The Future of Mobile (i.e. everything) Futurist Speaker Gerd Leonhard


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The slides for my presentation at Mobile Convention Amsterdam May 23 2013 see
Next Five years in Mobile

“Marketing as we know it is over. More than ever mobile devices are becoming our ears, eyes and brains. ‘Nowness’ takes its toll.”

Says Gerd Leonhard, (media)Futurist and one of the keynote speakers during Mobile Convention Amsterdam on the 22nd and 23th of May in the Beurs van Berlage. Leonhard states that marketers are nowadays looking at gauging feelings and pleasure by using electronic gadgets that can read brain activity.

Leonhard reveals several interesting mobile developments in the future, for example about Google Glass and Over-the-top-content (OTT), what these developments mean for consumers and marketers and whether or not ‘offline’ the new luxury is.

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The Future of Mobile (i.e. everything) Futurist Speaker Gerd Leonhard

  1. The next 5 years in Mobile* i.e. everything
  2. ‘Business as Usual’ is dead
  3. Scenes at papal inaugurations 2005 versus 2013Nest Smart Meter App
  4. Image via Ericsson
  5. Image via Ericsson
  6. A majority of your 2018 revenues is likely to comefrom products and services that don’t even exist today
  7. The End of ‘Protected Spaces’ is nearMediaTelecomBankingMoneyMedicalPharma
  8. Mobile Broadband is a cash-cow shifter
  9. Cloud Culture: Abundant...EverythingPhoto by incurable_hippie -
  10. Beware: “Managed Dissatisfaction” is endingReed Hastings, Netflix CEO on Arrested Development, House of Cards, and the Future of Netflix: Movies + TV: GQ via“Hastings call this managed dissatisfaction. The traditional entertainmentecosystem is built on it, and it’s a totally artificial concept”The point of managed dissatisfaction is waiting. You’re supposed to wait for your show that comes on Wednesday at 8 p.m., waitfor the new season, see all the ads everywhere for the new season, talk to your friends at the office about how excited you are...”
  11. The Internet of Everything1 - 2 - 4 - 8 - 1 6 - 3 2 - 6 4 - 1 2 8Video Source: Cisco via Youtube
  12. Soon: 1000s of smart little helper ‘agents’
  13. Video Source: IBM Future Scenarios, Youtube13Video Source: Cisco via Youtube
  14. ‘Business as Usual’ is deadETA: 2017
  15. Used to be Is (almost) Soon for someBeyond soonbut quite likelyMobility (R)Evolutions:Huge social, economic, ethical implications
  16. Expect a $250 Billion shift, globally
  17. 2015: ICT | Big Data | SoLoMo Intelligence everywhere
  18. Most products become services
  19. From ownership to access
  20. Photo by 900hp - humanin a ‘totally digital’ society
  21. Massive Human - Machine /AI Interface (R)Evolution
  22. Deep, real-time, contextual data ☯ Fast & ubiquitous connectivity☯ Location-aware services ☯ Powerful yet cheap mobile devices☯ Cloud computing culture ☯ Video is the new text ☯ Social-everything☯ Ultra-smart electronic agents ☯ The Internet of Things / M2M
  23. =Mobile Devices areour external brains
  24. Total ConvergenceOnlineOfflineHumanMachineThingsEventsInformationData
  25. Machine / Robot / AI Jobs versus Human Jobs023456890Today 2015 2020 2040Machines, Software Agents, AI, RobotsTrad. HumanONLY Human * supported by MachinesSource: Gerd Leonhard ProjectionTraditional human labor will shift to machines, dramatic rise of highly ie only-human work
  26. Paradigm-shifts on an unprecedented scale
  27. Most of us already are or will becomeKnowledge | Creative | Connective-Workers...using real-time information and intelligence supplied by an exponentiallygrowing digital network that will leverage the IoT / IoE and Smart Machines
  28. Humarithms: emotional, fluid, organic ≠ Algorithms
  29. Next: fabricated realities...?Realness will prevail
  30. Brands: make sense not noise:)Image source: source
  31. Locked LooseBusiness Models: the direction is clear!Liquid
  32. Flexible. Resilient. Decentralized
  33. Data is the new Oil (again:::)
  34. If Data is the new Oil let’s hope we will do thingsdifferently, this time
  35. The 3 spheres of data: shift towards anticipationVolunteered Observed Inferred
  36. Personal Data. Granular Permissions. TimelyKnowledge. Precise Location Awareness. HighlyContextual. Totally Realtime = Predictive Powers.
  37. 37
  38. The Future: Contextual Search (contextual everything:)
  39. We are beingsearched...sought-out...foundMost technologies that we used to direct will startconducting themselves
  40. Searchingfor somethingInformationseeking usi.e. we are ‘being searched’
  41. Everythingbecomes:DynamicReal-timeSocialMobileLocalFluidPredictive
  42. In order for any of this to work, we will need aGigantic Opt-in/
  43. We need to consider the social implications of IoTand IoE, Big Data, M2M, AI, Prediction technologies
  44. Let’s not kill the golden goose
  45. Photo by the justified sinner - we reallyneed more‘intelligentmarketing’just to createthe nextGenerationof HumanConsumptionMachines...?
  46. Attention Economy ☯ Intention EconomyVia Wikipedia: “Doc Searls coined the term in the Linux Journal: "The Intention Economy grows around buyers, not sellers. Itleverages the simple fact that buyers are the first source of money, and that they come ready-made. You dont needadvertising to make them" Despite the advancement internet businesses are still seller oriented.Searls gives an example of intention economy scenario:"A car rental customer should be able to say to the car rental market, Ill be skiing in Park City from March 20-25. I want torent a 4-wheel drive SUV. I belong to Avis Wizard, Budget FastBreak and Hertz 1 Club. I dont want to pay up front for gas orget any insurance. What can any of you companies do for me? — and have the sellers compete for the buyers business."
  47. Yet we must retain places like this
  48. 48And we will certainly need seriously reliableWays to Opt-Out
  49. “We’re at the level of infants in moral responsibility -but with the technological capability of adults”Nick Bostrom (Oxford University)BBC News - How are humans going to become extinct?
  50. Faustian Bargains everywhere?
  51. Photo by Zanthia - love-hate relationship between us and the users of our data?
  52. 5 Billion ‘Consumers’ will push back
  53. From mousetraps to magnets
  54. Summary & Key Take-Aways
  55. Thanks for your time and attention!Visit to download this PDF(and many others incl. my free books)