Research Film Representation Powerpoint


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Research Film Representation Powerpoint

  1. 1. Research into film trailer
  2. 2. This screen shot particularly stood out to us as a viewer and as a producer as the shot fits with the story line we have based our film trailer on which consists of settings of a wooded area. The mise-en-scene in the foreground consisting of branches and trees links with that of the background and shows the graphic match in the next few shots. The Mid Shot is also a Point of view shot of someone on looking the car implying there may be a stalker involved in the storyline. This is used more then once in the trailer. The fact the car is a large jeep/ people carrier styled vehicle suggests the car is a family car and the victims are more then one person. The tinted windows of the car helps to maintain the mystery by not revealing any characters in the car this suggestion anchors with the genre which is thriller, and adds confusion and a sense of a cliff-hanger which is a technique specifically used in trailers to make the audience go and view the films. The wooded area anchor with the setting and location of the film, being set in America. American Films typically portray rural American homes to be large and surrounded in wooded land informing the audience of one of the main sets. Michael said “This shot makes the car look very suspicious.” Charlotte said “ I like this shot is leaves you in suspense.”
  3. 3. Twigs in foreground signify that there is woodland nearby: this has connotations of mystery and danger anchoring with the genre of thriller. POV – the point of view mid-shot signify that somebody is onlooking the characters giving an insight to the plot of the film suggesting a stalker leading to murder. The Iconic American mise-en-scene consists of signifiers such as: a large porch; cabin housing; large chairs and a wooded location surrounding the house linking with the large housing land America is notorious for. This emphasising the sympathy from the audience for the characters and builds a character profile of the onlooker as being portrayed as evil even though the characters is not revealed. This anchors with the thriller genre. The costume Is also very casual and typical of what many people would wear suggesting this situation can happen to anyone adding to the horror . The costume of the characters are both plain and simple colours such as white and pastel/ pale colours connoting innocence reinforced by the shot used. The use of props in the mise-en-scene, such as the large quantity of flowers signifies the feminism and innocence of the female victims. Bethany said “This is a good shot it shows vulnerability.” Michael said “This shot makes it look like their being watched.”
  4. 4. This is an iconic horror movie prop. It makes it look more realistic and it also helps the audience understand the plot if it begins to become ambiguous. The picture of the man suggests he is one of the main characters, he is either the victim or the murderer, he is on the front cover as he will be a significant part in the film. ‘ Killers still at large’ tells us it’s a dangerous place, and there are a lot of murderers where the setting is based, this is a stereotypical plot of a horror film. The word mystery used on the newspaper suggests they haven't yet caught the murderer and he is still loose, this then prepares the audience that they may see this man in the future, and he still is out there. The dark picture suggests the murder happened at night time, this is also stereotypical of horror films. Emily said “I like this shot of the trailer you can already see the signs of a horror film.” Christie said “This shot really leaves you waiting for something more to happen.”
  5. 5. Conventions of film trailers
  6. 6. These are examples of thriller/horror film trailers that we have analysed Drag me to hell Let the right one in The last house on the left
  7. 7. Action Enigma Action Encoding Fast cutting Slow pace, fade in, Fast cut, black out, Transitions Talking, Nursery rhyme Screaming, cat, Slow high pitched music. Talking, Cars, wind Scary Music, Audio (Diegetic & Non- Digetic) Production companies, directors, writing over shots, name of film, coming soon. Reviews from newspapers, production companies, release date, websites, name of film. Websites, Production companies, Director and actors, actresses. Release date, name of film. Credit timing & Content 2min 24sec 1min 10 sec 2min 20sec Length? Last house on the left Let the right one in Drag Me To Hell
  8. 8. Conventions seen in horror trailer Editing -production company images -Other films the companies made “from the makers of..” -The month of the release “This May… -The name of the production companies “presents…” -“ the return of the horror” -The title -Release date -Name of directors and producers and ex producers -Actors -Quotes from reviews Mise-en-scene Location Props Makeup Costume Casting Graphic match <ul><li>Camera </li></ul><ul><li>-Fast cut editing </li></ul><ul><li>-Panning </li></ul><ul><li>-Point Of View Shots </li></ul><ul><li>Variety of shots – Mid Shots </li></ul><ul><li>-Long shot </li></ul><ul><li>-Close up </li></ul><ul><li>-Extreme Close up </li></ul><ul><li>-High Angle </li></ul><ul><li>-Low Angle </li></ul>Audio Diagetic -Dialogue -Screams -Creeks -footsteps non diagetic -Sound track -Voice Over
  9. 9. Plot Summaries
  10. 10. This plot is based on a conventional story line of an innocent young woman who gets possessed by a demon, she therefore has three days until she will be dragged to hell by her demon. This is a very conventional. This plot is about a group of friends who all skip death by having dreams about the future, this one is based on a plane crash, when he stopped the plane the people that got off started dying in the order they would have if they were on the plane. This plot is based on a group of people who enter a house for a reality TV show, they will all win a million pound if nobody leaves, but they don’t know that the house is haunted. While they are in the house they come across many reasons why they should leave. This plot is about a group of men working who are taken hostage by a weird elderly man who is looking for somebody called Ruby, as they celebrate their escape you see a pair of binoculars watching them from the hills.
  11. 11. Research into film posters
  12. 12. The conventions of this film poster is a scary setting which usually means the film is a horror film or a thriller film. The representation of the girl in, what looks like pyjamas, looks like she has been possessed. The mist in the foreground conotates a scary mysterious place. Based on a true story draws the audience more as it adds to the horror side of the film, people who like horror films find these things more exciting. Charlotte said “I like this film poster, it really draws you in to the film and makes you want to watch it.” Robbie said “I like the mist in this poster, it gives it a scary effect.”
  13. 13. This text makes you even more scared of the film the word ‘guaranteed’ means that they think you will 100% have nightmares over this film. This is a typical thing over horror films. The question ‘what happens when you sleep’ makes you think that the film is going to show you what happens to everyone when your asleep. The picture makes the victims look very vulnerable and innocent, by doing this you relate this to yourself, which in a sense again makes the film seem more scary. The time makes the film look more realistic, it also lets the audience know the films action mainly takes place at night which is a typical convention of a horror film. Christie said “This film poster makes the film look so scary and real, but it makes you want to go and see it even more.” Michael said “I like the time at the bottom of the picture, it makes it more realistic.”
  14. 14. The eye is set in the middle of this poster, and it draws your attention the most, it looks very scary but like a monsters eye, not a humans. The writing is un-even and looks like some parts have been scratched out, this may give you a clue to what's going to happen in the film. The black and gold colour scheme make it look like the eye is looking through something such as leather, therefore makes you think whatever this creature is, its very strong. The question ‘What's eating you?’ makes the audience think that they are also going to be a victim. Emily said “This poster makes the creature look really scary, like its preparing you for what's going to happen in the film.” Robbie said “This poster makes the film look like somebody's watching you.”
  15. 15. Research into magazine front covers
  16. 16. Audience Feedback <ul><li>Charlotte- “Colour simple… but stands out.” “Would buy magazine, but doesn’t say a lot about the film.” Maybe would need a slogan about the plot. I like at the bottom it says what’s inside the magazine that would push me to but the magazine. Lilly- “I like the weapon, shows genre of film and plot idea… but I don’t like the genre. It doesn’t suit me but it would attract people who like this genre.” Mr.House- “Not my kind of genre… I do like the font and colour scheme, simple but nice, I like the heading name it goes really well with the colour scheme and genre of the films they produce.” </li></ul>
  17. 17. Audience Feedback <ul><li>Mr.House- “I LOVE this! Its an alternative representation… its ethnically diverse. It totally fits my genre and is a really good colour scheme and layout. I also like the information about other films and festivals.” Charlotte- “I also really like the colour scheme, its really interesting and different. Its not exactly my genre but I can see why people like this kind of film. I probably would buy this magazine to find out more.” Lilly- “I wouldn’t buy the magazine because its not me but I can also see why it attracts people. Its really realistic and they look really natural, the colour scheme is really interesting. </li></ul>
  18. 18. Audience Feedback <ul><li>Lilly- “Boring and dull colour scheme… looks stereotypical. I probably wouldn’t buy the magazine or watch the film.” Charlotte- “I agree with Lilly, it looks really dull and boring… But I do like the face it has other features that might make me buy it. The colours do go well together but they are boring” Mr.House- “I don’t really like this genre, it’s not for me. I don’t like the colour scheme as it looks really boring and plain… I do like the festival information at the top though. </li></ul>