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Alex Lefebve and Philip Hourican's

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. ‘ Ransom’ or ‘Vengeance’ By Phil and Alex
  2. 2. Genre Thriller Sub Genre Action
  3. 3. Narrative - Synopsis Man & Wife live together Wife gets taken for Ransom Man does not have the money He does bad things to get the money He goes to get his wife Time ends and bad guy shoots wife Man goes on a vengeance killing spree
  4. 4. In depth In the first act we will be introduced to most of the main stock characters, although we have a flash-forward at the beginning that does not really interrupt the 3 act structure because all it does is introduce characters. Plot point 1 – The wife is taken ransom and the Man sets out to find her. Act 2 – The man does anything in his path to get the wife back. He manages to catch up to the killer but he ends up a couple steps behind of the villain and the man starts to lose hope. Also everyone so far he has met along the way has either been killed or he has had to extort for information and his mental state is rapidly declining. Plot point 2 – The man calls an old friend of his for help, the friend has a military background. The friend has a violent path and it lead him to be kicked out of the military. Act 3 – The man catches up to the killer and gets his wife, for a short while the killer seems to of disappeared, but the man does not stop at just finding his wife, he goes out for vengeance.
  5. 5. The intro The movie will start will slow dolly forward towards a man dressed all in black, this is in a dark setting. We want to see the man from the back not showing his face. He is on the phone asking for ransom Person on the phone says they don’t have it Time on a clock reaches zero and the man pulls the trigger of the gun he is holding to the side of the women's head. Then the film goes back to the beginning of the film.
  6. 6. Titles Cinema 4D To us titles show a lot about a movie, the way they enter and exit the screen can tell a lot about a movie.
  7. 7. Setting Man and woman's life – just in a small town Killers life – Dark back alleys Where woman gets taken hostage – abandoned warehouse Man trying to find his wife – In rough gangster part of a city.
  8. 8. The Man Bruce Willis I think Bruce Willis would be good because he has a lot of experience doing roles like this, he also would draw an audience with him being in this film.
  9. 9. wife Jodie foster We think she will be good because she has been in movies relating to this genre, also she does not look like a typical hollywood babe.
  10. 10. Killer Leonardo Dicaprio We want to use him because he can adjust to most roles and he brings emotion to his films.
  11. 11. Rating and institution 15 – not much gore, just fight scenes and explosions and guns. 20 th century fox – because they have made previous with bruce willis and this will help our chance to get this made. BIG BUDGET ASWELL and 20 th century fox can supply that.