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Pre Lim Task Analysis Sheet


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Pre Lim Task Analysis Sheet

  1. 1. G324 Advanced Portfolio        Pre‐liminary trailer task Evaluation Sheet    Trailer Titles – font  Camera shot  Camera  Voice over,  Music choice  choice, size,  type,  movement and  dialogue  and pace of  colour,  composition,  angle  editing  positioning,  framing  name of film    The titles tell The shots The camera The voice over The music is   the name of show that the was mostly is ambiguous. good because the film and characters are stationary it suits the Watched the actors, scared and which is not There is no genre and dialogue.   which were give the sense very creates the   intended to be of the genre. interesting. desired the USP. The atmosphere.   There should There should white font have been a have been The music   against the bigger more good have black variation in movement and been edited background is the type if experimenting better to fit appropriate shots to keep it with angles. better with the for the genre. interesting. action on The font is Night vision is screen.
  2. 2. G324 Advanced Portfolio        Pre‐liminary trailer task Evaluation Sheet    effective for appropriate in the genre. some places but is overused. The narrative is quite unclear because there aren’t any shots of the antagonist.   The colour They had a They explored - The music was choice for the number of a range of very good to Trapped font was different types angles, which create tension appropriate of shots, mid varied the and build it   and gave the shots, close perspective of up. It also tells   right ups. the audience, the genre. The   connotations. keeping it punctuation in The titles interesting. the music
  3. 3. G324 Advanced Portfolio        Pre‐liminary trailer task Evaluation Sheet    convey the fitted to the genre because action on they tell the screen. actors, name of film etc that are appropriate with the genre. I think a better font could have been used The titles were There were The movement The voice over The pace of the useful to tell varying types is different for successfully music suggests the name of of shots, like each shot. The gives an idea the genre and the film and close-ups, mid handheld of the so is effective The when it was shots etc at movement is a narrative in create Caretaker coming out. different good without giving atmosphere. It The font levels. Which technique in too much was also in
  4. 4. G324 Advanced Portfolio        Pre‐liminary trailer task Evaluation Sheet    identified the keeps the the genre. away. time with the genre. audience shots on   However there interested as screen. More titles were no   it’s not all the could have dialogue shots.   same. been used to give an idea of the narrative and characters.   Key advice for improving practical skills for main trailer task: Get a bigger variety of shots