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Remembering steve


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What can we learn from Steve Jobs. Here are some quotes from his life which give an insight to how to be a better person.

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Remembering steve

  1. Remembering Steve Jobs(Lessons learned from his life) by @Geekaholic & @Chanux)
  2. He was a geek
  3. He was an artist
  4. He was a showman
  5. He was ...‣ Enthusiastic‣ Charismatic‣ Private‣ Secretive‣ Ruthless‣ Perfectionist
  6. He was iConic
  7. inspirational
  8. Connecting the dots can onlybe done looking back. Believing the dots will somehow connect to follow your dreams.
  9. If you do something and itssuccessful you should move onand do the next thing without lingering on too much
  10. The first thing I did when I gotback to Apple was to get rid of old stuff by donating it to Stanford.
  11. Remembering I will be deadsoon was the best way I knewof not to fall in to the trap of think you have something to loose.
  12. influential
  13. Steve was able to score somememory chips from intel - Woz
  14. Do you want to sell sugar andwater for the rest of your lifeor do you want to change the world!
  15. Convince record labels at a time of high music piracy 0.99¢ Music Store
  16. You worry about the network, we’ll worry about the phone
  17. insight
  18. “People who are serious about software should do their own hardware” - Alan Kay
  19. It’s not the customers job to know what they want
  20. Focusing is not about saying yes it’s about saying no.
  21. We’re the biggest startup on the Planet
  22. Do you know how manycommittees we have at Apple? 0!
  23. You have to be run by ideas nothierarchy, the best ideas have to win or great people wont stay
  24. The way we have succeeded is by choosing which horses to ride very carefully.
  25. Good artists copy. Great artists steal! - Van Gogh
  26. iValues
  27. Insanely great!
  28. Well, you know, I dont think interms of market shares, I thinkin terms of us making the best personal computers in the world...
  29. You cant con people in thisbusiness. The products speak for themselves
  30. Real artists ship!
  31. Being the richest man in thecemetery doesn’t matter to me...
  32. One more thing
  33. Stay hungry. Stay foolish