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Tips & Tricks for Customizing Your Customer Community


Published on, Community managers are constantly translating between customers, product team, and marketing speak. Join us to learn the best practices for working cross-functionally, especially with development teams.

Published in: Technology, Business
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Tips & Tricks for Customizing Your Customer Community

  1. 1. Strut your Style: Customizing yourGet Satisfaction Community Peppe RagusaLaunch DirectorMichelle GlauserCustomer Success Engineer@getsatisfaction#GetSuccess
  2. 2. @getsatisfaction  2 #GetSuccess  @Your Twitter Handle! Brand your community by applying custom header,footer and background of your community pages! Incorporate navigation elements to have seamlesstransitions from your website to the community, andvice versa! Adjust elements of the UI that are not configurable:–  Hide certain topic types (questions/ideas/problems/praise)–  Rename specific labels (e.g.“customer” -> “member”)! Implement new IntegrationsFull Customization
  3. 3. @getsatisfaction  3 #GetSuccess  @Your Twitter Handle! Feature Available on Small Business Pro and someEnterprise Plans! ….Full Customization
  4. 4. @getsatisfaction  4 #GetSuccess  @Your Twitter Handle! Add HTML/CSS/Javascript in your admin section:Customization - how<style>
  5. 5. @getsatisfaction  5 #GetSuccess  @Your Twitter Handle! - examples
  6. 6. @getsatisfaction  6 #GetSuccess  @Your Twitter Handle Pinterest board
  7. 7. @getsatisfaction  7 #GetSuccess  @Your Twitter Handle! Total in-brand experienceHeader - Background
  8. 8. @getsatisfaction  8 #GetSuccess  @Your Twitter Handle! Spotlight your popular productsProducts placement
  9. 9. @getsatisfaction  9 #GetSuccess  @Your Twitter Handle! Display a banner with the latest company update!Announcement banner
  10. 10. @getsatisfaction  10 #GetSuccess  @Your Twitter Handle! Search external sources!Federated search
  11. 11. @getsatisfaction  11 #GetSuccess  @Your Twitter Handle! Brand the favicon!Customization - examples
  12. 12. @getsatisfaction  12 #GetSuccess  @Your Twitter Handle! Highlight your most active users!Customization - examples
  13. 13. @getsatisfaction  13 #GetSuccess  @Your Twitter Handle! I only want praise!Hiding topic types
  14. 14. @getsatisfaction  14 #GetSuccess  @Your Twitter Handle! Encourage tagging!Improve categorization
  15. 15. @getsatisfaction  15 #GetSuccess  @Your Twitter Handle! Fancify titles!Employee – Champion titles
  16. 16. @getsatisfaction  16 #GetSuccess  @Your Twitter Handle! Encourage engagement!“Subscribe” button
  17. 17. @getsatisfaction  17 #GetSuccess  @Your Twitter Handle! Gamify your community!Badgeville integrationAMAZING!!!
  18. 18. @getsatisfaction  18 #GetSuccess  @Your Twitter Handle! Tile, labelFacebook app customization
  19. 19. @getsatisfaction  19 #GetSuccess  @Your Twitter HandleQuestionsAnswers.