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UX talk


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Published in: Technology, Business
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UX talk

  1. 1. Simplifying UXBud & Jude@refreshcolombo
  2. 2. be iterative{Don’t expect to get it right, right away}
  3. 3. let go of the past{Don’t let backwards compatibility stop you}
  4. 4. relate to real world{Skeuomorphism helps. Just don’t over do it!}
  5. 5. narrow (your) user base{Trying to appeal to everyone complicates it}
  6. 6. simplicity vs flexibility{You can’t have both. It’s a tradeoff!}
  7. 7. try new things{More experiences = More creativity}
  8. 8. take a stance{Trying to make everyone happy results in a mediocre design}
  9. 9. minimize clutter{Always ask “is there a compelling reason for it?” }
  10. 10. UX is skin deep!{It’s not just about look & feel. It’s about expression}
  11. 11. thank youFollow us:@geekaholic@judefernando