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Weapons English civil war


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Weapons English civil war

  1. 1. Source 1 says that ‘the pike was the mostcommonly used weapon during the civil war.’The pike was a long wooden pole with a steelpoint at the end. Pikes were cheap to makeand easy to use. Pikes could be very effective ifused in large groups. Pikes were supposed tobe sixteen feet but many soldiers sawed thebottom off so it was easier to carry.Pike men usually formed the front line of anarmy. Pikes were mainly used to stop cavalryfrom charging but they were also used againstmen.
  2. 2. During the civil war there were two main kinds of muskets; the matchlock and theflintlock. They had a firing range of up to three hundred yard. They could also be aslong as five feet!! They were both loaded in the same way; gunpowder was poured intoand compacted by poking a stick down the barrel, then a lead ball would be put in andwadding to keep the ball in place.To fire the matchlock, the more common musket, the soldier would empty gunpowderinto a pan and cover it to protect it. He would then press a lighted piece of flax into ametal trigger called the serpent. When the gun was fired the lighted flax in the serpentwould come down into the pan and light the gunpowder. The flame fro this would thenenter the barrel of the gun and light the gunpowder that had been poured into it andthe lead ball would be fired out.The Flintlock was easier to fire but more expensive the pan would be filled in the sameway but the serpent contained a piece of flint, which when it struck the pan it wouldcreate a spark which would light the gunpowder.Source 1 tells us that ‘both weapons were dangerous and clumsy to use.’ Some longmuskets were so long and heavy they needed a stand.
  3. 3. The cannons used in the civil war wereextremely heavy and hard to move.Source 1 tells us that ’the largest cannonscould need up to sixteen horses tomove.’ The more common cannons weresmaller and therefore easier tomaneuverer but they still needed fourmen to move it. Because they were sohard to move they had to be put inposition before the battle. The roundsused for the cannon were usually balls ofiron, but sometimes stones were used.After the cannon had been fired thesoldiers operating it had to go throughstrict procedures so the cannon can befired again, they need to; clean it, load itwith gunpowder and the lead ball orstone and then fire it. The cannon wasinaccurate and was used to mainlycreate fear among the enemy.
  4. 4. This weapon was easy to move and could be usedby only one man. The mortar works by firing aexplosive shell high into the air and then itexplodes on impact. Although the mortar washard to aim, source 1 states ‘it was the mostdestructive weapon used in the civil war.’
  5. 5. When I say source 1 I am referring to think that this source is reliable as it is a recenthistorian that has written it and it is not one ofthose question and answer websites, it containslots of facts.