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Quality of Summary           My honest evaluation- what           Strategies put forward to
other, which made the         The boy could’ve stood up as
                                conversation more formal.     h...
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Preliminary evaluation report1


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Preliminary evaluation report1

  1. 1. PRELIMINARY EVALUATION SHEET Quality of Summary My honest evaluation- what Strategies put forward to was done well and what was make sure a high quality is not of good standard? Try to maintained. cite specific example and moments from your video Quality of holding a shot We used a tripod, which The tripod on the table was steady held a steady shot. We not professional. A tripod with balanced the tripod on the longer legs could have been table at one point in order to used. create a low shot camera angle of the conversation taking place. Quality of the framing shots We filmed over the Characters should be character’s shoulders, positioned correctly and enabling the audience to perhaps more close up shots feel like they are watching could have been used. through the eyes of that character Quality of shooting material Our shoot was to be set as a We could’ve paid more appropriate to the task set- casual conversation. attention to the conversation i.e. the content of your film However, our filming and and the movement of pre and post editing was contextual dialect made the characters. consistent with the exam shoot unnatural directives Quality of selecting mise-en- We were able to get a table We should distinguish who scène including colour, figure, situated in the middle of the the characters are, where lighting, objects and setting; room. However, we did not they are, and age in order to pay specific attention to supply costume and costume, lighting and color. significant mise en scene. A piece of paper signified Lighting should’ve been the will acknowledged. Perhaps a dim light could have been used to enhance bad news Quality of editing so that We edited the shots so that We could have used more meaning is apparent to the the character that was close up shots on Jordan to viewer speaking was in shot. We show facial expression and also used different angles emotion to the audience. when filming the scene. However, we did not spend much time on editing Quality of using sound with We did not use any sound We could have perhaps used images and editing effects but we did use the music in minor key to appropriately for the task set; sound of the door opening in enhance the effect of the order to create a reaction news to the audience shot in the other character (to turn around) Quality of positioning and The characters were We should’ve engaged movements of actors positioned opposite each movement in the characters.
  2. 2. other, which made the The boy could’ve stood up as conversation more formal. he said the news. The girl We did not pay specific could’ve buried her head in attention to the movements her hands to exaggerate of the characters. For emotion. example both characters stayed seated and in the same position throughout the scene which may have been un natural. Quality of group planning, We filmed in class only, so We could’ve organized meeting targets, organization the process of filming was meeting in our free periods or quite long at lunch/break to film and edit which would’ve just taken one day instead of three. Group dynamics i.e. how did The grouped worked very We did not discuss who your group work together well together. We discussed would edit the film until we who would film, who would had filmed the shot. This act in it and together we caused disagreements and decided on the script so preventing this, we should’ve everyone contributed organized this factor at the equally. beginning, rather than the end. Other points of evaluation ( e.g. equipment related etc)