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Earn in dollar and in peso.

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  1. 1. All Cooperatives must be registered with the Cooperative DevelopmentAuthority (CDA) as mandated Register now: Contact 093923699819520 known as the PHILIPPINE under Republic Act. COOPERATIVE CODE of 2008.
  2. 2. Global Dollar Builder Credit Cooperative Business OpportunityLegalities (Business Permits) Cooperative vs MLM Co.Republic Act No. 9520 Dollar Compensation PlanGDBCC Product and Services Power Peso Compensation PlanAdvantages of GDBCC FREE E-BooksGDBCC Member Benefits Future ProjectsIncome Potential Ways to Earn as a Coop Member Our cooperative promotes thrift and savings among its members and creates funds in order to grant loans for productivity. As much as possible, we do not want you to be depositing your own money to our coop to pay for your share capital for capital build up. Through our unique compensation plan, we will teach you how to do it the cooperative way. The true essence of cooperation is sharing and helping others to prosper.Disclaimer: This presentation is our team’s effort to impart knowledge about businessopportunities Global Dollar Builder Credit Cooperative offers to its members. Register now: Contact 09392369981
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  4. 4. Legalities (Business Permits) Register now: Contact 09392369981
  5. 5. Republic Act No. 9520 Register now: Contact 09392369981
  6. 6. Summary of GDBCC Products & ServicesOnline Member Panel This is the first thing that you will receive once you pay your membership fee. Branded as an e-Coop, we will provide you with your member online site where you will access the benefits our cooperative will give you. Register online in our website, then log in to enter your member panel to access e-Wallet, transfer funds, view earnings, view coop members under you, update profile, etc.E-Books, Software & These are available when you log in to your member site. You can download them, use orVideos resell and keep the profits 100%.Accident Insurance Fill up form, scan it and together with your scanned 2 x 2 ID picture, send it to to process your insurance and your coop ID.Loans 0% interest cash loans from P5,000.00 to P50,000.00; emergency loans; business loans from P80,000 to P500,000; Car and housing loansCoop Share Capital 22 Coop Shares valued at P100 per share so a total of P2,200 per coop memberGDB Wealth Fund If a coop member dies, members will contribute ($2 each) to be given to the family of the deceased member. Maximum amount to be given is $20,000.00.Dividend This is availed yearly. Patronage Refund.Savings Potential A part of your earning will be go to your savings.Business/Earning Once you register as a coop member, you will automatically become part of thisOpportunity opportunity. You earn every time you referred an individual to our cooperative. This is one way of helping our cooperative grow. Put up a Sector Center for more income.Others Power Peso Fund: Hospitalization/Medical Assistance, Scholarships at P8,000 per cycle, Travel Packages at P13,000 per cycle, Health Packages are some additional incentives for July 15, 2012 our coop members. Now: Contact 09392369981 Join jdb.ecoop@gmail.comFuture Projects GDB Appartelle, Housing, Livelihood, etc.
  7. 7. Banks, Lending & Other Cooperatives Global Dollar Builder CooperativeLoan Requirement: Accomplish documents like Once you join as coop member, just share or refer 2proof of income (COE, ITR, Pay slip, deposits, etc.), people you know to join our coop & encourage them tobilling address, need comaker, etc. They will also do refer 2 each, investigation (CI). No Comaker, No Credit InvestigationLoan Interest: Charge 0.5 to 5% Interest Rate 0% Loan Interest RateLoan Approval: 50/50 Chance of approval, may be 100% Approval if complied with the minimumdeclined or get a partial of loan amount applied even requirement. The more coop members under you, theif complied with all requirements greater loan amount to apply.New Coop Members First Loan: Apply for your You can apply for your first loan of P5,000.00 if youfirst loan only if you paid your share capital which have at least 6 coop members under you (your 2 directis the basis of your loanable amount. referral and their 2 each).New Coop Members loan amount: Twice the paid No need to pay for your coop share to apply for yourshare capital. Ex: To loan for P5,000; paid share first loan of P5,000.00. Loan amount increases if thecapital should be P2,500 number of coop members under you increase.Other Coop’s Duration of processing first loan Only 20 days processing for your first loan and theusually takes 1 month or more. next loans will be 7 daysCoop Share Capital: Most cooperatives require you 22 Coop Share valued at P100 per share, total ofto pay in cash or in installment which may range P2,200 to be paid when you reach your second levelfrom P2000 or more. cycle as generated by our systemBusiness/Earning Opportunity: Limited to We help build our coop and our efforts is compensatedDividend/Patronage Refund through Dollar & Peso Earnings. Bounded by the principle of cooperative, we practice by helping one another through the spirit of cooperation. Join Now: Contact 09392369981 July 15, 2012
  8. 8. IS ALL YOU NEED! ! ! and you will get all the coop benefits!!! Register now: Contact 09392369981
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  12. 12. July 15, 2012 Join Now: Contact 09392369981
  13. 13. GDBCC Income potential!We combined the principles of cooperative to our unique system to come up with acompensation plan wherein our coop members will benefit as our cooperative grows. Eachmember is given a chance to earn. Just be open minded to see the beauty and advantages ofthe system compared to a traditional cooperative way. The growth, strength and success of acooperative depends on its members. Using the good side of network marketing, we came upwith a great compensation plan. There is nothing wrong about networking if you have a clearand good motive of helping other people and not to take advantage of them. What we offerhere is an opportunity to join a cooperative without paying out of your pocket your share capital,savings, etc. Your efforts of helping our cooperative grow by just referring and sharing to peopleyou know will be compensated with a chance to earn in dollars and peso.In one way or the other, we did networking in our lives. When we refer good movies wewatched to our family members or friends for them to watch or when we share info of a sale ina mall to people we know, we are actually doing networking but who benefited from out effortsof sharing when our family members or friends watched the movie we endorsed or buy goodson sale in the mall we shared? You have nothing but the owner of the movie theater and mallbenefited from the payments made by the people we referred. Actually, most businesses now adays incorporate networking in their marketing plan because they see the beauty of it. With justa little effort, you can achieve your financial goals.In the next slides, you are going to learn how you are compensated to pay for your sharecapital plus savings and other incentives by just referring or sharing to two people you knowabout the benefits of our cooperative and encouraging them to join our coop. Join Now: Contact 09392369981 July 15, 2012
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  18. 18. How do I qualify for a loan and pay for my Coop Share Capital?When you pay your coop membership fee of $25 or 110 Riyals or P1,100, , you are automatically entered in ourcompensation plan.The Power of TWO (2)On your first level, you just need to refer at least 2 people to be placed on your right and left side then encouragethem to do the same. When your 2 direct referral had 2 under each of them, a total of 6 people under you, we call it acycle. Once you reached this, you are on your first level cycle. What will you get from your first level cycle?You will have the following benefits:You become a regular member of the cooperative (not an associate member).You are part of the Netmap. You have a chance to earn in Dollar and Peso plus Incentives.You will be have your Coop ID.You have P100 in your P500 Wealth Fund.You will have an initial Coop share of 2 valued at P200.You Savings at this point is 0 but don’t worry as you advance to the next cycle, your savings will start to accumulate.As early as this level even if you are just one day or one week as a coop member as long as you completed the cycle,you can apply for your first loan worth P5,0000 at 0% interest. Even if you have only P200 as initial coop share, you arequalified to apply for a P5,000 which in a traditional coop, you need a paid share capital of at least P2,500 for newmembers.In our coop, we promote thriftiness, even if you have less fund in our coop which actually did not come from yourown pocket, you have a chance to apply for a loan. The processing of your first loan is 20 days but the succeeding loansare 7 days. Payment for this loan may come from your earnings soon or you can pay in cash if you want. The paymentterm for your first loan is 3 months minimum . Pay on time to be in good standing to avail bigger loans and earnings. A1% interest will be charged for delinquent accounts.Actually, you only need 2 people to avail the above benefits because the other 4 individuals under you are referrals ofyour 2 referrals. Imagine if each get s2 to join our cooperative consistently, you will have great income as shown in thenext cycles in the next slides. Register now: Contact 09392369981
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  20. 20. At this level, every time the coop members cycle, our system generate 1 to be under yoursecond level and when it reached 6 people on your second level, you will have a totalcommission of $75 plus $5 direct referral because we believe that you have other peopleyou know who wants to joint the coop apart from the initial 2 you referred.What would happen to your direct referrals?In this case, if you have other direct referrals, you will have $5 dollar per referral. Thebeauty of the compensation plan is that you only have left and right and once you filledthem, the other direct referrals will be spilled over to your group or to the people underyou which is one way of helping your group grow and cycle for more income. Helping oneanother is one of the characteristic of a cooperative and we are applying here.At your second level cycle, you will have the following benefits:Your Wealth Fund of P500 will be fully paid.Your remaining 20 coop share capital will be fully paid valued at P2,000 plus the P200 inlevel 1 for a total share of P2,200.You have a Saving of P600.At this cycle level, your 22 coop share is already paid. You be a part owner of thecooperative because you have paid for you share capital. Coop share stock certificate willbe given to you. You only made little efforts, you paid your lifetime membership and justreferred 2 people to our coop. You can now move to the next level. Since you have a paidup share capital, the next earning will go to your savings. This will not stop because thepeople under you will surely refer also because they want to earn and have their coopshare be paid also. Register now: Contact 09392369981
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  22. 22. On your third cycle level, your commission will be $200 plus if you have direct referrals,you will have $7.50 per referral at this level.Your savings at this point is P8,000.00.You can also apply for bigger loans at this stage.You can advance to the next level.Remember that you only referred initially 2 people, but the potential to grow big is thereas long as each member religiously do his/her part as a coop member to share to othersthe benefits our cooperative offer.What if some members stop sharing or referring, other members will do because of thepotential earning and we have spillovers from members who have many direct referrals.Again, the spirit of cooperation, helping and sharing are the key elements of ourcooperative so we do not stop because we are helping one another improve ones lives.We are part of the success of other coop members bonded by the principles ofcooperative . Register now: Contact 09392369981
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  24. 24. On your fourth cycle level, your commission will be $400 plus $10 perdirect referral if you have.You can convert your dollar earning to peso.Your savings at this level is P16,000.00.Your dollar earning potential will not end here, you will proceed tothe next level. Register now: Contact 09392369981
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  26. 26. When you reach your 5th cycle level, your commission will $800 plus $10 per directreferral.At this level, your savings is P32,000.00.You can withdraw a portion of your money earn or apply for bigger loans.At the succeeding levels, you will earn continuous commission as your group grows.You can have the following incentives every time you cycle in the succeeding levels:FREE Medical AssistanceScholarship worth P8,000.00Tour Package worth P13,000.00What we have shown you is a thrift way to become a coop member, apply for a loan,pay for you coop share without getting from your own pocket, avail for bigger loans,or even pay for your loan through your earning.As mentioned, you can view or monitor your group and earnings online in yourmember profile. Register now: Contact 09392369981
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  28. 28. To Summarize:On your first level, once you cycle, you become a On your fifth level, when you cycle, you willregular coop member with paid share capital of 2 earn a commission of $800. This will go toshares valued at P200 plus P100 Wealth Fund. You your savings. You can withdraw or use tocan apply for your first loan. You will be upgraded to pay outstanding loans if any.the next level. Your cycle will not end here because as theOn your second level, you will earn $75 commission people under you continuous to grow inplus $5 per direct referral. Your coop share and wealth number, you continue to cycle and everyfund will be fully paid at this level and have a saving time you cycle, you will earn commissionsof P600. You can move to the next level. like $600, $500 etc. plus incentives every time you cycle like FREE Health packages,On your third level, you will earn $200 commission Scholarships worth P8,000 and Tourplus $7.5 per direct referral. Since your coop share is Packages worth P13,000.fully paid, all earnings will be deposited to yoursavings which you can withdraw or use to pay for any Here, we promote cooperation, thrift way tooutstanding loan if you have. You can advance to the pay your coop share, avail loans, and earningnext level. potential by just doing your duties as a coop member, sharing the benefits to others.On your fourth level, once you cycle, you will earn$400 commission plus $10 per direct referral. All Contact us now to become coop memberscommissions at this level will go to your savings. You and enjoy these benefits, dollar earning.can withdraw or use to pay for you loans if you haveoutstanding coop loan. You can also apply for bigger Your earnings will not end here because youamount of loans if you have no outstanding loan but have the PESO Power Incentives.need money. You can now move to the next level. July 15, 2012 Join Now: Contact 09392369981
  29. 29. 2 Direct Referral System Left Right A BLeft Side Right Side On your Direct Downline on right side, all LEG A each P500 as direct referral unlimited Register now: Contact 09392369981
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  34. 34. FREE e-BOOKSE-Books, Software, Graphics, VideosLife Time MembershipGDB Credit Cooperative & Yearly Accident Life InsuranceUnlimited Commission– $50 to $800 per cycle matrix plus P500 POWER PESO Referral Income – system will automatically put your downlines Register now: Contact 09392369981
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  37. 37. Don’t Miss the Real chance of financial freedom and greater well-being Join Now: Contact 09392369981July 15, 2012
  38. 38. Ways to Earn as GDB Credit Cooperative MemberDollar Compensation Earn from $50 to $800 every time coop members under youPlan cycle. Earn $5 to $10 Direct Referral. Every time you refer someone to become cooperative member, you will receive $5 to $10. Since you already filled up your initial 2 direct referrals on your left and right side, those you refer will be spilled over to the coop members under you. This promotes cooperation by helping those under you to earn also.Peso Power To qualify for the Peso Power Incentives, you only need 2 directCompensation Plan referrals to earn unlimited P500 and P15,000 to P45,000 incentives. Our system will generate this for you.Sector Center You can apply for a sector center to earn sector income. You will be given fund for 12 e-Pins, earn $1.5 (P60) per registered members, P50 per loan processing, etc.E-Books, Softwares & Download and resell and keep the profits 100%.Videos Resale*More incentives. All transactions can be monitored online in your member panel siteprovided to you. Join Now: Contact 09392369981 July 15, 2012
  39. 39. Again, Your Benefits of Joining our CoopZero Percent Interest Loans1. Cash loans – 0 % interestP 5K – 1st loan – 20 days processing/ 3 months to pay (minimum)P 10K – 2nd loan – 7 days processing/ 3 months to pay (minimum)P 20K – 3rd loan – 7 days processing/ 3 months to pay (minimum)P 40K – 4th loan – 7 days processing/ 5 months to pay (minimum)P 50K – 5th loan – 7 days processing/ 5 months to pay (minimum)2. Emergency loans – 2 days processing – 0% interest(Note: collateral will be your share and earnings in dollar income)3. Business loans: P 80,000 – P 500,000 – 1 month processing – 0% interest 6 months to 2 years topay4. Car loans: 1 month processing – 3 years to pay – 0% interest5. Housing loans: 1 month processing – 3 – 5 years to pay – 0% interestNOTE: 1st Loan 5K pre-qualification, within 20 days processing your 2 direct should have also 2 directreferral. Your Guarantor will be your network. Processing fee = 300 pesos; all loans subject to 1% permonth interest on delinquent payment)Coop ShareEvery member will be entitled to have 22 coop shares valued at 1 SHARE = P100, total of P2,200You will receive a Stock/ share certificateDividends will be on Equal Pro-rata sharing on Cooperative’s net income every year.GDB Wealth FundWhen a member dies, every member contributes as assistance to the family. Every member will beautomatically deducted from members wealth fundExample: 5,000 members x $ 2 = $ 10,000, Maximum given to a family beneficiary is $ 20,000 Register now: Contact 09392369981
  40. 40. Free Accident InsuranceWorldwide, 24 hours a day, on or off the job, for one-year against Accident that could leadto loss of life, disablement (total and partial), blindness, lost of limbs, etc. – includingdeath due to snake bite, dog bite, food poisoning, chemical poisoning or drowning,vehicular accidents and all other kinds of accidents including Unprovoked Murder &Assault (hold-up or other crime that could lead to death- P 100,000 accidental death- P 100,000 total and permanent disability- P 24, 000 monthly cash allowance (P2,000 x 12 months)- P 12, 000 monthly grocery provision (P1,000 x 12 months)- P 10, 000 burial assistance due to accidental death- P 20,000 additional burial assistance for metro manila only- P 25,000 Unprovoked murder and assaultFree E-Books, Softwares, Videos, etcDownload over 500 eBooks, software, videos and many more which you can resell andkeep 100% profit. The GLOBAL DOLLAR BUILDER eBooks are downloadable with over athousand resources and growing.Earning PotentialDollar Compensation PlanPower Peso Compensation PlanSector Center IncomeSavings Potential Register now: Contact 09392369981
  41. 41. Who can join GDBCC?Any voluntary individual of legal age whether you areresiding in the Philippines or working abroad, willing to accept and be part of our unique thrift cooperativeprinciple and do the basic duties of being a coop member to help one another achieve better lives for all. How to become a member? Attend our PMES which you can avail online or offlineRegister by paying the registration fee of P$25 or 110 Riyals or P1,100You can send your registration fee to your sponsor who will assist you in getting the activation code so you can register on our website. Contact: Mobile: 09392369981 Register now: Contact 09392369981
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