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JAX 2013: Introducing Eclipse Orion


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JAX 2013: Introducing Eclipse Orion

  1. 1. IntroducingMartin Lippert,, @martinlippertEclipse OrionSoftware Development in the Browser
  2. 2. about meMartin LippertStaff Engineer, R&D, atSpringSource/VMware and lead ofSpring Tool Suite developmentWorking areas• Eclipse Tooling for the Springplatform• Open Source Committer• Aspect-Weaving for OSGi• Cloud IDEs and JavaScript• Agile software development
  3. 3. Eclipse Orion„Open Source Platformfor Cloud Based Development“This is not the Eclipse IDE in the browserThis is not the Eclipse RAP project
  4. 4. Why (web | cloud | browser) ?
  5. 5. Innovation happens here
  6. 6. The JavaScript Story
  7. 7. We are already thereBugzilla, Hudson, Jenkins, Bamboo, JiraGitHub, Gerritdocumentation(„google“ first) helpFirebug,Web Inspector, Chrome Dev Tools
  8. 8. Eclipse Orionprovides the missing pieces:lightweight and ultra-fast editorfile navigationsearchrunning unit tests
  9. 9. Eclipse Orion(all JavaScript client)Editor ComponentJSLintnavigatorGit integrationsite hostingsign-onEclipse Orion(hosted or local)serve JS/HTMS/CSS/files searchOSGi (Java)Git integration sign-oncontent assistfolding
  10. 10. Eclipse OrionNow live...
  11. 11. Extensibilityclient-side extensibility (via plugins)under the hood:sandboxed via hidden iframespuristic API
  12. 12. Orion is very modular& re-usablee.g.Scripteda lightweight JavaScript editorthat runs in your browser
  13. 13. Not alone...Cloud 9 IDECodenvyGitHubTypeScript tooling...
  14. 14. Benefitsscalability build-intrivial update mechanismavailable from everywherepowerful UIs possiblemore open...
  15. 15. Challengesnetwork connectivity - offline modewhere is my code?existing tooling not easily transferable(todays tools far away fromusable for day-to-day Java development)
  16. 16. Give it a try:
  17. 17. ResourcesEclipse Orion project
  18. 18. Martin Lippert,, @martinlippertQ&Aand thank you for your attention