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Channel Four - A2 Media

  1. 1. A 2 M E D I A S T U D I E S Channel 4
  2. 2. Background Information  Launched in 1982 as an ad funded public service broadcaster for audiences not served by the BBC or ITV, Channel 4 is and always has been different. It takes creative risks that others avoid. It offers fresh perspectives for a diverse society. And it does it on a big enough scale to make a difference, not just to British media, but to Britain itself. What Channel Four are for  To nurture new talent and original ideas  To champion alternative voices and fresh perspectives  To challenge people to see the world differently  To inspire change in people's lives Key Stats  Viewers turn to Channel 4 both to be entertained and educated with ABC1 16-44s rating Channel 4 as the best terrestrial channel for provocative documentaries, original and best reality TV and mould breaking comedy. Advertisers can align their brands with our engaging, award winning content to reach this attractive and ample audience.  Channel 4 has a strong brand image being seen by ABC1 16-44s as being more trend setting, controversial (in a good way), provocative, innovative and ground breaking than any other terrestrial channel.  Due to our challenging and alternative programming, Channel 4 resonates particularly strongly with young (27% 16-34 profile compared to 24% for average UK adult*) and upmarket viewers (44% ABC1 profile compared to 41% for average UK adult*). In addition, among ABC1 16-44s, Channel 4's advertising is seen as more relevant than any other terrestrial channel.  If you want to engage with 21 million ABC1s and 11.6 million 16-34s, look no further than Channel 4.
  3. 3. Background Information • The Channel 4 service was established under the broadcasting act 1981 and was originally provided by the Independent Broadcasting Authority (which no longer exists). • Channel 4 is a television broadcaster which began transmission on 2nd November 1982. It transmits across the whole of the UK, except some parts of Wales which are covered by the Welsh language. • It is available on all digital platforms as well as through conventional analogue transmission. • Channel 4 does not produce its own programmes but commissions them from more than 300 independent production companies right across the UK, making it the major stimulus and outlet for Britain’s highly successful independent production sector. It invests heavily in training and talent development through the industry. • As well as the main Channel 4 service, the Channel Four Group operates a variety of pay channels, including the E4 entertainment channel, E4+1, and three film channels. Through its Film Four division it produces and co-produces feature films for the UK and global markets. • It also operates a wide variety of online and broadband services that cover entertainment, information, education, heath, careers and many other areas. More than three quarters of the UK’s population watch Channel 4 services in the course of an average week.
  4. 4. Background Information  Channel 4 has world class reputation in documentaries based on its history of bold storytelling and innovative use of technology. Over the past thirty years, many of their most signification commissions have been the result of taking on ideas no one else would have been brave enough to try. Their biggest single notes to producers has always been to bring us the most daring and controversial ideas.  Channel 4 is building a substantial sports portfolio including Racing and Athletics. A major landmark in the history of sport at Channel 4 is the Paralympics which came to London on August 29th 2012. Channel 4 won the broadcast and online rights and showed more coverage than ever before and to market the games with the biggest campaign in Channel 4’s history.  Here are some of the sporting programmes Channel 4 broadcast. Channel 4 is available on demand and a wide range of social networking sites making it accessible 24/7.
  5. 5. Social Networking • Channel Four have both a Facebook and Twitter page. Over 138,000 people have liked their Facebook page. On twitter, Channel Four have 232,077 followers. A clever marketing tool that Channel Four have done is recommend their other pages such as E4, Documentaries On 4 and Channel 4 News. This raises awareness of all aspects of Channel 4 and encourages users of Facebook to like other pages. Channel Four also updates statuses raising awareness about upcoming programmes that Channel 4 are broadcasting.
  6. 6. Branding – Logo  Channel 4 has a logo which is used as a strong marketing tool. The consumers instantly know when they see this logo that it is Channel 4. It is used to make the consumers aware of which channel to access the programmes they want to view as well as creating a strong brand identity. • In print, the facia of the logo is invisible, so that is integrates with its surroundings. We see its distinctive shadow overlaying photographs, illustrations and textures. The logo always foregrounds the real stars the channel – the shows. • The Channel 4 logo has been designed to reproduce at a minimum height of 10mm. On the web the minimum size of the logo is 30 pixels deep. There is no maximum reproduction size of the logo.
  7. 7. Branding – Logo Logo Position – Many brands place their logos in the bottom right position of the page. However, Channel 4 places its logo in a distinctive centre right position. This is unique to the channel as it there instantly recognizable. Isolation Area – The Channel 4 identity should always be surrounded by a minimum area of space. The area of isolation ensures that headlines, text or other visual elements do not encroach on the logo. The area is defined by using a third of the high of the logo.
  8. 8. Marketing – Competition Channel Four often put on many competitions to raise awareness of not only Channel Four itself but promote other products. Country Life butter sponsored Channel Four’s programme Blighty. The aim was to reinforce the “Britishness” of Country Life Butter and build on the John Lydon creative that had just launched. Country Life received branding on all launch marketing and menu boards. After the initial sponsorship Blighty created the Best of British programme strand which Country Life sponsored for 12 months. The campaign reached 23 million adults and Country Life saw a +27% rise in sales over the period. Country Life was the third most spontaneously recalled butter brand during the campaign. Brand perception increased:- Blightly viewers were more positive to the brand and felt that the sponsorship was appropiate Blighty viewers were 85% more likely to say Country Life is made in Britain. As the partnership, Blighty viewers significantly more likely to purchase Country Life butter than non-viewers.
  9. 9. Channel 4 Mobile Trend Research Objectives:  To uncover the latest consumer trends on mobile usage and interest in mobile services among 16-54 year olds.  To understand levels of dual screen (TV and mobile) usage  To identify how Channel 4 can work with advertisers within the mobile category to enhance their brand perceptions Key findings  Mobile internet usage is widespread among early adopters and is rapidly moving to the mainstream fuelled by the increased popularity of smartphones.  The mobile interest is adding to overall internet use rather than cannibalizing it with different usage between mobiles and PCs/laptops.  60% of smart phone owners dual screen with their phones while watching TV which can both complement a programme and act as a gateway for calls to action.  Channel 4 portfolio viewers are more likely than the average to be daily mobile internet users and interested in social networking. Brand Synergy - is a marketing phenomenon in which the association of two or more brands will create an appeal to the consumer stronger than the sum of the appeal of each product.  The data also allowed Channel Four to create brand maps, plotting mobile phone brands against channels, platforms and programmes in order to analyze the possible effect of media tie-up on brand perceptions.
  10. 10. Audiences
  11. 11. Mobile Internet Access – Channel 4
  12. 12. Overnight Statistics
  13. 13. Source: Public Impact Tracker. Fieldwork conducted between 30th July – 27th August 2009; 2,010 online interviews among adults aged 16+ 8% 7% 16% 11% 5% 8% 24% 21% 6% 5% It makes me think about things in new and different ways It gives me new ideas BBC1 BBC2 ITV1 Channel 4 five % saying each channel is best for statement Q. Which of these TV channels, if any, do the following statements most apply to? TV Can Inspire Change
  14. 14. Results From Channel 4’s Public Impact Survey  Results from Channel 4’s recent Public Impact survey show that Channel 4 programmes in particular inspire viewers to:  Think differently about a subject  Think about changing something in their own lives  Try something new or different after watching  Look for further information elsewhere  And most of all, to talk to others about the programmes they have watched  The survey measured 26 Channel 4 programmes from a range of genres in terms of how much they inspire change. 20 of these 26 programmes inspired change in at least 70% of viewers.  1 in 4 viewers of Kirsty’s Homemade Home tried something new or different after watching the programme and almost 2 in 5 have looked for further information elsewhere after watching the show.  2 in 5 River Cottage viewers tried something new or different as a result of watching, while 1 in 4 thought about changing something in their lives.  Sex Education Show vs Pornography and Supersize vs. Superskinny both inspired change among 4 in every 5 viewers.  More than 1 in 4 viewers tried something new and different after watching Gok’s Fashion Fix
  15. 15. Marketing – Thinkbox & IAB  Thinkbox is the television marketing body for the main UK commercial broadcasters - Channel 4, UKTV, GMTV, ITV, Sky Media, and Turner Media Innovations.  Thinkbox work with the UK marketing community with a single ambition: to help customers get the best out of television. TV today has more to offer advertisers than ever before not least as it remains at the heart and soul of popular culture. From engagement with targeted audiences to innovative and affordable solutions, TV is working to combine new technology and information to offer customers real proof that we can help them achieve their marketing objectives.  The Internet Advertising Bureau is a recognized trade body for the online marketing medium for the internet marketing industry.  With so much choice of information and such a fast pace of change, the IAB is a trustworthy source of knowledge on Internet Marketing. It provides users and members with research about the medium, topical events, lunchtime seminars, a networking directory and much more.
  16. 16. Channel Four – Website & 4OD Channel Four is accessible 24/7 on demand. It also has a website that viewers can access and be informed about upcoming programmes and watch Channel Four live. Viewers can access programmes on 4 on demand as well as on Channel Four’s YouTube page.
  17. 17. Channel 4 skews upmarket and female 16-34 35-44 45-54 55+ Men Wome n ABC1 C2DE Source: BARB/Techedge, Q2 2013 Audience Technologies &
  18. 18. 16-34 35-44 45- 54 55+ Men Wome n ABC1 C2DE E4 viewers are young and upmarket Source: BARB/Techedge, Q2 2013 Audience Technologies &
  19. 19. 16-34 35-44 45-54 55+ ABC1 C2DE Men Wome n More4 viewers are older and upmarket Source: BARB/Techedge, Q2 2013 Audience Technologies &
  20. 20. 16-34 35-44 45-54 55+ ABC1 C2DE Women Men Film4 viewers are older and male Source: BARB/Techedge, Q2 2013 Audience Technologies &
  21. 21. Men Wome n ABC1 C2DE 16-34 35-44 45-54 55+ Box TV viewers are young and female Source: BARB/Techedge, Q2 2013 Audience Technologies &