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Ott video services


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Video trends - OTT

Published in: Technology, Business
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Ott video services

  1. 1. OTT  Video  Services   Trends  and  Technologies  
  2. 2. Introduction   !   Jamie  Roberts   !   Senior  Solution  Architect   ! VoD,  IPTV,  CDN,  Content  Management     !   System  Design,  Implementation  and  Deployment  
  3. 3. Presentation  Topics   !   Over  the  Top   !   Video  and  TV  Trends   !   Technologies   !   Opportunities   !   Summary  
  4. 4. Over  the  Top   !   What  is  Over  the  Top  (OTT)  services   OTT  is  a  service  such  as  delivery  of  video,  audio  and  other   media  content  utilizing  the  Internet  provided  by  a  network   operator  but  not  directly  a  business  offering  from  that   provider.   The  Internet  service  provider  is  not  in  control  of  or   responsible  for  distribution  of  the  content.  Neither  are  they   concerned  with  control  of  viewing    and  copyrights.   The  ISP  just  delivers  the  content  packets  and  generally  does   not  receive  revenue  from  delivering  this  content  which   comes  from  third  party  online  providers:  
  5. 5. Over  the  Top   !   Video  Services   Internet  TV   Anytime,  Catch-­‐up     Video  on  Demand  -­‐  movies   Multi-­‐screen  play   Mobile  media    
  6. 6. Presentation  Topics   !   Over  the  Top   !   Video  and  TV  Trends   !   Technologies   !   Opportunities   !   Summary    
  7. 7. Video  and  TV  Trends   !   the  television  industry  is  evolving   Small & Portable Big & Fixed WITHIN 5 YEARS 90% OF ALL NETWORK TRAFFIC WILL BE VIDEO ›  By  2020,  50  billion  devices  will  be   connected.   ›  New  consumer  behaviors  such  as   social  networking  and  multi-­‐ screen  video  consumption  are   growing  steadily.   ›  Network  traffic  will  grow  a   hundredfold,  capacity  must  keep   pace  with  video  as  the  main  driver   ›  Communication  Service  Providers   (CSPs)  face  mounting  cost  arising   from  capital  investment  to  meet   enormous  OTT  demand  on  their   networks.   ›  ISP  revenue  is  not  nearly  enough.   THE NETWORKED SOCIETY - 50 BILLION CONNECTED DEVICES A NEW ERA OF DEVICES IN ALL SIZES
  8. 8. Video  and  TV  Trends   !   Network  traffic  is  changing   Industry  estimates  place  global  IP  traffic   quadrupling  over  the  next  4  years.   •   CAGR  of  32%   •   90%  will  be  Video   •   60%  will  be  Internet  Video   By  2013  online  video  will  account  for  90   percent  of  all  consumer  IP  traffic.     Source:  Cisco  Visual  Networking  Index  (VNI)   The  compound  annual  growth  rate  is   projected  to  be  a  staggering  32%  from   2010-­‐2015.   Source:  Cisco  Visual  Networking  Index   "Online  video  traffic  is  poised  to  continue  its  spectacular   ascent  for  2012,  be  it  from  IPTV,  OTT,  video  conferencing,  or   other  video  applications  like  video  gaming.   Gartner's  bandwidth-­‐estimating  model  indicates  that  data   growth  per  user  can  easily  reach  30%  to  50%  a   year,  particularly  due  to  video."     —  Akshay  Sharma,  Research  Director,  Gartner  
  9. 9. Presentation  Topics   !   Over  the  Top   !   Video  and  TV  Trends   !   Technologies   !   Opportunities   !   Summary  
  10. 10. Technologies   !   Internet  connected  devices  and  protocols   Devices:     •  Internet  TVs,  PCs,  laptops,  tablet,  smart-­‐phone,  game   consoles,  STB   Protocols:   •  HTTP  PDL   •  HTTP  ABR,  Adobe  HDS,  Apple  HLS,  Microsoft  IISSS   •  HTML5,  MPEG-­‐DASH,  HTTP  Pseudostreaming   •  FMIS  –  RTMP/RTP    
  11. 11. Opportunities   !   Network  Operators  (–  communication  service   providers  CSPs)  must  embrace  OTT  and  pursue   new  strategies  to  create  revenue  streams.  
  12. 12. Opportunities   ! Telcos  can  realize  improved  QoS  and  the   end-­‐user  will  benefit  from  better  QoE.   !   Telco  CDNs  are  set  to  change  the  delivery   landscape.   Raising  the  bar  for  online  video  quality  standards   Because  telco  CDNs  are  able  to  cache  and  deliver  video  closer  to  the  end  user,  they  are   able  to  provide  viewers  with  improved  resolution  and  reliability  that,  in  turn,  lead  to  a   better  quality  of  experience  (QoE).  As  viewers  become  conditioned  to  this  improved   picture  quality,  it  will  become  the  baseline  for  acceptable  QoE.   Prompting  OTT  video  providers  to  partner  with  ISPs   OTT  content  owners  may  look  to  ISP  partners  to  provide  guaranteed  QoS  levels  as  a  way  to   level  the  playing  field  with  established  Pay-­‐TV  providers  (who  can  exploit  fully-­‐managed   networks)  and  more  effectively  monetize  OTT  video.   This  will  be  disruptive,  service  providers  will  be  able  to  guarantee  end-­‐to-­‐  end  quality  for  OTT   video  just  as  they  currently  do  for  their  own  IPTV  services.  
  13. 13. Presentation  Topics   !   Over  the  Top   !   Video  and  TV  Trends   !   Opportunities   !   Technologies   !   Summary  
  14. 14. Summary   !   The  Internet  is  liberating  the  way  we  watch  TV.   Consumers  are  no  longer  locked  into  walled  garden  DVB   or  IPTV  packages.  More  and  more  consumers  will  switch   over  to  OTT  internet  TV  and  online  VoD.   !   Emergence  of  the  Telco  CDNs  will  be  one  of  many  trends   as  they  embrace  and  monetize  OTT  and  offer  optimized   delivery  services  for  premium  content  providers.   !   Many  Digital-­‐TV  broadcasters  are    adding  OTT  delivery  of   content  alongside  Satellite  and  IPTV.   !   OTT  is  not  just  about  YouTube  and  Netflix  any  content   publisher,  broadcaster,  enterprise  or  community,  club  will   make  use  of  accelerated  services.  
  15. 15. OTT  Video  Services   May  28th