Innovation: Then, Now & Next


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During this presentation, MaRS CEO, Dr. Ilse Treurnicht takes viewers through the evolution of this innovation convergence centre through to where it sees itself moving in the future. It covers both MaRS' roots, and the best practices around the world that are informing its development.
For the complete webinar presented by Ilse, visit:

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Innovation: Then, Now & Next

  1. 1. Innovation: then, now, next! Ilse Treurnicht! ! MaRS Discovery District
 February 13, 2012!
  2. 2. MaRS began with three questions…
!1.  Is  there  a  be,er  way  to  capture  the  value  of  Toronto’s  rich   science  and  technology  discovery  pipeline?    2.  How  can  we  help  our  young  companies  succeed  in  a  highly   compe@@ve  world?  3.  How  do  we  best  foster  entrepreneurship  and  ensure  that   innova@on  flourishes  in  Canada?   And  a  place………   Pg 2
  3. 3. DiscoveryDetails inNotes Part ofSlide
  4. 4. Silicon Valley! Pg 6
  5. 5. Kendall Square! Pg 7
  6. 6. Biopolis! Pg 8
  7. 7. Phase 1 opened in September 2005! pg  9  
  8. 8. Phase I! Phase II!
  9. 9. Single Commercialization Business Accelerator 
Storefront for Torontoʼs Academic for Growth Companies! Research Assets! Pg 11
  10. 10. MaRS Centre Community PoP Life Sciences Angel Physical Sciences Seed Information Technology Social Growth Innovation Business Entrepreneurs Corporations SME s
  11. 11. Torontoʼs Discovery District! Knowledge   Policy   Knowledge   Research   Capital   Pg 13
  12. 12. Characteristics!•  Place•  Academe•  Experimentation•  Mixed use•  Partnerships & collaboration•  Community•  Policy•  Capital Pg 14
  13. 13. Pg 15
  14. 14. 2009: Things changed! pg 16
  15. 15. “We need new businessesto unleash new innovations” President Barack Obama pg  17  
  16. 16. Young high growth firmscreate the majority of newjobs in modern economies.
  17. 17. What aboutsustainable! innovation?
  18. 18. “Innovation is the key tosolving the toughest problems in our world” NY Mayor, Michael Bloomberg pg  20  
  19. 19. !
  20. 20. !
  21. 21. !
  22. 22. Science Production Innovation Beyond! Science & Technology!Community Services
  23. 23. Pg 25
  24. 24. MaRS and Social Innovation!“Converging technologies have the promise to achieve tremendousimprovements in human capital, innovation, economic performance and thequality of life.” – Dr. John Evans, MaRS Co-Founder and Chair Emeritus !!“Dr. Evans immediately saw that social innovation would complement MaRSfocus on biomedical R&D” – Tim Brodhead, Senior Fellow SiG National,Former President of the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation! Pg 26
  25. 25. Innovation in adjacent spaces!"Social and technical innovations share a number ofsimilar characteristics. First and foremost, all novelty iscreated not so much in the primary elements, but in theircombination. Innovation lies in the relationship betweenelements – the more unusual the combination ofelements, the more radical the innovation.”!- Dr. Frances Westley, J.W. McConnell Chair in Social Innovation,University of Waterloo! Pg 27
  26. 26. Innovation as a system!“We act like systems in creating large system problems,but act like individuals in trying to solve them. If we wereto find a solution to these broad problems confronting uswe need to respond as a system.”!- Eric Trist! Pg 28
  27. 27. The European Business Panel on Future 
EU Innovation Policy - 2009!Businesses  innovate  mainly  for  return  on  investment,  whereas  society  must  innovate  for  social  return.  Europe  needs  both.  Social  innova@on  explains  75%  of  innova@on  success.  Breaking  the  mould  requires  collabora@ve,  cross  cuQng  responses  reaching  out  to  business,  public  policies,  research,  educa@on  and  training,  public  services,  finance  and  NGOs.  Public  policy  should  not  only  s@mulate  business  innova@on,  but  also  social  innova@on.  Social  innova@on  brings  together  individuals  and  communi@es,  including  civic  society  (or  third  sector)  to  address  specific  challenges.   Pg 29
  28. 28. The need to experiment - now!“I think what connects the challenge for business, thechallenge for government and the challenge forcommunities now, is both simple and difficult. We knowour societies have to radically change. We know we canʼtgo back to where we were before. We know itʼs onlythrough experiment that weʼll discover exactly how to runa low carbon city, how to care for a much olderpopulation, how to deal with drug addiction - and so on.” !- Geoff Mulgan 2009!! Pg 30
  29. 29. NESTA! Pg 31
  30. 30. +  NESTA   Pg 32
  31. 31. Pg 33
  32. 32. IDEO! Pg 34
  33. 33. Pg 35
  34. 34. Pg 36
  35. 35. Radical  Redesign   Pg 37
  36. 36. Using Innovation Levers!•  Pipeline  of  ideas  •  Talent    •  Informa@on  •  Business  models  •  Capital  •  Procurement    •  Policy    •  Networks  &  partnerships  •  Culture   Pg 38
  37. 37. MaRS Next !•  Pipeline MaRS Innovation, community, international!•  Talent Entrepreneurship education, new talent!•  Information Market Intelligence, shared data!•  Business models Lean development/several sectors!•  Capital Risk capital, impact investment!•  Procurement Health, Energy!•  Policy At the table, looking for outcomes !•  Networks & partnerships Broad, deep, varied !•  Culture Energized! Convergence Innovation = Living Innovation LAB! Pg 39
  38. 38. pg  40  
  39. 39. Ilse Treurnicht, CEO MaRS Discovery District!