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Preliminary Task Evaluation Report


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Preliminary Task Evaluation Report

  1. 1. PRELIMINARY EVALUATION SHEET Quality of Summary My honest evaluation- what Strategies put forward to was done well and what was make sure a high quality is not of good standard? Try to maintained. cite specific example and moments from your video Quality of holding a shot The camera wasn’t held Using a tripod will allow for steady particularly still; it was steady shots as the camera slightly shaky when filming will not be moved and will shots that involved the have a steady place to rest camera to be still and on. During shots where the extremely shaky. This camera must follow the particularly when the actor actors, we may need to move crosses the room and sits the camera across a flat down; the camera is shaky surface or simply pan the while following her and camera instead to record the struggles to keep both scene. actors in shot when panning around them. Quality of the framing shots The majority of the shots are We will need to film from close ups, but there is a long different distances to make shot at the beginning of the sure that all the shots are not task. the same. In particular we will need to film a medium or medium-long shot. Quality of shooting material We were able to follow the Once we have decided on the appropriate to the task set- instructions of the task. Our script and storyboard for the i.e. the content of your film preliminary film includes an final task, we will need to pre and post editing was actor opening and passing follow the instructions exactly consistent with the exam through a door, crossing a to achieve the same quality of directives room. Dialogue is also work. exchanged and different camera techniques were used (i.e. match-on-action; 180-degree rule) Quality of selecting mise-en- The actors were not given To improve the appearance scène including colour, figure, any specific directions as to of our film, we will need to lighting, objects and setting; what to wear, which meant give specific instructions to that the overall task seemed our actors concerning what more casual and less they should wear. In addition businesslike. In addition we we may need to bring our had no control over the own props and shoot in lighting, but the scene was certain parts of the adequately lit. environment to create what we want. Quality of editing so that The shots match up well We will need to continue meaning is apparent to the together and we are able to using this quality of work for viewer understand what is going on our final product so that the by watching the task. finished film makes sense and is in order.
  2. 2. Quality of using sound with Because of the location that We will need to choose a images and editing we filmed at, there was location at a specific time so appropriately for the task set; unwanted background noise other people will not be which made it harder to hear around and therefore what the actors were saying. decrease the quality of the work with background noise, etc. In addition we will need to make sure the actors speak loud enough so the camera picks up on the dialogue. Quality of positioning and The movement of the actors In the final product we will movements of actors was not scripted; all they need to specify how the knew was what they should actors move so that we can be doing. Because of this gain the right sense for the their actions were casual but film (i.e. suspenseful, etc). seemed natural. In addition, We will also need to make the characters were mainly sure that actors are in the center of the screen – continually in the middle of at no part did the characters the frame unless otherwise seem cut off unless they stated, so that the quality of were walking offscreen. work does not suffer. Quality of group planning, The script was detailed The script will need to be meeting targets, organization enough for the actors to more detailed, containing know what they should be information such as the types doing; the storyboard also of shots used for each part of allowed us to know how to the script. The storyboard film it and what shots should should also include how long be used. Everything was each shot should be filmed completed on time and all for so we have a better idea the actors were able to work of how the film is going to together at the same time; look before we film it. no parts were filmed separately. Group dynamics i.e. how did Our group worked well To be able to produce a high your group work together together, however because standard of work for the final there are only two people in product we will need to our group we had to ask continue to work well another person to be an together. Since we will need actor in our preliminary task. to ask other people to work with us (i.e. as actors), we will need to pick people that appear on time and are willing to do the work. Other points of evaluation We had forgotten how to Before we do the filming we ( e.g. equipment related etc) use the camera before we will need to make sure that began filming and had to the camera is in working ask another person to order and we know how to refresh our memory; we also use it. In addition we will had to remember how to use need to use the editing
  3. 3. the editing software. software before we start editing our final product so we know how to use it properly.