) content • Pro Content ‘appropriated’ by Users • The Users themselves
  13. 13. Was: It used to be... Producers Networks Distributors Owners
  14. 14. Now: Producers Networks Distributors Owners
  15. 15. Let’s take a look
  16. 16. The Net Generation The TV Generation Reach the perfect Reach Millions of 100 people that people at the same reach another 100 time - with the same people that reach content or message another 100 people... or... advertisement
  17. 17. The TV Generation The Net Generation Switch off Switch On I receive I send & receive Couch Potato Subway Surfer Helpless Powerful Monoculture Multi-culture United Fragmented
  18. 18. The Future of Digital Content Open Mobile Connected Collaborative Interdependent
  19. 19. Soon: Radio X.0 Soon: TV X.0
  20. 20. So will people read like this?
  21. 21. A crucial shift in the content industries: • Content ‘Pre-Web’: Presenting - and selling - professionally produced Content • Content ‘Web-Native’: Presenting - and selling - Context, People, Relevance, Packaging, Timeliness - and all types of Content! N ew Gen eratives
  22. 22. Making $$ out of “Free”
  23. 23. Freemium: a definitive model for mobile content
  24. 24. •Free = nobody pays actual $ anywhere •Feels Like Free = the payment is bundled, or hidden, or absorbed somewhere else, or build-in; but: no individual payment decision is required everytime •Freemium = all users get real value free of charge, but a good percentage selects to buy premium offers beyond the free level •3rd party pays: someone else pays for my usage because they want access to me (and my data)
  25. 25. Freemium and New Generatives: Pandora Convenience Premium Experience Personalization ‘Paying for Privacy’ Packaging Convenience
  26. 26. Direct, ‘free’, hyper-connected, P2P, Word of Mouse...
  27. 27. Mobile Content allows for a Restart of the outdated, broken, unsuccessful Web 1.0 Paradigms & Rules of Content Commerce Open Platforms, Standards, Monopolies Public Licenses Copyright is all! Usage Right I win- you lose Win-Win-Win My money Our money Ego-System Eco-System
  28. 28. The Future Mass Market is... a Mass of Niches Personalization Customization Sharing Engagement Transparency Participation
  29. 29. Content Marketing is reversed
  30. 30. The Future: bundling and flat rates
  31. 31. It’s the packaging - Content as Software
  32. 32. The Mobile Consumption of Digital Goods is the #1 growth story of the next decade
  33. 33. Let’s make this our goal, too
  34. 34. Thanks for listening! ★ email me at gerd@mediafuturist.com ★ twitter.com/gleonhard ★ facebook: gleonhard ★ more presentations at www.mediafuturist.com