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Social Media Audit

Published in: Technology, Business
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  1. 1. Snyder LangstonSocial Media Activity & ResultsSeptember 2010
  2. 2. Agenda Overview Current social media activity • Snyder Langston, C.W. Driver, DPR Construction, Hathaway Dinwiddie Current Internet trends • Snyder Langston, C.W. Driver, DPR Construction, Hathaway Dinwiddie Social Media Strategy Framework
  3. 3. Overview Neither Snyder Langston nor its competitors are utilizing Facebook. Majority of focus is on LinkedIn company profile. Highest conversation about DPR Construction Critical need for strategic framework to guide future social media efforts for Snyder Langston (i.e. needs to be actively managed)
  4. 4. Snyder Langston Group Twitter Activity
  5. 5. Snyder Langston FaceBook Presence
  6. 6. C.W. Driver Facebook Presence
  7. 7. C.W. Driver LinkedIn Activity
  8. 8. DPR Construction Twitter Activity
  9. 9. DPR Construction Facebook Presence
  10. 10. DPR Construction YouTube Activity
  11. 11. DPR Construction LinkedIn Presence
  12. 12. Hathaway Dinwiddie Twitter Activity
  13. 13. Hathaway Dinwiddie Facebook Presence
  14. 14. Hathaway Dinwiddie LinkedIn Presence
  15. 15. Snyder Langston0 Twitter Followers 3 Facebook Fans0 LinkedIn Followers 0 YouTube SubscribersC.W. Driver0 Twitter Followers 2 Facebook Fans141 LinkedIn Followers 0 YouTube SubscribersDPR Construction626 Twitter Followers 5 Facebook Fans0 LinkedIn Followers 1 YouTube SubscriberHathaway Dinwiddie1 Twitter Follower 0 Facebook Fans146 LinkedIn Followers 0 YouTube Subscribers
  16. 16. Snyder Langston: Internet Mentions (Trend)
  17. 17. Snyder Langston: Sound bites
  18. 18. C.W. Driver: Internet Mentions (Trends)
  19. 19. C.W. Driver: Sound bites
  20. 20. DPR Construction: Internet Mentions(Trends)
  21. 21. DPR Construction: Sound bites
  22. 22. Hathaway Dinwiddie: Internet Mentions(Trends)
  23. 23. Hathaway Dinwiddie: Sound bites
  24. 24. Social Media Gameplan: BrandTarget: WhoBusiness Objective: What and by when (3 years)Social Media Goal: What and by when (12 months)Social Media Strategy: How (big picture)Social Media Plans: How (tactics)
  25. 25. Social Media Strategic Gameplan Plan the work and work the plan Integrate it with the rest of the business Agree on key goals and metrics in advance Assign an owner (accountability)