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Wendy Lea at MX: The Customer Experience Obsession


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Wendy Lea, Get Satisfaction Executive Chairman, presented this presentation at Adaptive Path's MX:

Customer Experience is now accepted as a key driver for business growth, regardless of industry. Digital strategy has unleashed new creative ways to engage customers throughout every step of their journey; it's now time to consider the strategic role community plays in harnessing the value all of the digital interactions to inform long term customer relationship and loyalty goals. Wendy will discuss the value companies can bring to their customers by building interdependence between customers experience, customer relationship and community.

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Wendy Lea at MX: The Customer Experience Obsession

  1. 1. @WendySLea | #mxconf14 Adaptive Path MX The Customer Experience Obsession Presented March 17, 2014 By Wendy Lea Community that means business.
  2. 2. @WendySLea | #mxconf14 When do you think this was written? ~Cluetrain Manifesto, 2000 “Companies that don’t realize their markets are now: • networked person-to-person, • getting smarter as a result, and • deeply joined in conversation, are missing their best opportunity.” 2
  3. 3. @WendySLea | #mxconf14 3 But Why Now? What is it that The Cluetrain Manifesto authors were on to? ?
  4. 4. @WendySLea | #mxconf14 The Customer Experience Obsession 4
  5. 5. @WendySLea | #mxconf14 5 ~ Brian Vellmure, December 2013 “In a world where real time access to anyone or anything from anywhere is a possibility, customer experience may indeed be the last bastion of competitive advantage..” Would you Believe that CX Moves Markets
  6. 6. @WendySLea | #mxconf14 Customers control the conversation in 2014 Only companies that aren‘t afraid to engage with customers on their terms will reap the rewards 6
  7. 7. @WendySLea | #mxconf14 Source: Forrester‘s Top 15 Trends for Customer Service in 2013, January 14, 2013, Kate Leggett #2 Self-serviceVoice is still #1 #3 is 1 to 1 channels Community (24% increase) Web Self-serve (12% increase) Becoming the channel of last resort 7 The Shift Started with Service
  8. 8. @WendySLea | #mxconf14 Top Reasons Consumers Participate in a Branded Customer Community Why? So they can get the best content 8
  9. 9. @WendySLea | #mxconf14 Social drives the shift to marketing, too Social Media is merely a door into a Brand‘s Customer Community Customers show a strong preference for ―Branded Customer Communities‖ of participants show a preference for relevant content vetted by other consumers 50% of consumers have joined an internet community based on a friend‘s Facebook post 58% Websites, not social networks, are the primary place consumers go to make purchase decisions of consumers use company website to research products 81% * 2012, Primary research conducted by the Incyte Group for Get Satisfaction 9
  10. 10. @WendySLea | #mxconf14 SALES INFLUENCED BY ―EXPERT‖ CONTENT ONE-TO-ONE SUPPORT PUSH MARKETING SALES INFLUENCED BY ―SOCIAL PROOF‖ MANY-TO-MANY SUPPORT CONTENT MARKETING Shift From Company-centric Process Shift To Customer-centric Process 10 Business Processes Have Had to Adapt
  11. 11. @WendySLea | #mxconf14 A new customer experience imperative What we hear from companies implementing customer community today 11 ―We are creating a customer-centric business‖ ―Our customers provide the best marketing content‖ ―I want to build a social brand‖ ―We want to differentiate based on customer experience‖
  12. 12. @WendySLea | #mxconf14 Potential Customers Existing Customers The Brand Loyalty Programs Promotions Bond Buy Experience Discover Advocate Evaluate Where can I buy it? Which version? What’s the difference between Brand X and Brand Y? Why are all my friends talking about Brand X? Here’s the best way to set up the product I wish the product had more features I love this product and here’s why! Digital UX Can Drive the Whole Experience Never before have brands had the opportunity to design unified experiences around the lifecycle 12
  13. 13. @WendySLea | #mxconf14 The Power of Customer Conversations 13 Conversations are the Key: ▸ Valuable – provide context, meaning and resolution ▸ Discoverable – can be found by customers. ▸ Long lasting – provide benefit for more people over time. The Community Platform Must: ▸ Aggregate conversations to encourage engagement ▸ Distribute conversations for across the user experiences ▸ Provide tools for business users to curate content and manage people
  14. 14. @WendySLea | #mxconf14 Community as a UX Tool • Create engagement that builds trust • Provide mutual value for customers and the company • Give customers a voice that unites your company 14 Community facilitates conversations that power user experiences to:
  15. 15. @WendySLea | #mxconf14 It starts with providing great service Koodo Mobile is Canada‘s most recommended mobile company. Their community: • Almost entirely self-sustains — 97% of activity comes from customers • Provides 99.6% of customers with self-service answers via search • 12 Mobile Masters (Champions) spend more than 15 hours in the community each week assisting other customers 15
  16. 16. @WendySLea | #mxconf14 And leads to revenue Winner of the 2011 Best Customer Experience Award in the UK Their Community • Product specific ‗word of mouth‘ content • Community drives discussions • Widgets throughout purchase flow 8% Drop in cart abandonment 5% Gain in search driven site traffic 63% Increase in first call resolution rate 30% Decrease in 1:1 Interactions 16
  17. 17. @WendySLea | #mxconf14 With real-time customer insights Makers of the popular Snagit and Camtasia software Their Community: • Provides specific feedback in the voice of the customer • Development teams engaged in conversations • Faster time to market and costly re-work is minimized 445K Community Members $500K Estimated savings 1,200 New Ideas Generated 17
  18. 18. @WendySLea | #mxconf14 Conversations as Customer Experience Driver Online Customer Experience Customer Acquisition Content Marketing Sales / eCommerce Service / Support Community People Content Customer Conversations Business Processes - • CRM • MAP • KM • BI Complements - • Website UX • Social Listening • Product UX • Word-of-Mouth 18
  19. 19. @WendySLea | #mxconf14 Time period: 2 hours Time period: 7 hours Activity Time period: 11+ months Community Conversations are Long-lived 19
  20. 20. @WendySLea | #mxconf14 Community Conversations are Valuable To be distributed anywhere in the customer experience (website) … … or as part of a Facebook Brand Page experience 20
  21. 21. @WendySLea | #mxconf14 Community Conversations are Discoverable More than 50% of purchase research starts in Google … community provides an opportunity for more content discovery. 21
  22. 22. @WendySLea | #mxconf14 Companies must realize … • Customer conversations are the building blocks of relationships • Relationships are the foundation of a differentiated customer experience • Community is a UX tool for facilitating conversation and relationship 22 To realize the CX Obsession
  23. 23. @WendySLea | #mxconf14 Wendy Lea · Executive Chairman, Get Satisfaction · @wendyslea 23 Community that means business.