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Toys R Us


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Toys R Us

  1. 1. INTRO
  2. 2. A Simple Commodity we talk about society viewing toys a just a commodity giving which leans to target and wal-marts advantage
  3. 3. Pressure to succeed We discuss has the paper chase or urge to be successful starts earlier and is now more intense
  4. 4. where that leaves toys and toys r us A sa d state of af fair s.
  5. 5. A shift in thinking TRU needs to create a propiertory emotion around its brand, an emotion that speaks to the problems have discused
  6. 6. Who should care? who should we talk to the problem about, parents of course. we talk about the parents and their lives
  7. 7. Fear:of play. the natural enemy The fear that a french lesson missed is a Yale acceptance letter lost.
  8. 8. What do they know about us?
  9. 9. What do we want them to know? It is Toy R Us’s Responsibility to preserve playtime and keep imagination alive The message we want to deliver to the parents. Our position
  10. 10. The message
  11. 11. The Movement : Print CAPTURED THE 1OTHERS REALITY OF THE WORLD, HE CREATED HIS OWN.4 The work of Pablo Picasso left many questioning much more than art. He created a world that few had ever considered. He opened a door to a place where rules didn’t exist. He helped us see things differently. In today’s highly competitive world, many parents have a hard time encouraging this kind of thinking among their kids. Probably because of the countless studies that claim to know what’s best for our children –everything from private tutors to piano lessons. But there’s more to life than appointments and activities. At Toys “R” Us, we understand this. We know how important it is for kids to just be kids. In fact, it’s all we’ve known for nearly 60 years now. Which is exactly why our new stores offer today’s kids even more excitement, letting them do what they do best: play. Because, for us, it’s bigger than toys. It’s about seeing the world that could be. With endless imagination, anything’s possible. Keeping Imagination Alive
  12. 12. The Movement : Print CHILD DREAMS OF FLYING. 1EVERY TWO MADE IT POSSIBLE.4 Everyone thought that the Wright brothers were out of their minds. Until they achieved the impossible. And while a lot has changed since the birth of flight, we as a society continue to question the dreamers. Perhaps now more than ever before. With the demands of today, there’s little time for dreaming. But today’s kids have dreams. Big ones. Hidden deep underneath the pressures of what seem to be never-ending schedules. At the new Toys “R” Us, we’re proud to offer a place where kids are free to just be kids. To let their imaginations run wild. To turn their dreams – even the crazy ones – into reality. Because while most see dreamers, we see brilliant ideas waiting to happen. After all, the people brave enough to challenge the world are usually the ones to change it. Keeping Imagination Alive
  13. 13. USED A SINGLE PILE OF 1HE WOOD TO CREATE SOME OF THE MOST CELEBRATED DESIGNS OF OUR TIME.4 For Frank Lloyd Wright, playing was about much more than toys. It was about escaping. It was about exploring. It was about inventing and creating. With a set of basic building blocks, he envisioned architecture most never dreamed possible. Proving once again that kids don’t see things the way we do. They want time away from all the rules. They need to challenge the status quo. Not just for their sake, but for everyone’s. And at the new Toys “R” Us, we see to it that they can. We ensure that there is always a place for children to stretch their imagina- tions. A place where parents can give their kids the greatest gift of all: childhood. Join us as we embrace the magical moments that come from imagi- native play. After all, these are the moments that truly push us all forward. Keeping Imagination Alive
  14. 14. The Movement: Non-Traditional
  15. 15. The Movement: Non-Traditional
  16. 16. The Movement: Non-Traditional
  17. 17. The Movement: Mobile Marketing
  18. 18. The Movement: Mobile Marketing
  19. 19. The Movement: PR
  20. 20. Why Fight This Battle? To Drive Traffic
  21. 21. Why Fight This Battle? The Big Picture
  22. 22. Imagination is more important than knowledge. -Albert Einstein