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RSA Style Animation


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Simple slides used to support an RSA s

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RSA Style Animation

  1. 1. Factors affecting development RSA styley Share Planning. Review Practice Narrate Script Film
  2. 2. Planning Share . PlanningReview Practice Narrate Script Film Summary / Conclusion Link Case and Most Study / Factor important Example 2 Intro Factor
  3. 3. Planning Share . PracticeReview Practice Script Narrate Script Film This lesson 1. Be able to produce your animation drawing in one ‘take.’ 2. Produce a script that matches your animation. Provides specific detail and goes into depth.
  4. 4. Planning Share . NarrateReview Practice Narrate Script Film This lesson 1. Record your narration and export the video.
  5. 5. Planning Share . ReviewReview Practice Narrate Script FilmFactor How the factors limit or help a countrys development ExampleCultureHistoryGovernment/ PoliticsNaturalResourcesDebt