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Spring Tooling: What's new and what's coming

The Eclipse-based tooling for Spring has undergo a major restructuring in 2012. Since version 3.0 the famous Spring Tool Suite is now completely restructured, fully open-source, and available at GitHub under an EPL license. This talk explains the changes and restructuring the tool suite went through, and highlights new features for Spring developers. It also provides a look behind the scenes and explains the agile development process and the project rhythm of the development team behind the tool suites from SpringSource/VMware. A brief outlook about what to expect in 2013 will conclude this session.

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Spring Tooling: What's new and what's coming

  1. 1. Mar$n  Lippert  BOF:  SPRING  TOOLING  -­‐  WHATS   NEW  AND  WHATS  COMING   @mar$nlippert  
  2. 2. About  me   Mar9n  Lippert   Staff  Engineer,  R&D,  at  SpringSource/ VMware  and  lead  of  Spring  Tool  Suite   development     Working  areas   •  Eclipse  Tooling  for  the  Spring  plaForm   •  Open  Source  CommiIer   •  Aspect-­‐Weaving  for  OSGi   •  Cloud  IDEs  and  JavaScript   •  Agile  soOware  development  
  3. 3. Overview  •  The  open-­‐sourced  Spring  Tool  Suite   –  New  structure,  new  projects,  new  distribu$ons  •  New  features   –  New  and  noteworthy  •  Release  schedules   –  What  is  next?   –  Outlook  •  Discussion  
  4. 4. Modularized  projects  •  Re-­‐modularized  SpringSource  Tool  Suite:   –  Spring  tooling  (Spring  IDE)   –  Grails  tooling  (Grails  IDE)   –  vFabric  tc  Server  Integra9on  for  Eclipse   –  Gradle  Integra9on  for  Eclipse   –  Cloud  Foundry  Integra9on  for  Eclipse    •  Smaller  components,  smaller  projects,  installable  and   usable  individually  
  5. 5. Open  Source  •  All  those  projects  are  Open  Source  now:   –  EPL  license   –  Hosted  at  GitHub:  hIp://  •  Fully  open  and  transparent  now  •  Contribu$ons  welcome  J  
  6. 6. Distribu9ons  •  We  now  ship  two  distribu$ons  with  each  release:   –  Spring  Tool  Suite  (STS):   hIp://   –  Groovy/Grails  Tool  Suite  (GGTS):   hIp://  •  A  ready  to  use  combina$on  of:   –  Eclipse  JEE   –  Newly  open-­‐sourced  projects  
  7. 7. Summarizing   Groovy/Grails Tool SuiteSpring Tool Suite Grails IDE Spring IDE vFabric tc Server Gradle Integration for Integration for Groovy-Eclipse Eclipse Eclipse Eclipse Integration Commons Maven WTP + AJDT Integration Integration for Maven Eclipse 4.2/3.8 JEE (including Mylyn & Git Integration)
  8. 8. Which  Eclipse  distro?  •  STS/GGTS  3.2.0  distribu$ons  ship  on:   –  Eclipse  Juno  4.2  SR2   –  Eclipse  Juno  3.8  SR2  •  Update  site  available  for:   –  Eclipse  Kepler  4.3   –  Eclipse  Juno  3.8  +  4.2   –  Eclipse  Indigo  3.7  
  9. 9. Spring  Tool  Suite  •  Eclipse  JEE  •  Spring  IDE  •  vFabric  tc  Server  Integra$on  for  Eclipse  •  Maven  Integra$on  for  Eclipse  •  Git  Integra$on  for  Eclipse  
  10. 10. New  and  Noteworthy  •  Live  Beans  Graph   –  First  $me  you  can  see  into  your  running  applica$on  
  11. 11. New  and  Noteworthy  •  Support  for  Spring  Data   –  Project  explorer,  valida$on,  content-­‐assist  
  12. 12. New  and  Noteworthy  •  Improved  Performance          •  A  lot  of  small  improvements  all  over  the  place  
  13. 13. Schedule  •  Releases  shortly  aOer  every  Eclipse  release   –  3.2.0:  March  2013  (aOer  Eclipse  Juno  SR2)   –  3.3.0:  July  2013  (aOer  Eclipse  Kepler)   –  3.4.0:  October  2013  (aOer  Kepler  SR1)  •  Con$nuous  Delivery  in  between   –  2-­‐3  milestones  between  releases   –  Going  public  roughly  every  6  weeks   –  Nightly  builds  always  available  
  14. 14. Contribu9ng  •  Open  Source   –  Instruc$ons  on  each  project  page  covering:   •  How  to  set  up  a  development  environment   •  How  to  run  the  tests   •  The  contribu$on  process  (Jira,  CLA,  pull  request)  •  Or  contribute  by  just  joining  the  forum  discussions,   or  crea$ng  and  vo$ng  on  jiras  
  15. 15. What’s  next?  •  STS/GGTS  3.3.0:   –  M1:  Late  April  2013   –  M2:  Early  June  2013   –  Release:  July  2013  (aOer  Eclipse  Kepler  GA)    
  16. 16. What’s  next?  •  Spring   –  Support  for  Spring  4   –  Improved  annota$on-­‐based  config  support   –  Improved  performance  and  memory  footprint   –  Improved  Cloud  support  (for  Cloud  Foundry)  
  17. 17. Q&A  •  All  ques$ons  are  welcome!!!  •  My  ques$ons  are:   –  What  would  you  like  to  see  in  the  tooling?   –  What  features  do  you  miss?   –  What  are  your  biggest  pain  points?  
  18. 18. Thank  You     Enjoy  the  just  released   Spring  Tool  Suite  3.2.0         Mar$n  Lippert,  @mar$nlippert