Preliminary Task Evaluation Report


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Preliminary Task Evaluation Report

  1. 1. PRELIMINARY EVALUATION SHEET Quality of Summary My honest evaluation- what Strategies put forward to was done well and what was make sure a high quality is not of good standard? Try to maintained. cite specific example and moments from your video Quality of holding a shot Shots throughout clip are To maintain efficiency steady relatively steady, as seen in perhaps a tripod could have beginning of clip. All shots been used to ensure we are fluent and turn into filmed everything we wanted matched cuts which is what without missing anything as we intended to do. Such as well as maintaining a steady in beginning of clip, the shot. Also retakes could’ve matched cuts show the been taken to make sure that actress walking towards the we perfected our film. door, opening the door and heading towards the table. Quality of the framing shots We used various shots Use a broader variety of including the close up during framing shots. Shots, which dialogue to allow the show more of the scenery or audience to connect with the environment, could make characters. Medium shots of things clearer to the both characters in story audience. giving a sense of the environment and perhaps the motives of the characters that are shown to be there. Reverse shots are used during the dialogue scene to make the film seem fast paced. Quality of shooting material Our film contained various Film could try and spread our appropriate to the task set- shots such as the tracking message clearer to audience i.e. the content of your film shot in the beginning of the to help them comprehend pre and post editing was clip as we follow someone what we’re trying to do. Make consistent with the exam walking towards a door. Our sure anything unwanted in directives shots allowed us to spread the scene is covered or the message and removed- Such as additional atmosphere we had people in certain shots could intended. The timing of our be asked to move. shots was also critical as we tried to make our shots fast and still convey a theme of our film- this was further enhanced by our editing.
  2. 2. Quality of selecting mise-en- All mise en scene was More props to engage scène including colour, figure, natural with hardly any audience, not enough used in lighting, objects and setting; props, giving our film a more our film. distinguished sense of reality. We had used our school as the base and scenes with dialogue we had used a table some chairs and a water bottle, and this simplicity and lack of mise en scene allowed us to make the characters seem more interactive to the audience rather than take the chance of them being distracted by too many objects or colors in the background, to the extent that people misunderstand our characters representations. Quality of editing so that All editing made sure that Make credits for film using meaning is apparent to the there was nothing editing techniques. Adding viewer unnecessary to distract the titles and controlling the audience or to make the clip speed of them. drag on. Our editing made sure that only bare essentials were shown, leaving some questions unanswered so that the audience wants more. Quality of using sound with Diegetic sound used. No Try to input music or sound images and editing other forms of sound were via editing techniques to set appropriately for the task set; added. an atmosphere for movie. Quality of positioning and Actors moved casually, Actor’s movement more movements of actors done in first take, did not re casual, and less restrictive or film any thing, as the first camera shy. Having higher time was what we had standards. wanted. In our film all characters were positioned in the center of the camera and nothing was cut out which is good considering we were holding a steady shot without a tripod. Quality of group planning, Planned as soon as set, Plan deadlines in advance- meeting targets, organization very organized to get props Plot, Characters etc.
  3. 3. and started filming straight away after all characters needed in film were assembled. Group dynamics i.e. how did Very well, extremely easy Spending more time with your group work together and fast to understand and each other, briefing work with each other, we everybody what we want had gone over the plot achieved on our project enough times to know what rather than them not knowing we had to do straight away. a thing about what we’re doing. Other points of evaluation Very well organized in More equipment could have ( e.g. equipment related etc) getting equipment and been taken to ensure that a keeping it safe until project better quality of shots were was finished and all made e.g. Tripod equipment returned.