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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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  1. 1. presence classic horror
  2. 2. Genre The film is obviously a horror film, but I’ve decided to go down the road of classic slasher films from the 20th century, such as Halloween and Friday the 13th. It will portray the well known conventions of slasher films, such as a very iconic villain and a suburban, safe setting. Also conventions such as: •Somewhat gory death scenes, and many of them. •A cliffhanger ending, does the villain really die? •How the villian came to be, and why their a killer. •The struggle against the villian done by somewhat normal people. Target audience It’s a violent horror film with an 18 rating, therefore my target audience will most likely be young adults who are eligible to see the film at the cinema with their peers.
  3. 3. Setting Like most slasher films, it will take place in a suburban setting but the actual location doesn’t matter. It will also take place in both daytime and night time. Daytime to highlight the safety of the area, with shots of school children etc but also night time where the killer will strike. This is an example of juxtaposition within the film and creates a contrast towards the viewer.
  4. 4. Themes •Death •Fear •Evil •The unknown •Horror
  5. 5. Representation Like most slasher films, it will be set in a suburban setting in which the target audience can relate to, and represents how evil the villain is as he’s killing normal people in a normal setting. Ethnicities don’t really matter, characters can be anything as long as it’s realistic to the setting as the villain has doesn’t choose his victims based on race, which only represents more of his evil. Gender doesn’t really matter either, although lots of iconic horror victims are female which will most likely be the case in this film. All of these things represent the classic and iconic slasher genre of films and the iconic slasher villain and in turn and make it recognisable to the genre’s fans.
  6. 6. Narrative The film starts off with the three characters moving into a new house, in a new city and in a new state. This new state is never specified. The characters that move in are Sarah (the protagonist), Richard (her father) and Lucy (her mother). The reasons for their move are also not specified. The next scene is Sarah waking up to a noise from downstairs, which she goes to investigate. Upon entry to the kitchen she finds both her parents murdered on the floor, with no evidence of forced entry or anything of the sort. As she turns around, there’s a glimpse of a dark figure standing in a behind her with a knife, which subsequently dissapears. The rest of the film is about how Sarah copes with her loss, and the destruction the dark figure reaps upon the small towm.
  7. 7. Characters Sarah: The Protagonist Mentally unstable from the loss of her parents, often has visions of the killer and is always terrified of it coming back to kill her. Resides in a mental hospital on the edge of the town. The Killer: The Antagonist Not much is revealed in the opening scene about the killer, but as the film progresses his identity and his origination is touched upon.
  8. 8. Textual analysis The film will all be filmed in a low lighting filter to add to the atmosphere of the film. All of the costumes will be contemporary, apart from the villain who’s will be iconic and memorable like other slasher films. I intend to use unique and original shots to increase the quality of the film and make it more enjoyable. Regarding sound, this will be a very important feature of the film. There will be multiple ambient sounds to again add to the atmosphere and make it more scary. Also there will be a lot of music and soundtracks played in the background as this is one of the key features that make horror films scary. Finally, the editing will be key as it goes in tandem with the unique shots and increases the quality.
  9. 9. Institution & Marketing The film will most likely be published independently then maybe bought by a bigger producing company if it’s a success. Regarding marketing it will be pretty standard with things such as: •Advertisements at theatres •Advertisements on TV •Posters •Magazine ads •A website.