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Pr 2.0 Technology Blogging 2

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Pr 2.0 Technology Blogging 2

  1. The Future of PR Technology <ul><li>Paul Fabretti </li></ul><ul><li>Client Services Manager </li></ul><ul><li>KMP Interactive Marketing & Technology </li></ul>
  2. Blog Basics - What is a blog? Conversations - How we monitor them Case Studies - How business is using blogs Other things to consider What are we talking about?
  5. The Structure of a Corporate blog
  6. What IS the blogosphere ?
  7. It is everyday people like YOU and ME
  8. Stakeholder Influence Analysis Who are the people with influence or that shape the opinions of others? So how do you find the people and topics that matter? Buzz Monitoring & Reporting What is the sentiment of conversations? How is it changing? Net Promoters Index Take a particular topic and extract the positive comments from the negative ones
  9. Stakeholder Influence Analysis
  10. Stakeholder Influence Analysis
  11. Net Promoters Index
  12. Net Promoters Index
  13. Buzz Monitoring & Reporting
  14. Live Buzz - Biggest Topics
  15. Live Buzz - Fastest Growing Topics
  16. Live Buzz - Most Popular Sites
  17. Jeff Jarvis vs Dell
  18. Jeff Jarvis vs Dell
  19. Jeff Jarvis vs Dell
  20. Jeff Jarvis vs Dell
  21. Jeff Jarvis vs Dell
  22. DellOutlet - Twitter
  23. General Motors - Fast Lane Blog
  24. General Motors - Cadillac Drivers’ Log
  25. General Motors - FYI Blog
  26. Build communities around your business
  27. Build communities around your business
  28. Integration into a wider campaign
  29. Publicise/Promote/Blog about events Internetworld website Internetworld blog
  30. Publicise/Promote/Blog about events
  31. An accompaniment to e-commerce
  32. Demonstrate thought leadership Savile Row Tailor Sheet Metal Company
  33. Engage with brand champions
  34. Crisis Management McDonalds Beef Hoax Delta Airlines Security Complaints
  36. Tone of voice Formal, friendly, colloquial Content entry and SEO Tag number and naming, linking, images, keyword density, post length Blog type Retail, Customer Service, Thought-Leadership/Innovation, Sales Blog management (a) Define structure: Admins, authors, contributors, approval process Other factors to consider
  37. Moderation Who and how are you going to manage the conversation? Blogger Outreach How are you going to engage with influencers and who is going to do it? Legal Lay solid foundations for a safe blogging environment. Let everyone know where they stand. Other factors to consider Blog management (b) How often, when, who, coordination with other channels
  38. How to Promote your business blog Tags Social Bookmarking Blog and RSS feed directories Pinging
  39. How to Promote your business blog Claim your blog with Technorati Post with Tags Comment and trackback
  40. By 2010, 70% of the content of the web will be user generated <ul><li>IDC/EMC Survey March 2007 </li></ul>18 MONTHS