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  • Decision makers contact information, BANTS rating, marketing qualified, etc, what business needs are you facing – blog ideas, relationship forming
  • Being a part of the discussion, accessible
  • Year planned out – concurrent with speaking engagements, events, and campaigns.
  • All members have linked in – accessibility Cohesive and consistentStatsBalance out going ons / central florida with postings that will be relevant nationwide (blog is a great tool!)
  • Zerion360 Marketing Plan

    1. 1. ZERION360 MARKETING PLAN 2014
    2. 2. Marketing Goals          Positioning Zerion360 where customers are Focus on being seen as relationship and resource centric Cohesive and consistent presence Build network Brand awareness Sales Support Client community Lead generation Pipeline Acceleration
    3. 3. Marketing Plan Vision 1 Year 3 Year Lead database – what works, what doesn’t, best practices Take branding voice of Zerion360 and vision and represent Zerion360 as already there Focused on network building and market positioning Increase in number of national trade shows and events attended As network increases – marketing campaigns increase Resource Centric Established resource blog Marketing initiatives, i.e. advertisement, targeted at other markets (national). Events: Sponsorship at local levels, attendance to trade shows, hosted webinars and seminars Speaking engagements and workshops in community and trade shows
    4. 4. Target Market Who: C- Level Executives, Decision Makers, Small and Midsize enterprises • Industries: Aerospace and defense, engineering, construction and operations, high tech, industrial machinery, professional services, retail, and wholesale distribution Where: Central Florida, Florida, Nationwide • Key characteristics: Small business owners, concerned with making their business more efficient and more successful. Wants/needs: software that delivers – problem solving, advice etc
    5. 5. Snapshots SAP Marketing Award      Illumiti – Toronto Site design – clean, c&c, bold and professoinal Links to industry specific information on site (accessibility and research oriented) About us section – established familiarity, builds trust, affirms accessibility www.illumiti.com Competition (local)    Our strengths: Solid brand representation through our site – easy to navigate. Focused on one product, specific industries – easy to optimize content and campaigns Where we can improve: A 360 degree marketing plan across multiple channels, community involvement. Build up our SEO, trade shows Oracle and Microsoft (according to PC Mag) are being implemented and recommended more than SAP
    6. 6. Marketing Strategies Telemarketing •Blog •Social Media •Sales support •Lead Nurturing •SEO and Website •Brand Aesthetics and Representation •Community Involvement •Events •Campaigns •Analytics •
    7. 7. Telemarketing Goals: Lead generation, nurturing, brand awareness B2B – highly targeted to decision makers. Build calling lists through programs, trade association publications, business searches, etc Lead database: keep track of calls, hot – warm – cold rankings, and email contact. Also be used to track lead conversion Follow up with branded email containing white paper / other relevant nurturing aids Utilize script, product and industry specific knowledge, relationship centric, client need centric 20% of time focused here – 1 hour / 1.5 hours per day
    8. 8. Lead Nurturing  Database – process, see what works, scoring   Ensures strategic and systematic process, know where lead is at in process Materials           E-mail White papers Case studies Testimonials Newsletter Industry specific information Leadership articles (blog) Seminars Demos Videos
    9. 9. Sales Support Sales materials – Branded, both general and industry specific. Brochures, white papers, case studies, etc Lead generation and nurturing – BANTS assessment Check-ins with sales team to brainstorm about client needs, common issues, how we can meet needs (monthly) Lead database – accessible to everyone. Show where leads are in cycle, when contact was made, notes etc Ensure that sales, marketing, and all other initiatives are cohesive/consistent: proper branding, accessibility, etc
    10. 10. Blog Goals: Resource centric, meeting client where they’re going to be, SEO, Nurturing, Brand awareness, Network building Content generation: Relevant to small businesses, business innovations, technology. Blogging consistency: 1x week Incorporate design thinking into blog content – engage customers before needs are defined and explore unmet needs Cohesive and consistent, no selling. Build audience through relevant content, collaborative blogging, series Constant generation of blog topics through “watching” and “listening”
    11. 11. Blog  Blog Ideas / Content Generator              Series on big data in concurrence with speaking event at Citrus Club Blogging series on outgrowing Quickbooks Guest bloggers – leverage partners, Orlando business leaders Branding 101 series Web presence series Benefits of ERM Digital tools part in small business growth Cost of ERM versus value of benefits Innovation series – new ideas, latest tools, business trends (tech) Mobility series Why attend tradeshows – how to be successful, innovation at tradeshows etc Small business spotlight – focus on Central Florida, can be clients, can be other successful small businesses – goals is to present issues and how they addressed them NYTimes small business, Forbes SAP Branding Voice, OBJ, Upstart, Mashable, “Listening” Channels: LinkedIn groups, Inbox Q, Modern Distribution Management
    12. 12. Social Media Facebook: Statistically, most used social networking site. Going on in the now, network presence, easily access testimonials, access to blog, email list / newsletter LinkedIn: Essential for B2B, build network, “hearing” through groups, part of discussion in resourceful way **Ideal for all Zerion360 employees to be here – accessibility** Twitter: Going on in the now – more frequent postings versus FB, connect resources, “listening”, News feed Goals: Relationship centric, what’s going on in the now with Zerion360, brand building, essential in 360 marketing YouTube – Educational videos and demos, customer testimonials, SAP branded videos – quality over quantity here. Embedded in website, links available on other sites
    13. 13. SEO and Web Presence HAS TO BE HERE – with search driven consumers Site Maintenance Key phrases, build up through blog, utilize tools such as HitTail and Google Analytics, Focus on quality. Search results will go up with time and consistency Being apart of conversations – using backlinks. Our resources used by others. GOAL: Increase in search rankings, increase web traffic, quality and optimization, answering relevant questions (blog)
    14. 14. Advertising and Campaigns   Microsites/landing pages to track effectiveness Events       Tradeshow / Expos - free e-book series, welcome into the Zerion360 community – computers/tablets for them to sign up right there and then as an option Referral Campaign – 5%, 10%, 15% E-book Publication Campaign – Release as series or individually? Information in change for downloads Sponsorships OBJ – 2014     Call to action – sign up, follow-up, invitation into the community Dozens of advertisement options in both mobile and print, ranging from $1500 – $12,000+ Readership stats: www.bizjournalsmediakit.com/websites/Orlando/ Events Future – Airport, Business Journals in other hubs
    15. 15. Events   Goal: 1 hosted seminar – roundtable of business leaders, leverage partners, and clients. 2014. Leverage Lunch n’ Learn and expos at Citrus Club – invite through email, telemarketing, social networks.    Leverage above as “business innovations” events Webinar – Leverage SAP and ASUG webinars. Host our own – relevant topics, leverage partners, q&a and discussion time period. 2014 – 2x year. Industry specific Speaking engagements – Chamber of Commerce, UCF and other local universities. Long term: Trade Show speaker
    16. 16. Community Involvement and Resources  Non-Profits       Make a Wish foundation sponsorship / volunteer days Job Partnership sponsorship / volunteer days Christian Help sponsorship / volunteer days PR, social media channels Local Sports Teams Other Sponsorships Opportunities   Manufacturing Association ( macf.biz/wordpress/wpcontent/uploads/2013/05/Executive-Sponsorship-LevelsApplication.pdf ) Also in Central Florida – Security Systems Association, Florida Association of Wholesale Distributions (potential impact)
    17. 17. Community Involvement and Resources  Small Business Resource Network      ASUG – Florida Chapter    Connects businesses with experienced professionals, providers, and agencies $500 annual dues Along with application – need 3 customer testimonials www.sbrn.org/network-directory.php Zerion360 listed as a channel partner Leverage opportunity Orlando Regional Chamber of Commerce (Orlando, Inc.)   Benefits of membership: Business Leadership Roundtable, Company Profile in EveryMonday, Placement in Leadership Orlando (geared towards professional services) $1,500 annual investment – other options available
    18. 18. Trade Shows and Expos Goals: Lead generation, Brand awareness, Networking Small Business Expo – Miami, January 16th www.thesmallbusinessexpo.com/Small_Business _Expo.pdf Sapphire NOW + ASUG Annual Conference June 3-5, 2014 – Orlando Industry Specific: IMTS September 8-13, 2014 Chicago Tech: Interop – March 31 – April 4, 2014 – Las Vegas
    19. 19. Public Relations Zerion360 goingons: events, community involvement, etc SAP Business One updates – leverage co-branding options Accessibility – website, social media, media channels Specific around speaking engagements, ebook releases OBJ contact
    20. 20. Analytics and Tools       Personal quarterly review Campaign specific reviews – emails, events, etc – utilize campaign microsites Goolge analytics I.E. SlideShare – built in analytics Response/audience to blog, social media Lead database – see where leads come from, what campaigns worked, how many were qualified, how many sales qualified, how many bought
    21. 21. Marketing Enrichment       Adobe Creative suite Social Media Club Orlando Central Florida Marketing Association Networking Trade Show Presence Branding presence
    22. 22. In Review     Goals: Lead generation, Lead nurturing, brand awareness, network building, resource and relationship centric, positioning ourselves in market Focus on core needs and establish marketing network to stand on for future endeavors Keep track of leads through an accessible database to measure success Parking lot: Direct mailing
    23. 23. Timeline  October 2013        November 2013     Launch Marketing Plan Build and maintain client and lead lists Create lead and marketing database Decide on sponsorships and events to attend Hosted webinar/seminar planning Client Christmas gifts Big Data Lunch n’ Learn Big Data blog series December 2013 January 2014   Trade Show Blog Series Miami Small Business Expo   February 2014 March 2014     April 2014 May 2014 June 2014     Sapphire NOW + ASUG Conference July 2014 August 2014 September 2014   Interop IMTS October 2014