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Scale Your Business with a Customer Community


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Restaurants on the Run (ROTR) - the nation’s largest corporate-focused restaurant marketing service - uses an online community to scale their support as they expand nationwide...all while continuing to provide an excellent customer experience.

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Scale Your Business with a Customer Community

  1. 1. Scale Your Business with a Customer CommunityAndrew LambertMarketing Programs ManagerRestaurants on the RunHanna JohnsonMarketing ManagerGet Satisfaction
  2. 2. About Get Satisfaction Get Satisfaction helps companies create engaging customer experiences by fostering online conversations about their products and services at every stage of the lifecycle. . 35 million 70,000 consumers/ Customer month Communities To ask questions, Connect with each other share ideas and the companies they and report problems care about Twitter: #Custserv @Getsatisfaction 2
  3. 3. Drive Real Business Results 1,000 Product Champions per Month Client feedback and insight into R&D 1200 Product Ideas from the Community 50% Decrease in Support Costs 75% Reduction in Support Tickets 9 Brand Communities Twitter: #Custserv @Getsatisfaction 3
  4. 4. Agenda Restaurants on the Run Background Our Customer’s Needs Business Challenges Learning From Online Chat Support Solution Requirements Get Satisfaction Solution Questions and Answers Twitter: #Custserv @Getsatisfaction 4
  5. 5. Background Nation’s largest corporate-focused restaurant delivery service Founded in 1993 in Orange County, CA Over 1500 restaurants throughout 9 Cities Over 4 million successful orders to more than 15 million people Twitter: #Custserv @Getsatisfaction 5
  6. 6. Customer Needs Our Target Customer: “Lindsey” 90% of our customers are female Between the ages of 24-36 Office Admin / Assistant / Manager Busy Schedules / Multi-TaskersProvide order options in addition to phone but with same great service Twitter: #Custserv @Getsatisfaction 6
  7. 7. Learnings From Online Chat Launch Jan 2012 launched online chat Over 900 chats during the month of Feb 2012 All the same questions / concerns / web errors Marketing: Customers needed to be educated on promotions and about ROTR Technology: Website needed improvement in some areas Sales: Help Sales leverage chat External Operations: Where is my order? Twitter: #Custserv @Getsatisfaction 7
  8. 8. Challenge: Scale Support, Faster Resolution Expanding rapidly across the country – Needed scalable one-on-one interactions Expected Customer Service Levels – Avg. Wait Time Of Phone Call Under 25 Seconds – Avg. Wait Time Of Chat Under 20 Seconds – Leverage Knowledge Base / Food Experts – Provide Simple Fast Service – Make Our Customer “Look Good” Twitter: #Custserv @Getsatisfaction 8
  9. 9. Challenge: Existing Support Channels Call Center – Avoid large expansion of call center – Reduce call volume while maintaining wait times – Share the knowledge of our call center Chat – Provides 1-on-1 that our customer expects, but can have 4-6 customers at one time. – Keep wait times low with same service levels Twitter: #Custserv @Getsatisfaction 9
  10. 10. Solution Requirements Enable customers to “tap-into” our food knowledge Online only solution that can scale with the growth Easy for customers to use / great website integration Effective chat and phone deflection Implement with limited organizational resources Twitter: #Custserv @Getsatisfaction 10
  11. 11. Solution: Get Satisfaction Community Why Get Satisfaction Working With Get Satisfaction Integration Process Twitter: #Custserv @Getsatisfaction 11
  12. 12. Implementation Multiple entry points – Homepage – Every restaurant page – Within chat window Integrated – With homegrown CRM – With Valero Chat Twitter: #Custserv @Getsatisfaction 12
  13. 13. Homepage
  14. 14. Restaurant Page
  15. 15. Within Chat
  16. 16. Business Benefits Expand nationwide without adding staff Chat volume is steady as business grows Enhanced NPS Score Faster onboarding of new employees Twitter: #Custserv @Getsatisfaction 16
  17. 17. Get A Hold Of Me Twitter: @insertanything Facebook: /insertanything Email: Twitter: #Custserv @Getsatisfaction 17
  18. 18. Contact us! Call (877) 339-3997 or visit us