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Leading into the Future: the most important things you need to know about the future, today

  1. The future is no longer a time-frame. The future is a mindset!
  2. Humanity will change more in the next 20 years than in the previous 300 years!
  3. Science fiction is becoming science fact: imagination and forsight are now mission-critical
  4. How will your business change? Gradually, then suddenly!
  5. Business as usual is dead. Welcome to exponential times!
  6. The future is exponential, combinatorial and interdependent
  7. A tsunami of disruption
  8. Software is eating the world
  9. For the first time im human history technology is going inside of us...
  10. ...achieving the complete convergence of technology and biology
  11. The 8 game changers
  12. Megashifts: digital transformation means a lot more than “digitization”
  13. Data is the new oil
  14. Artificial intelligence is the new electricity
  15. The Internet of Things is the new nervous system
  16. Moving towards providing experiences (platformization)
  17. From a focus on efficiency...
  18. a focus on transformation: new things not just better things!
  19. Algorithm Androrithm
  20. Anything that can be digitized or automated will be...
  21. Working like a robot is not our future
  22. EQ will become equally as important as IQ
  23. Data and Information is not Knowledge* is not Understanding is not Wisdom is not Purpose
  24. How do we align Artificial Intelligence with Human Values?
  25. The biggest danger is not that machines will kill us but that we become too much like them!
  26. Embrace technology but don’t become it!
  27. The sofalarity is looming
  28. Strong leadership in digital ethics will be THE key competitive advantage
  29. Technology has no ethics!
  30. Putting human flourishing first at all time
  31. As our world goes digital, it will be your humanity and your purpose that differentiates you, and wins with customers
  32. The Future belongs to those that can hear it coming! (David Bowie)